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"I am fine, please," Kori reasoned. She has sense resumed consciousness.

"Are you bleeding anywhere, are you hurt anymore, how's your head?" Richard said worrying his own head off.

"It is fine, please I do not want you to worry anymore for me" Kori said and pulled her ankle away.

"Hey guys look at this" Raven said and pointed to her book. Inside was an article of the gem.

"Here, It says the gem is called the serpents eye. It says the gem is capable of trapping spirits. And releasing them if…." Raven trailed off

"If what?" Gar asked.

"It doesn't say, the ink is smeared. It's impossible to read" Raven said disappointed.

"YAWN lets go to bed and then we could think about this tomorrow when we're fully awake" Vic yawned. The others agreed.

"Something's definitely not right here" Raven pondered, Kori immediately fell asleep.

"Like what?" Richard asked. Raven has been made fun of at school. Everyone called her a witch because she has a slight ESP, like a sixth sense. She can sense the supernatural. Not like see ghosts or anything. But can feel them. And she was picking up something strong.

"Yo, Gar what'cha doin' man?" Vic asked.

Gar lifted Koris hand. The Gem was nowhere to be seen. He then slipped her hand into a glass of water like he intended.

"Gar man don't do it" Vic warned him.

"No way man this is the prank of the century" Gar snickered. But before he could do anymore. Kori woke up. Her eyes blood red. She smiled evilly. And rose to her feet. Without even touching Gar with a wave of her arm sent him crashing into the far wall.

"K-Kori?" Gar whimpered. An unfelt breeze wildly whipping her hair. The other three stared in horror as Kori turned to them and flung them next to the trembling Gar.

"Foolish humans! You will all PERISH!" She yelled

"W-Who are you?" Raven quavered.

"Amy," She smiled evilly.

"Kor, I think you hit your head too hard" Vic trembled

"I knew it! She's finally gone MAD!" Gar screamed. Kori glared her blood red eyes. And with a flick of her wrist she sent the other three two the wall along with Gar. Temporarily knocking the wind out of them.

"Kori's gone, now where is the gem?" she asked.

"What gem?" Richard asked slyly.

"You know what!" Amy or Kori snapped wickedly.

"You're a ghost, aren't you?" Raven asked more of a statement than a question.

"Yes, and No, I died, But thanks to your little friend and the jewel I am alive once more!"

"What's with the damn Gem?" Vic yelled frustrated.

"That 'Damn Gem' is the source of my power." Amy or Kori sneered. Raven remembered something. The serpent's eye. Kori or Amy found it and tied it around her waist.

"That's it!" Raven suddenly burst out.

"What's it?" Gar asked

"I remembered. The ghost possesses a person who bleeds on the eye. You made Kori fall through the floor." Raven remarked. A single clapping was heard.

"Very well done Raven, But its to late now" Amy or Kori smirked. With a flick of her wrist she sent the four into different directions.

"Get The Eye!" Richard yelled. Gar went for her waist where the jewel still was. He crept up behind her and grabbed it. She whipped around on one heel

"And what do you think you're doing?" She growled.

"Gar, pass it over here!" Vic called. Gar threw it. But he was no baseball pitcher. It fell short and shattered an eerie green light encasing the room.

Raven, Victor, Richard, And Garfield awoke to Kori shaking them up.

"Kori! You're not possessed" Gar yelled hugging her.

"Ummm… why would I be the 'possessed'" Kori asked looking at him as if he was a giant ooze monster.

"So you don't remember?" Vic asked

"Remember what?" she asked

"The Ghost, The Gem, ANYTHING!" Gar asked waving his hands in the air.

"Yes, we found the gem, but no more. Except you where waking me up saying something in your sleep about the 'eye of the serpent'" Kori explained.

" You're saying it was all just a dream?" Richard asked

"What was?" Kori inclined

"Oh, nothing" Raven shrugged.

The five friends packed up and left the house. Kori walked to the sidewalk and turned back to the house. Her eyes flashed red. And she continued walking. Catching up with her friends.

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