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Edward's POV

Who is Rachel? And why can't I read her mind? Not being able to read Bella's mind is enough. But now two people? I wonder if they're related.

"Rachel! How are you?" Bella said, enthusiasm written all over her face.

The voice on the phone laughed. "I'm wonderful! But I, uh, called to ask...if I could…stay with you for a couple of days…or months…" I silently wondered why this Rachel person sounded so…unsure.

Bella, being a nice person, said yes immediately. Nevertheless, she followed this agreement with a series of questions. Rachel had mumbled a few words then trailed off. Finally, I heard the click of the phone as it turned off. Bella was looking at the phone in confusion when we heard a doorbell. I tried reading the mind of the person behind the door, but it was no use. It has to be Rachel…but how did she get here so fast? Bella looked confused as well. I nodded to her, grabbed her hand, and led her downstairs. Bella immediately went to the door and opened it. Standing there on the porch was none other than...

Rachel. I knew it.

Although I had never seen Rachel before, her voice matches her appearance. (sorry if you don't get this part, but you know how peoples' voices matches what they look like, right? Eh, sorry, that's confusing. Haha.)

I took in her form quickly, and as realization dawned on me, I realized how she got here so fast. I stiffened. Bella noticed this, being observant as she is, and looked at Rachel, wondering what had caused me to stiffen. But once she did, she had stiffened also.

Rachel's skin was marble white and her eyes were honey gold. She was slender and her hair was as shiny as can be. Just like me and my family. She was a vampire.

"What…I…R-Rachel?" Bella stuttered. Rachel smiled ruefully.

"Yes, it's me. You know I'm a vampire and I know you're boyfriend is one too. I haven't written you in five months because I had to…train myself, I guess you could say. I had to train myself to not drink human blood. I'm sorry Bella, I had to detach myself from everyone I loved to keep them safe," she explained. "I regret having to do that, but here I am!" Huh, she seems happy. Like Alice, I thought. It was silent for a few moments as this had sunk in.

"How do you know all this? What happened?" Bella asked, breaking the silence.

"Wow, I feel so welcomed," Rachel replied in a sarcastic tone. "I thought cousins were supposed to say 'I miss you' and all that."

"Well, forgive me for being so concerned," Bella shot back. Heh, that's my girl.

"Oh, alright. It was last year, in the summer. I was walking home at night and all of a sudden, BOOM! A vampire pounces on me. Of course, I screamed which caused all the neighbors to come out. By then, the vampire already bit me and carried me to the forest. The neighbors just thought it was just some kids playing around, throwing water at each other or something. After all, it was hot. Plus, it's happened before. Anyway, this vampire almost drinks from me when, out of nowhere, another vampire comes out. I couldn't see anything; the pain was too much. But I could still hear them. The second vampire says something about not eating me, that it will cause a commotion and they'll be found out. The first vampire just obeyed and left me there. That's when I blacked out. When I woke up, I was so surprised to see what I had looked that I ran home. But before I opened the door, I smelled it. The blood. After I realized what I had become, I wrote a note to my parents telling them that I'll be back, but I didn't say when. I didn't want to hurt them. I stayed in the forest though, so I would be close to home. Then I ran into another vampire, who claimed to be part of the Council. (A/N: I am making this 'Council' thing up. Though, I think I've heard this in another Fanfic, but I don't remember whose, so I can't give anyone credit. BUT IT DOESN'T BELONG TO ME! Well, most of it doesn't.) His name was Andon. He said he was a vegetarian. Then he told me about a group of vegetarian vampires who drank only animal blood. He thought it'd be best for me to stay with them. Andon told methenames of this clanand when he told me about Edward and you, I was so surprised. Apparently, you two are famous in the Council. But more on that later. Anyway, he taught me everything." When she finished explaining, a dreamy look came upon her face. I cleared my throat—even though there was no need—and she snapped out of her dream state.

"So, you're here to stay with the Cullens?" Bella asked. Rachel nodded.

"Will you start with the introductions please?" she asked irritated.

"Oh! Sorry! Um, well, Rachel, this is Edward Cullen, my boyfriend—" At this, she blushed. "—and Edward, this is Rachel, my cousin." Hmm. So I was right. They are related. No wonder I can't read her mind.

Yes, but you're thinking of the wrong reasons, I heard in my head. My eyes snapped to Rachel as I heard this. "You can read minds?" I asked, incredulous.

"Mmhm. That's my ability. But I can also block people from reading my mind or finding out what I'm feeling. I was really good at that when I was human, wasn't I Bells?"

