Chapter 1: A New Opportunity

I sit alone in the lab processing some new evidence in a casino homicide when I see Grissom walking by the window.

"Hey, Griss, I've got something," I call.

He turns, coming toward me, but it feels like he's coming in slow motion. What happened between us that night after Brass woke up has brought us even closer than we were before, but we're doing our best to hide it because we know that if anybody ever found out, we'd be separated, and we wanna stay together so we can make sure we're both safe. What happened to Brass could happen to any one of us at any time, and I just wanna make sure I'm there in case Gil ever needs me to protect him. What a sec. Gil? I just called Grissom by his first name. What the heck am I doing? These thoughts are interrupted as he finally reaches my side.

"What've ya got?" he asks.

"Well, I hit the glass shards from the casino window with some Luminol and got lucky. There were two blood types on it. One belongs to our vic, Carrie Sampson. The other belongs to her sister, Leslie Moreno."

Gil glamces down at the results, studying every detail. "Leslie. Isn't she the owner?"

I nod, but suddenly, I don't feel so well, so I walk toward Gil. "Um, Gil?" I say weakly. He turns to me, but before he can answer, I start to pass out, and just before I completely lose consciousness, I feel him grab my shoulders, gently lowering me to the floor.