A/N:So basically,this is my first Lost fic...I've been toying witha few ideas for a while now, and decided to write them down...Thanks to Katy.

Disclaimer:You know, the part where I say I don't own the chracters, or the show.

Summary:Some things are different than on the show...Like for instance, Shannon is still alive. And the hatch has/had a hallway that they discovered, with several rooms that make up the "sick zone"...It'll make sense later. Most of the characters will be used, but it'll mostly center around Jack, Kate, Shannon, Claire, Sun, Charlie...well, you get it?


It's that in-between state, where you're awake but not really 'with' it. Your vision is fuzzy, and you can hear things and react, but only in slow motion. Your eyes get jerky, and all your muscles relax so you can't hold your pencil. And they would just...fall asleep and not wake up. That was what Jack called the Goodnight Syndrome, known to all others as well...the sickness.

The single, solitary flame from the candle cast a shadow across the room. Kate layed wearily on the mattress, trying to find a solace.

She knew her shift was coming soon, and with that, she'd have to face them again. Their eyes, asking questions to which she didn't have answers.

She didn't mind caring after the sick. After all, she'd befriended most of them. But what scared her was the look in their eyes. One of sheer desperation. One that had the slightest gleam of hope, the slightest wish that everything would turn out okay.

The island had turned everyone upside down, had caused everyone's lives to turn in a new direction.

Suddenly, different things mattered.

Kate's mind drifted to Jack. He was the one they all counted on. The one that everyone thought could save them all. When Claire fell ill, he'd been the one to administer any medication. He'd helped carry her to the hatch. He'd been on the team to assign shifts. The 'sick zone' as it was called, couldn't be crossed by anyone who hadn't already been exposed.

Of course, everyone had been exposed somehow. But the ones who had been closest to the sickness were the ones to look after the ones who had fallen ill.

There was Claire, who, while obviously trying to improve her health was only worried about baby Aaron.

There was Shannon. Shannon, who had always seemed to be the pampered one of the group was now suffering as well. Several of the Others had become sick, but had wilted away before they even got a chance to find any valuable information.

"Kate?"Sun said from the doorway, breaking Kate's concentration.

Kate turned towards her, extending her legs on the mattress. "My turn, huh?'

Standing up, Kate made her way towards Sun.

"Are you sure you're up to watching them?You do not look too good yourself."Sun said, eyes full of concern.

Smiling wearliy, Kate nodded. "I'll be fine."She said, grabbing her bag from against the wall. "How are they?"

"Claire is showing signs of improvement...but Jack doesn't want her to sleep..atleast not yet. Shannon..."Sun said, her eyes drifting past her. "She looks as if she's just harboring...waiting for a chance to leave.I made a paste from the fruits I found...something for them to eat.But..."

The two shared a silent moment.

"Oh...Jack said to bring water.To make sure that they aren't dehydrated."

Kate nodded, grabbing several bottles of water from the box, placing them in her bag. Stopping in the doorway, she turned around. "Try and get some sleep."


Knocking on the door down the hall, Jack allowed her in. She found him kneeling by Claire's bedside. "I brought the water you asked for."Kate said, trying to be quiet.

Shutting the door, she walked further in the room. "Where do you want me to put it?"

"On the shelf over there...there's a cup over by Shannon's you get it and pour her some?

The problem is they need to stay hydrated, but what with the limited supply..."

Jack let his sentence drift away, watching Kate's actions. Something about her just seemed sullen, or weary. But then again, ever since everyone had fallen ill everyone was.

Walking to Shannon's bed, Kate knelt down. "Shannon?Shannon, it's Kate..."

Struggling to open her eyes, Shannon studied her face registering in her mind who it was. "Kate..."

"Shh..."Kate whispered, moving the cup towards Shannon's mouth. "You need to drink...Here...can you lift yor head?"

The room fell into a silence. Shannon, trying desperately to drink the water. Kate, holding the cup.

Jack, doublechecking Claire's symptoms.

Standing back up, Kate nearly lost her balance. "Are you okay?''Jack asked her.

"I'm..."She said, clearly embarassed. "I'm fine...I just...tripped."

Jack stared at her, wondering what she was thinking. Something about the way she was acting just seemed off to him. "I could stay in here tonight if you wanted...Or Sayid, he wants to stay back here with Shannon as it is."

"No."Kate protested. "It's my shift...I can...I can handle it.I'm just going to sit down over there..."

She pointed to a chair a few feet away from where Claire and Shannon were to where a chair was. "I've got my book...and I've got the watch.I'll be sure to check on them and give the medicine.You need to sleep, Jack."

Nodding wearily, Jack knew she was right. "I'll try.I left the bottle on the shelf...make sure that they each get the equal amount...but I'll have to talk to Sawyer tomorrow, we're running out."

"You know he..."

"I know.I know...I'll find something to trade him for.We've already lost two people, Kate...we can't..."

Kate placed her hand on his shoulder. "I know.We won't.I'll talk to him if I have to.Just go and get-"

They were interupted by a knock on the door. Jack went to answer it. "Charlie.What are you doing back here?You're in-"

"The sick zone, I know.I wanted to see how Claire was doing.They're going to be okay, right?"Charlie asked, growing worried.

"They should be.Charlie, you shouldn't be back here, you could become infected."Jack exclaimed, clearly annoyed.

"I've already been infected...well, exposed.I was the one who helped you carry Shannon and Claire back here, remember?"

Sighing, Jack rubbed the sides of his face wearily. "Okay...Are you asking to stay?"

Charlie stared at the man, somewhat surprised by his reaction. This wasn't the Jack he was used to.

The Jack he knew would have put up more of a protest, would have put up a million reasons why he shouldn't be there.

"Well..I'd like to."

"Okay...You can stay hear with Kate.She'll fill you in on the charts, the information...but then you'll have to head down the hall.You'll need to rest up, your shift can start after Kate gets off...which is at..."He stopped, checking his makeshift chart. "Five this morning."He said, handing him one of the few remaining working watches.

Jack pulled Kate to the side. "You don't want him back here, do you?"

"No.But I don't have a choice now thathe's back here.Look...I had Sayid head out to the jungle...Sun said there was some flower...it's supposed to bloom just before dawn.Well, he's not out there yet...anyway...keep a watch on Charlie. The Goodnight Syndrome is getting to everyone. You know the symptoms..just make sure..."

"The goodnight syndrome?"Kate stopped him.

He shrugged. "We needed to give it a name...and well, I say 'goodnight' because, well, once they're asleep for too long, the virus takes over and..."Jack's mind drifted away, looking past Kate.

"Hey-"She said, catching his attention. "Everything will work out.Trying to keep everyone else out of here is the only problem."

"Yeah...are you sure you're alright?"Jack asked her, edging closer. "You look a little flushed."

The sole light source in the room, a bare lightbulb began to flicker.

"Jack...worry about yourself.You've got to stand up against Sawyer tomorrow, and-"

"You're not gonna fight me on that?"He asked.

"What?..."Kate shook her head, getting what he meant. "Not right now..."She said, gazing at Charlie over Jack's shoulder. "I'll...well, I'd better get to work.See you at five."