Bella frowned. "Unfortunately," she said. Rachel laughed.

"My, my Bella. What's with the sad face?" she said. I had a feeling, however, that she did know the reason.

"Because you always knew when I was sad, you would always take me out so you could cheer me up! You know how I felt when you bought stuff for me!" Bella exclaimed. Ah, so Rachel likes to shop too. She really is like Alice, I thought.

Rachel just laughed and brushed it off. "Edward, We'll tell you everything later. But come on! Look what I've brought with me!" She gestured for Bella to follow, then stepped off the porch.

Bella and I followed her to a dark blue 2006 Toyota RAV4. I admit, she's got a good taste in cars.

Rachel stopped to open the back door of the car and, there in the back seat, were a drum set, violin, flute, two electric guitars, two amplifiers, and two acoustic guitars. All of it was brand new. I guess they were both into music.

"Ta-da!" she exclaimed, grinning like a madwoman. Bella stared for a while before annoyance covered her features.

"Did you buy all this? For me?" she yelled. I sighed. Really, Bella can't accept the fact that what's given to her are gifts.

"No silly, of course not. The drum set, flute, one electric guitar, one amplifier, and one acoustic are all mine!"

"Really Bella, just accept these gifts. They're from your cousin anyway," I whispered in her ear.

"Yeah Bella. Maybe we can play for the Cullens too!" Rachel exclaimed, happiness exploding out of her. I raised my eyebrows at this. Bella can play the violin too? "Oh yeah, there's another drum set in the trunk for you," she paused to giggle, "whoops, I forgot." My eyebrows shot up higher. Bella can play the drums!

Rachel must've noticed this and laughed. It was beginning to get annoying. She was just too damn happy. Happier than Alice, even. "What? Hasn't Bella told you that she could play instruments?" she asked.

"Well, yes. But only that she could play the guitar and the piano. Not the violin or drums," I said. I heard Bella groan beside me.

Rachel's smile grew wider, if that's even possible. "Well, we'll have to show 'em. Let's go to your house right now! We can play for them. I want to meet your family anyway," she said. She suddenly got into the driver's seat and started the car. Then she rolled down the window and said, "Come on! I'll drive. Just tell me where to go."

I had to grin at that. My whole family, including myself, will be able to witness a performance by none other than Bella Swan and her cousin Rachel. This is going to be fun.

Bella's POV

I was fidgeting. I couldn't help it. How would you feel if all a sudden your cousin comes barging in on you and your boyfriend to reveal two enormous things. One, that she was a vampire. And two, that her dear cousin (me) could play two other instruments? And now you're going to your boyfriend's family to spread the news!

Edward calmed me almost immediately though. "I love you Bella," he whispered in my ear. Very easily, I might add. I was sitting in his lap. There was no more room in Rae's car, so me and Edward had to sit in the front.

I smiled at Edward and leaned against him.

All too soon, we were at Edward's house. As I got out of the car, I groaned. I don't like to 'flaunt my stuff' as some people would say. Though, I think those people were talking about physical characteristics. But either way, I don't. Like to flaunt my stuff, I mean.

Since Edward and Rachel were vampires, they took the instruments out of the car quickly and ran to the house to set them down. I stayed behind and walked slowly. They noticed this. Rachel shouted, "BELLA! HURRY UP! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!" and Edward ran back to carry me to his house. I was about to groan again when I noticed that the whole Cullen family was there, staring curiously at Rachel. I began the introductions.

"Everyone, this is Rachel. My cousin. She became a vampire last summer and wants to stay with a family of vegetarians," I explained, pointing to them. "Rachel, this is Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie. Jasper and Rosalie are brother and sister. Carlisle and Esme are married. So are Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie." (A/N: hehe, sorry this last sentence is sorta weird.)

Rachel smiled at each of them. They all smiled back, even Rosalie. Huh, I thought Rosalie would hate her because of her relation to me, I thought.

Carlisle started to ask questions about her change and how she had come to know them. But I tuned out, forever dreading what would follow. It was only a matter of time before Rachel would tell them what all these instruments were doing on their doorstep. It was only a matter of time before we performed. It was only a matter of time before they found out more about my secret.

"Well Carlisle, Bella and I are a two-person band, actually. That would explain all these instruments. And we've agreed to perform for you guys. What do you think?" Rachel said, grinning. I, of course, jumped right in.

"Agreed? I never agreed to anything Rae! I think you should—" I was cut off by the squeal of Alice. I bet she and Rae would get along well.

