All right I'm back and armed with a freaky fic. Its kinda like an episode of a show called 'A haunting' so here it goes. Also the first fic like ever with at least a little hint of a Backfire and Slade Paring

Disclaimer: me no own TT or the Theme of 'A Haunting'

In This world There is real Evil from the most darkest shadows and most ordinary places these are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable…

Five ordinary Teens, Richard Grayson, adopted son of wealthy Bruce Wayne, His parents died in a freak high wire accident. Raven Roth, daughter of a father whose literally too drunk to care, Her mother left her when she was young. Victor Stone, High school football all-star, lives with his father who constantly pushes him to be better. Kori Anders an exchange student in from a remote country, she lives with her sister, Komanda and her husband, Slade. And Garfield Logan son of two genetic scientists who barley recognize his existence. These five teens will soon embark on a journey of a very strange house.

…Between the things we see and the things we fear, there are doors, and when they are opened…nightmares become reality…. 'A Haunting'

Sorry this was short; tell me how you like it. I'll update soon.