Zelda 1/2


"Link and his father have been on a voyage of training. It seems
recently they crossed into China," said Soun as he sat across from his
three daughters at the table.

"Wow! China!" exclaimed Nabiki.

"What's so great about walking to China?" muttered Akane.

"Is he cute?" prodded Nabiki.

"How old is he? Younger men bore me," fretted Kasumi. "What kind
of guy is this Link?"

"No idea," replied their father simply.

"No idea?" said Nabiki as she leaned in to stare at the man.

"I've never met him," explained Soun simply.

A ruckus began in the hallway, catching the family's attention.

"We have visitors!" exclaimed Kasumi as she turned towards the

"Oooo! It must be Link!" exclaimed Nabiki excitedly as she rushed
down the hall.

"Saotome my old friend, I've been waiting!" cried Soun as he went
after her.

A moment later, he came rushing back into the room with his
daughter beside him. Kasumi and Akane blinked in surprise as a large
panda carrying a young blond girl over his shoulder came into the

The girl looked at them from over the animal's shoulder. "..."

"Daddy... This is your friend?" muttered Kasumi.

Soun shook his head violently from side to side.

"Oh! So this panda just comes to visit? Happens all the time!"
cried Nabiki.

The animal put the young blond on the floor in front of Soun and
she stared at him.

"You...wouldn't be..."

"..." said the girl as she stared at him.

Soun grabbed her by her shoulders. "At last! You've come!

"Oooo! He's cute!" cried Nabiki excitedly.

Soun pulled the confused girl into a hug and cried tears of joy.
"It's so good of you to come! So..." He paused and pulled her away
from his body.

Nabiki walked up and poked the girl's breast. She was dressed in a
green tunic and had a rather unusual hat covering her shoulder cut
blond hair. At her side, a small wooden sword hung from her belt.

"Link isn't a boy! She's a girl!" announced the middle daughter.


Soun was laid out across the floor, crying tears of sorrow.

"Poor father, he's so disappointed," said Kasumi as she put a
washcloth over his head.

"He's disappointed? Some fiancee this is!" exclaimed Nabiki.

"Stop it you two! He...she is our guest!" said Akane angrily.

"This is all your fault daddy!" exclaimed Nabiki.

"Well I assumed my friend Genma's son was a boy!" snapped the man
in retort.

"Do you see a son here? Do you?" snapped Nabiki as she squeezed
the girl's breast for emphasis.

"..." said Link.

Akane stood up and leaned over the girl's shoulder. "Hey. Join me
in the practice hall? I'm Akane, you want to be friends?"

"..." replied the girl with a small blush.


"You do Karate?" asked Akane as she walked into the dojo and
turned to face the girl.

"..." replied Link.

"Huh? What's Hylian Swordsmanship?" said the girl in confusion.

Link pulled the sword from her side and pointed it at her, she
also took a small wooden shield from her back.

"Oh," said Akane dumbly.

"Well, you should still do all right," replied the girl with a
small shrug of her shoulders.

Link just smiled and readied herself.

Akane rushed forward and punched out at the girl, the blond dodged
easily and kept the shield between them. Akane reacted and spun into
a kick, followed by several other strikes that were all dodged with
relative ease.

After a moment, the pair moved away from one another. "What's
wrong? Swing at me!" cried Akane.

Link looked at her sword and blinked.

Another attack was easily dodged, and Akane began to get
frustrated. The shield was preventing her from attacking in too
straightforward a manner. "Why am I missing her? Is she reading my

Link was standing cheerfully a short distance away, she looked
quite pleased with her performance so far.

"Okay! This time, for real!" cried Akane as she charged forward.

Link realized that the girl was using all of her strength in her
next attack. It was obvious that she intended to go through her shield
and attack that way. With a quick motion, she angled the shield just
over her head and Akane's punch struck the wood, only to be deflected
upwards by the slope. The pair froze as the tip of Link's sword was
stuck against the girl's belly.

Akane blinked in surprise and looked down. Link was peering up at
her face from under the shield and grinning at her.

"Wow. You're pretty good!"

"..." said Link cheerfully.

"I'm just glad you're a girl!" said Akane.

"!?!" said Link as she stared at the girl for a moment.

"It's just that...I'd really hate to lose to a boy," said Akane.


Akane stood with the stone lawn ornament over her head as the
young blonde boy stared at her and her sisters in embarrassment. "..."

"He says he's Link?" muttered Nabiki in confusion.

"Then...who was that girl we saw?" asked Kasumi.


"I'll explain once more," said Soun as he sat with the two
families in the living room. "This is my old friend..."

"Genma Saotome," replied the bald man who now sat next to the
young boy.

