It's only Death-

Willow is not Willow from Buffy….

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Missouri stood staring at the resting form under the blankets, the dark sandy hair, the tiny little freckles, the worry lines in his forehead. She let out a long sigh as she turned her back and walked out of the door. She saw a short figure waiting by the doorway and gave her a small smile. What they had done was wrong, she knew it was, but this was the only way that it had to end, there was no other way.

Missouri looked at the woman with sad eyes; she grabbed her hand and led her into the living room to sit down. She turned to her and spoke " I need you to stay here and watch over him. Don't tell anyone about him though. Understand me?" The young woman looked at her mentor and nodded.

" I understand, but Missouri, how will you go to his funeral knowing he is alive for now". The woman asked.

" I'm sure I can keep it from leaking out I'll tell them in time that he is alive, plus your brother said he could change the status of the police records on him right?"

" Yes Jonathan said he would erase all of his not so good deeds record. Missouri, don't worry he will be fine, go and take care of the rest".

Missouri stood up, more than convinced Willow could take care of their guest. His injuries weren't life threatening anymore. Missouri grabbed her umbrella, keys, and tissues, looked once more at Willow, who now was lounging on her couch. Then she walked out of her door.


Surprisingly it wasn't a rainy day, in Lawrence the sun was out there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Alas it was not a happy day for the town of Lawrence Kansas. The was a large crowd of people standing next to an casket filled with nothing but memories of a young life that ended a week ago. 27 years of laughter, tears, loving and hate, gone taken by something so evil, that his resting-place had to be made pure.

Two men stood next to each other, not sitting in the chairs that were provided, but standing showing their respect even though their souls wanted to fall to the ground and sob uncontrollably for tear fallen solider of good. Once there was a family, a family of four, then one day something decided they didn't need to be four anymore. So one was taken, then there were three.

Three Winchester for 22 years trying to survive, while finding that one thing that had broken up a great thing. 22 years later another Winchester fell, without a single thought for himself he threw his life into harms way. His family was all he had his father and brother, now there they stood brother and father looking not even at a body but a wooden box filled with crap.

The priest looked over at the two men still standing "Is there anything you want to add at this moment?" The eldest, the father Winchester stepped forward and walked over to the casket, he turned around to face the many family and friends they had acquired over the twenty odd years.

John looked down at the casket, he knew deep down he would lose a son, but not because something so evil had nothing better to do than kill his family. He looked at his surviving son who stood in jeans and a T-shirt knowing it was what the other son would want. He felt the tears filling his eyes as he spoke.

" Almost thirty years ago, I met the most wonderful woman Mary, I never thought life could get better, then we were blessed with not one but two sons. I wanted the best lives for my sons; I envisioned college, if not college, then families of there own. I thought by now Sam would be a big lawyer and Dean, well have knocked up some poor girl, and got married. I would have loved a life of grandchildren.

But that was not the way the cards were dealt, some higher power decided to mess up my family steal Mary from her family, I raised my sons the best I could with the help of all of you. Then the same thing that ripped Mary from my life decided to take away Sam's love Jessica. For two years my boys fought sided by side, growing closer every day. Every day laying their lives down for one another.

A few days ago, the same evil we have been hunting was found, good new was we have contained it, but one of my sons was ripped from me. There wasn't even a body for me to fill this box with…" John's words started to fail him. His remaining son walked over to him and sat him in the chair, then stood next to the wooden bed.

" I never thought this day would ever come, the day I laid my brother, my best friend, literally the love of my life to rest I figured he'd be about 90 -95 years old. But here we are standing looking at this empty shell. I'm not sure how my life will turn out now. Funny how we completed each other, we lived for each other, if one was faltering the other would step up, because that is what brothers do. So here is my brothers life in this box the only thing we have left of him. I hope where ever he is he is happy".

The younger Winchester of the two went to his father and sat next to him, he heard the priest say a few more words, then hear people start to move away. He sat with his father unable to make himself leave what was left of his brother.

Okay can you guess which one is "Dead?" let me know what you think, I will go into flashback as to what happened don't worry