It's only Death -3

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"No, Jonathan, Winchester like as in the gun… Yes that would be the one Dean Winchester, What no he didn't murder anyone. Yes I'm sure, and yes he is as good looking at the picture you are probable looking at and no I won't have the same problem I did with Vince. Just, can you do it or not?" Willow felt the muzzle of a gun against her back then it was gone.

" Um Jonathan I have to call you back, I think my guest is awake and not so happy" Willow placed the phone down, ready to take anything that Dean was willing to dish out. She turned around slowly and gave him a cocky grin.

" Morning Sunshine, how did you sleep, would you like breakfast?" Willow fired off questions to see if his mind could keep up, but all she got was a shove against the wall and some not great morning breath.

"Where, the hell am I and where the hell is my brother and father?" Dean demanded.

"Easy tiger, one question at a time, me first breakfast?"

Dean grabbed the girl and slammed her again against the wall making her see stars. She grabbed his arm, twisted herself out of his grasp, and throws him against the wall.

"An simple yes or no will surfice, or we can kick the crap out of each other until Missouri gets back and deal with her wrath, it is up to you." Dean glared at her until she let up on her hold on him. To tell the truth he wasn't into hitting women but this girl needed at good slap. When he felt her release him, he lunged for her; she sidestepped bringing her knee up to his stomach, sending him to the ground.

"Believe me, I can do this all day Dean." Again he glared at her, but in some way he believed her. He stood up and dusted himself off.

"Alright, let's do lunch " he grumbled under his breath.

"Breakfast and I'm a great cook."

" Lunch I'm tired."

Willow smiled " Alright at least let me tell you what is going on before you do anything "

Dean gave her a nod.

"Well as of right now the hunting world thinks you are really dead, before you interrupt me, John and Sam think the same way, but it has to be this way. Believe me it has to stay like this, Missouri have a demon captured on an orb to draw out The Demon. It thinks you are dead as well. The longer it thinks you are dead the better chance John and Sam have of killing it. Every thing is connected, weather you want to believe it or not. "

Dean's head began to throb, his family thought he was dead. Sam had to be going out of his mind, John too. He had to get to them and tell them. He looked at the woman in front of him. She was a very pretty woman, he wasn't sure she was his type though, maybe Sam's.

" So why do I have to let my whole family think I'm dead, I'm sorry who are you?" Dean's mind was still trying to grasp at what she had just said and she was sure an outburst was going to be coming at any moment now.

" The name is Willow, and before you go for your gun I am 1/4 demon, okay maybe a little more that 1/4th but I'm not evil. I came here when Missouri said she needed help with some thing. Now see I know you'll try to find your brother and father but that will just mess up the hunt. Okay bring on the wrath of Dean Winchester."

In the back o f his head, he knew he should freak the fuck out and try to get her to let him go, but something about her made sense to him, and she said Missouri would be back later. Besides he was rather hungry and he wanted to check himself out for injuries.

"Alright I promise to freak out o n you but my father and brother will be beyond grief, isn't there any way to let them know I'm okay."

" Dean, let Missouri fill you in please, I can't do anything, except feed you right now. I used some of my mojo on you to heal you faster and that is all you get to ask me. Missouri will spaze when she realizes I told you what I did. So lets get you back into bed and I'll make lunch and call my brother back to take care of your mishap. "

Dean followed her back into the living room, he lay on the couch and pulled a blanket down, to snuggle under the blanket. Willow handed him the remote and wandered back into the kitchen to call her brother back.

Dean turned on the TV and was pleasantly surprised to find that Missouri had a dish set up, he found some show on ghosts, watched maybe a few minutes of it before his eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep. He should be all kinds of pissed about his family thinking he was dead, but he wasn't.

"Alright Jonathan where were we, okay, Dean Winchester, umm. No just say that some one had surgery to look like him and killed hose people. Ah man you are the best. I love you too, bye."

Just as Willow turned to hang up the phone the orb crashed to the ground, letting out, the demon that was trapped inside. Yandow turned to look at Willow, his grin big and wide. Thinking that Dean was still in the living room, Willow uttered a few words in Latin, and a fireball came into her had except the flame was blue.

"Going somewhere?" she asked him before throwing the ball at the demon, Yandow caught on fire and crumbled into dust.

Willow heard someone gasp behind her, she turned to stare at that barrel of a sawed off shot gun "1/4th demon, that is some kick you got there Willow"

"Dean, it wasn't what it looked like " Willow felt her energy draining out of her, to come up with the blue flames took a lot out of her. She felt the ground, the front door opened revealing Missouri "Dean Winchester, what have you done!"

Okay I went off the path a little bit, sorry, but Missouri will explain to Dean why his family has to think he is dead.