"..." said Link.

"What's this all about?" demanded Nabiki.

"Are you really her? That same girl we saw?" asked Kasumi

Link merely nodded and turned away from Akane's angry glare.

"Hmmm, where should I begin?" said Genma. "I know, we'll start
with this!" He hefted the boy over his head and tossed him into the
Koi pond.

A sputtering blond girl emerged from the water and glared at him
angrily. "!"

"Oh, my own flesh and blood! How it breaks my heart!" lamented

Link narrowed her eyes at the old man and opened a small pouch
that hung off her belt next to her sword. She pulled a pair of ornate
gloves out, much too large to have been hidden away inside the gloves
and put them on her hands.

Genma backed away from the girl nervously. "Now boy..."

The Tendo family looked on dumbly as Link pulled a huge boulder
out of the ground in their yard. It was easily six times larger than
she was. She hefted it up as if it was made of paper and glared at the
man angrily.

"Wow," commented Akane in awe.

"..." said Link.

"I will not apologize!" snapped Genma stubbornly as he rushed
away. Link went after him, tearing across the yard with the boulder
held over her head.


A short time later they sat around the table again. Genma had a
large lump on his head as he continued his story.

"It all started when we went to a place called Jusenkyo..."


"Here sir. Is legendary "Training Ground of Accursed Springs,"
said the guide as he waved his hand.

"Are you prepared Ranma?" said Genma as he stared at the springs
with his son beside him.

"This place isn't so impressive," commented the boy. He was
taller, and had long black hair that was tied into a ponytail.

"You very strange one, no, sir? This place very dangerous, Nobody
use now. Is more than one hundred springs here, and every one have own
tragic legend!" explained the Guide obliviously.

"Ranma! Follow me!" cried Genma as he jumped onto the bamboo
chutes that poked up from the pools at various places.

"Ah! Sir! What are you doing?" cried the Guide in alarm.


Nabiki interrupted the man. "Look, we all know all this stuff.
Let's just skip to what's different. All right?"

"Um, Right..." muttered Genma nervously.


Ranma dashed after her father after falling in the cursed spring.
Naturally she was angry, and sought to take her revenge from the man
turned panda.

After a short time, the chase led her up to the top of a cliff.
Without looking where she was going, she bounced off the head of a
young traveler. Unfortunately, the boy had been looking for her, or
rather him at the time. As a result, he was just starting to lean over
the cliff to get a good view of the surrounding area. Rather than the
solid foothold she would have had, the boy's position caused them both
to fall off the edge of the cliff and into the springs below.

The guide was on hand to see their landing. "Oh no! Not Spring of
Drowned Hero! No can mix curses like that!"

Ranma looked up at the man in confusion. The spring itself was
actually quite shallow, and she was waist deep in the water sitting on
her rear. "..."

"Where other boy fall?" muttered the guide as he looked around. He
noticed a patch of bubbles from one of the nearby pools and paled
suddenly. "Not very good sir. You come back later, I show you how to
cure..." He dashed off towards his hut.

Ranma looked at the pool where the other boy had fallen and
blinked. "?"

A huge dark mass emerged from the water and glared at her for a
moment. "Who are you?"

Ranma merely blinked in reply. He was looking at a giant man with
black skin and a pig's head. After a moment of staring at each other,
the pair realized that something was wrong. Ranma looked down and
noticed a glowing tattoo on his left hand. It was three small
triangles linked together to form one larger one. In a small flash of
light, the pair had vanished.


Genma looked on as the pair vanished from view and whined
pathetically. "Growf?"


A week had passed, Genma sat across from the guide and hung his
head in shame. "My son...he's gone."

"I not find anything that say this happen in library. It never
happen in Jusenkyo before," said the Guide as he put down another
volume of the history of the training grounds.

"So. I must accept that my son is gone," said Genma with a deep
frown on his face.


Outside, a flash of light formed and a young boy glanced around in
confusion. He blinked and scratched the back of his head. "?" After a
moment, he realized that there was a small hut nearby. He shrugged his
shoulders and walked towards the building.

As soon as he entered a large man rushed up and grabbed him in a
rough hug. "Ranma! You're alive! Now I don't have to die!"

"?!" said the boy in reply as he looked up at the man dumbly.

"Huh? What do you mean 'Grandpa?'" said Genma as he looked down at
the boy for a moment.


A short time later Link sat with Genma and the guide inside the
hut and finished his story. "..."

"Let me get this straight. You're my Great Great Grandson?"
muttered Genma in confusion. "My son was called to a magical land in
order to save a princess after we awoke the evil here. Then he got
married, had children, and his ancestors continued to fight it, until
you finally defeated it for good and banished it from this 'Hyrule'
place forever?"

