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Storm wasn't waking up from the massive screech as much as she was from the sudden and seemingly random thought that crept into her CPU. Without processing any further information, mostly the grinding protests she received from her severed leg, the half Zoid half Transformer scrambled up in a flurry of sand and metal to stand haphazardly on her good ankle, which was also on it's way to becoming strained beyond it's limits.

At her feet, the mechanical lizard frowned in annoyance at the impulsiveness of her actions and also to express the restrained urge to smash his face into something solid. The femme took no notice of this and clumsily transformed to beast mode only to be halted by the shower of sparks that rained out of her joints and the flaring pain that came with it. Spike's rough scowl fell slightly but he still looked rather peeved as he gave a quick flick of his tail and snorted "Not a good move, kid. You wouldn't make it ten miles with the condition your in."

"Condition?" she questioned innocently, truly having no idea just how badly wore out she really was. Smothering any further comments, the green armored individual heaved his chest outwards in a heavy sigh then looked up at his newest charge.

"Alright, I can give you a boost to where your going, but I'm in control. Go it?"


"Just say "Yes" okay?"



The look of awkward confusion gave way to utter horror and shock as she witnessed the Organoid opening up two hinged panels on the outside of his back legs, revealing a pair of silver jump jets that burst to life with a storm of fire and melting sand. No sooner had they been deployed, Spike transformed into a streaming neon green comet that bolted into the sky for about 50 feet before arching down right into her cannon-less back.

The impact she had expected to come was nonexistent. Metal blended seamlessly into metal, feeling to Storm more like a warm gust of wind washing through her internals then any kind of pain. It only lasted for a second though. Spike's ghostly form then phased back to it's solid state and carefully wound it's large snake like length around the delicate purple glow of her spark. She couldn't think to do anything other then to stand completely still, frightened and greatly disturbed at the feeling of having another mechanoid crawling inside of her.

That fear soon subsided, not under her own will, but that of the now fused saurian. It wasn't a rough push at all. In fact it was as if Spike knew that Storm would start to panic if he forced his way into her mind and that also worked to put her at ease. Eventually, the uncomfortable squirming in her torso settled down to almost nothing so that even she could get used to it.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" came Spike's oddly soothing voice, not from the comm link but from all around.

"Yeah...not bad at all." she replied wistfully, drinking in the warmth from within. He replied by chuckling softly before easing her body forward at a slow and study pace so he didn't aggravate her injuries. The femme, now resting willfully at the back of her own mind, allowed herself to slip into a much needed recharge until she remembered what she was going to do. She was about to speak up but Spike cut her off.

"Don't worry, kid. I know about Ravenscythe and I'll take you to him. But for now we need to stop by the nearest town so we can have you fixed I have to pick up a few things."


A sad mental frown was felt "Sorry, Storm I had to scan your mind in order to successfully fuse with you. And yes, I am aware of what Megatron did to you and why you fled Cybertron in the first place."

Storm was at a loss for words. Fury and gratefulness mixed together messily and it hurt her head to try and pick through them. She was angry that her closely guarded secrets were so easily found out. But at the same time she was glad that she didn't have to explain anything to him. Before the femme could start sobbing though, something warm and soft touched the interior of her cockpit in a comforting little pat.

"A hologram?" she asked regarding the image of the middle aged war veteran who sat heavily in the seat with both huge gloved hands resting on the control handles while pretending to move them.

"Just as a precaution since we'll be encountering humans very soon." He said, shrugging the shoulders of the holographic avatar.

"But I don't have any equipment like that." she stated nervously, wondering just how much control he really did have over her.

Sensing her unease, the hologram its self replied "You do now. But don't worry, it's only a minor modification. I could add more, but I wouldn't do anything else with out your permission of course."

"Thanks...and sorry if I still don't trust you a whole lot. I just...well you should know that already." she chuckled sadly, her voice creaking a little.

"I've been sending a little bit of my energy to your ankle at a time so it'll heal slowly and with out complication. But you still need a lot of recharge." he whispered both through the avatar and through her mind. His voice was warm and father like "Now rest. Everything's going to be okay."

Storm, for the first time in her life, was able to fall into a comfortable and fear free recharge.

"Oh come on! Let us come, please!"

Optimus sighed and looked down to where the tiny pressure on the top of his foot had come from, and also at the source of the childish voice.

"Sorry, Bud but this is a very dangerous mission. We're not sure if that mystery Transformer is really for, or against the Decepticons and if the humans on planet Zi well take to our presents as well as those on Earth have."

"In other words," the Australian accented jet continued from behind the fire truck "it's going to be a very complicated matter to sort out once we get there."

"But you'll need us!" Kobi picked up from where his younger brother had left off, adding to the protest "The humans there may not be exactly the same as us but we can still pose as one of them. We can be like spies or something!"

"Besides." Lori said, grinning "You've needed us on all of the other planets, have you not?"

Optimus sighed. I was true, but even if it wasn't the children would still find some way to tag along. Not doubt those mischievous minicons of their's would be involved...

"Alright." he said, finally giving in "But keep a low profile."

"Right!" came the chorus of cheers from the three pre teens and Jolt, plus the excited beeps of the other minicons as well.

However, Leobreaker and Snarl were trading looks that fore told of all the awkwardness they would have to be facing when they got there. Their whole role in this was to not only serve as look out for Decepticons but also to pose as Zoids them selves. Vector Prime himself had suggested this to the younger Prime since both of the Animotros warriors possessed mechanical beast modes that closely resembled Zoids. Despite their shared dislike for the idea, they really had no other choice. The presents of normal, none Zoid vehicles on Zi was limited to just a few small towns and only the most densely populated metropolises where massive Zoids would be at a disadvantage. No doubt that Optimus and the other Autobots would attract too much attention, even in vehicle mode.

So here they were, in beast mode, scratching their ears with their back legs like a pair of house pets with a bad case of the fleas. Landmine couldn't help but chuckle a little at their actions, even if it caused the wolf bot to get angry and snap at him. Leobreaker just snarled, his black metal ears folding back slightly. He and Red Alert were the only Earth mode Autobots waiting near the space bridge generator. Both of them were going with Leo' and Snarl as escorts in case one of the Zi humans found out their secret. Well...that and to keep to the overgrown kitty and puppy entertained while they stood still for hours on end. Landmine grinned to himself. Oh yes, this would be fun indeed.

Ravenscythe panicked. Not just an "OMG!" kind of panic, but the full blown anxiety attack kind. Mechanical feathers fluttered nervously as the black and violet mech searched and researched the cave and the area surrounding it for the fifth since discovering that Storm was missing.

When he first arrived, his brand new store of energon cubes had been placed by the mouth of the cave. They were now grossly neglected. The only one who paid them any mind was a small lizard who had become mesmerized by their eerie purple pink glow. It sniffed curiously for a moment then paused to contemplate rather or not this weird new liquid was edible. It was completely ignoring the Transformer. Deciding that it smelled good enough, the little green reptilian nipped at the corner of the closet cube with it's teeth. Just as soon as it had a few drops in it's mouth, the scaled animal began to convulse. Seconds later, it was dead. Moral of that story? Never consume glowing liquids. Ravenscythe continued to look around for Storm even if the effort was futile.

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