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Breaking Glass

She stared at his face. It was the work of a master sculptor in flawless white marble. It was so peaceful. A hint of a smile tweaked at the corners of his pale mouth. All the cares and worries had been smoothed away. You couldn't tell if they had ever been there.

If only they hadn't been there.

He sat on the bench next her. She immediately turned away and ignored him. He'd gone way too far this time. She wasn't going to forgive him this time. A gentle hand hesitantly brushed her shoulder with it's fingertips. She flinched away from his warm touch.

She held an icy hand between her own. Willing the warmth from her hands to travel through his freezing hands. They was so cold, like a dead fish.

If only they weren't so cold.

"I'm sorry" he whispers brokenly. That is all he says. Two simple perfect words. But they are still not enough to heal her wounded pride. He then tries to give her a small box but she refuses to take it. She will not be bought. Instead he has to force it into her hand. Without even looking at it she carelessly drops it on the ground.

Tears spilled from the corners of her eyes, a wave of regret and shame. They were a painful tribute to what she could have said… what she should have said.

If only she had said them, called him back, forgiven him.

The box hits the ground with a small tinkle of breaking glass. There is a small chocking sound, like a sob. At once the warm presence withdraws. A chilly wind sweeps up her back making her shiver.

A clean white sheet covered the rest of his body. She clenched the sheet between her fingers as the tears dropped onto the sheet. It is too late now. She made her choice.

If only it had been the right one.

There is a sound of breaking glass… a screech and then… silence. A hateful silence. No words of love or encouragement. Silence. The silence that is louder then any spoken words.

She places the box on bed beside his hand. More tears follow. She wished she could go back to then and change everything.

If only she could.

A few days later she walks aimlessly through the park. Eyes unseeing, she trudges through the colourful carpet of autumn leaves. She sits on a familiar bench but it no longer has any sense of security, not any more.

Her foot reveals a small object hidden under the crisp fallen leaves. She stares at the small box, now in her hand.

There is no movement from his hands. They do not take the box. His eyes do not light up at the meaning. He does not smile and hug away her tears. It is too late.

If only there was a way to turn back time.

Inside the box there is a delicate silver chain on which a small glass heart is attached. Or was. The heart is shattered into tiny pieces. Irreparable. Just like her heart.

Both their heart had shattered with the sound of breaking glass. And only she had been able to stop the glass breaking.

If only…

If only…

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