"I think it's a wonderful idea! Come on Bella! Play for us!" she said. Well, more like squealed. I groaned again.

"Uh, well, what should we play then?" I asked, my voice showing no emotion.

"Um…how about we play that song you used to love so much? I think it's called "Sun" by Mae. That's right, isn't it?" Rae asked. I don't know why, but suddenly my face lit up. I loved that song. It's just so…great! Almost immediately, I grabbed my brand-new acoustic guitar. Rae stopped me. "Wait! We have to get all this set up first!" And she did just that. Using her vampire speed, of course. In only two minutes, everything was set up. But I remembered one thing: we needed a pianist for this song. I grinned and looked at Edward.

"What?" he asked.

"Can you play the piano parts for this song? You must've heard of it, haven't you?" I asked, as sweetly as I could.

He chuckled. "I'll do anything for you Bella. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do know this song."

"Great!" I said, exactly when Rachel said it. I looked at her, only to find that she was sitting on a stool in front of her drum set. This song didn't require any drum sticks, so her hands were poised on top of her drums. I took my place to the left of her and sat down on a chair that she had set up. I motioned for Edward to get ready at the piano and I quickly tuned my guitar. When I was done, I strummed a few chords then began the song. (A/N: Rachel is doing drums and harmony because she believes that Bella is a better singer than her. And Edward is doing all the piano parts Again, whenever there's a song in this story, I suggest you actually listen to it while reading the lyrics. And even though the singers in Mae are all males, I still like this song and I thought that Bella should sing it. Hehe.)

I'm a mess, I guess
It's what I've asked for
It's what I've needed
Well, you know me better than that
Or at least you did
And something happened
But once again
Something¹s happened

The confidence you held in us
Is the rope we almost hung ourselves with
At times I wonder if we really
Took the steps to break right through it
I know that there were
Better days, but to see
The light and to feel the rays
Life was always back and forth

And we were idling or making
Useless Progress

Waiting for the rain to stop
Destination: beautiful
Seems that I'm still waiting for the sun
Someday will come back to us
If you're willing, let it go
Why won't you just
Let this be your sun?
It seems like yesterday
We had the world our way
But some say
We're headed for destruction

I'll ask you
What in the world should we do?
The light is green
Our break is through
Are we not trying
Or are we trying to hard?
Well, you know
I never want to miss
I hold on tight and reminisce
But it's bittersweet to me
When time stands still
As it¹s trapped inside
The letterbox you gave
Back to me, but I'm the one
Who keeps on reading
But I'm the one who wants
To let it go
I'm the first to speak
You¹re the last to know
Another scene that we're creating
I need to know if we're
Still making useless progress

Waiting for the rain to stop
Destination: beautiful
Seems that I'm still waiting for the sun
Someday will come back to us
If you're willing, let it go
Why won't you just
Let this be your sun?
It seems like yesterday
We had the world our way
But some say
We're headed for destruction

Waiting for the rain to stop
Destination: beautiful
Seems that I'm still waiting for the sun
Someday will come back to us
If you're willing, let it go
Why won't you just
Let this be your sun?
It seems like yesterday
We had the world our way
But some will say
We're headed for destruction.

As I let out the last syllable, I went on with the last chords of the song, where Edward was supposed to play the piano too. I closed my eyes as I heard this part; it has always been my favorite part. When we finally finished, it was silent for a few moments. I opened my eyes to find Edward and Rae grinning at me. However, the whole Cullen family was staring at me in awe. Alice was the first to break the silence. She squealed. Louder than I've ever heard her squeal before. "That was amazing! Why didn't you tell us? You're an amazing singer! I can't believe—" she was cut off by a loud boom.

We ran outside to find a man. He had hair that was a little past his ears and was brown with highlights. He wore a pair of black jeans with a black turtleneck and black boots. I suddenly realized he was a vampire because his skin was as pale and white as Edward's or Rachel's. I immediately looked at his eyes to see if he was dangerous or not. His eyes were golden, like the Cullens' eyes. I let out a sigh of relief. I least I didn't have to worry about some crazy vampire that wants my blood.

"Andon?" Rachel asked, recognizing this man.

He grinned and his appearance began to change. His brownhair suddenly became long, frizzy red hair. Although the clothes stayed the same, the body became less muscular. Instead, it was slim and curvy.The eyes were burgundy red. This person had morphed into someone I thought I'd never see again.

This 'man' who was known to be Andon is a shifter.

This 'man' who was known to be Andon had tricked Rachel into finding us.

This 'man' who was known to be Andon is actually Victoria.

She is from James' coven.

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