Link nodded and smiled cheerfully.

"And because you beat the evil, the place kicked you out, because
you'd completed your task?"

Link's face fell, and he nodded again.

"I understand sir," said the Guide. "Magic very powerful thing. If
spell not completed, then often passed onto ancestors. Spell say, beat
evil, go home. Boy not beat evil in own lifetime, so spell just say,
send relative home instead."

Genma looked at Link and nodded. He would mourn the passing of his
son, but at least the family line would continue.


"Wait. Doesn't this negate that contract?" asked Nabiki at the end
of the story.

"You believe this?" gasped Akane.

"Does it matter?" pointed out Nabiki cheerfully. "If he's not
Genma's son, then the contract is invalid."

"Actually, the contract was only that we join the two families
through marriage," said Genma.

"Dang," muttered Nabiki with a flash of disappointment on her
face. "Well, he's all yours sis." She swat Akane on the back.

"Me? Why would I...?"

"Well, you hate boys don't you?" asked Kasumi sweetly.

"Well, you're in luck. He's half girl," said Nabiki cheerfully.

"?" said Link as he looked at his father.

"We are not acting crazy!" snapped Akane as she glared at him.

"No boy, they're just excited that's all. After all, a fine catch
such as yourself? Normally they wouldn't act like this," explained

"I won't have anything to do with this pervert!" snapped Akane

"?!" said Link with a frown forming on his face.

"You looked at my body!" snapped Akane as she turned to glare at


"That's not the point! It's different when a boy sees a girl!"

Link merely looked at her in confusion and then turned towards his


"No boy, it isn't true, but play along anyway. She's really
pleased that you have such a healthy attitude. It would be rude to say
that though," explained the man in what appeared to be a stage


"Die!" cried Akane as she flattened them both with the table.

"Oh my," commented Kasumi nervously.


Link jumped up suddenly and looked around in confusion. He had his
sword held at the ready in an instant and glanced around the room.

Nabiki and Kasumi had both jumped away from him and were now
sitting with their backs against the wall. "Jumpy isn't he?"

"Oh my! Please calm down. Akane is really a very sweet girl, she's
just a violent maniac."

"Oh good Kasumi, that makes a lot of sense," said Nabiki flatly.

The boy looked at them for a moment and sat down. "..."

"Well, now that you mention it, she isn't exactly a normal girl
around here," said Nabiki with a slightly nervous smile.

A look of great relief crossed the boy's features as he stood up
again. He walked out of the room and left them sitting there.

"This is weird," commented Nabiki.

"Oh my. I hope he and Akane get along well. It would be good for
her to have a little friend," said Kasumi sweetly.

"Little is right. That kid is about four feet tall," commented
Nabiki as she looked at the exit the boy had taken for a moment.

Outside, Link stood in the hallway fuming angrily. He had heard
the comments, but decided it would be best to just go to sleep and
forget about it for now. After all, tomorrow was a brand new day, and
he had to find Gannondorf. The demonic force of evil had left Hyrule
and was now sealed away from there forever. That didn't mean it was
dead though. It was here now, and out there somewhere. Still, the
current situation meant that he had other things to worry about at the

As he walked into the room and saw his ancestor snoring loudly, a
small frown crossed his face as he suddenly remembered what had caused
him to black out earlier. He picked up his bag and pulled out a

After a moment's thought, he wound up the key on the back of the
small mechanized bomb and set it on the floor before laying down to
sleep. It rolled out the door and into the hallway.


Akane blinked as she heard a strange knocking sound from her door.
She had just gotten out of the bath and was pinning up her hair for
the night. "Who is it?"

Only more knocking. She growled and stood up, with a violent jerk
she threw open her door and saw no one standing on the other side.
After a moment of confusion, she looked down and saw a small
mechanical mouse hitting her doorframe repeatedly. It would move
foreword and then back away. "What the heck?"


Link smiled to himself as a resounding boom filled the home. The
girl's scream followed shortly after, and then only silence.


"What the heck was that!?" cried Nabiki as she rushed into the
hall. Kasumi came out just after her, followed by her father. They all
converged on the door to Akane's room. There they found her lying on
her back, she was still smoking and covered in black soot. The door
was blown off the hinges and the surrounding wall was also blackened
by the blast.

"Oh my!" cried Kasumi.

"What happened?" muttered Soun.

"She's...not hurt," said Nabiki as she knelt down beside her
sister. The girl was out cold, but unharmed by the explosion.

The three of them looked at each other for a moment before
shrugging and moving back to their rooms.



Really short this one. Only three, or maybe four chapters. Think
of it as an extended spamfic.