Title:Breaking through the shields

Pairings:GaaNara,slight naruto/sasuke




Summary:Naruto is a normal boy who geos to school,living a happy life right? Wrong,so very wrong! Naruto is not normal at all. His a human with fox ears,a fox tail,and angel wings. Everyday he goes to school wearing a black hat and a black trench coat to hide his unearthly attributes.After almost being found out by a couple of people,he is sent to a new school. "Akreua Nei Suna",a very high ranking school accepts seventeen year old naruto.

Gaara,silent,stolid outcast of Akreua Nei Suna,sees Naruto in all of his glory when he goes to naruto's house one day. Koharu and Temari insist that Gaara go after Naruto. How can he when his father his the principal and only approves of Gaara with girls? Naruto will find away around that or will he just stay away from the silent redhead who captured his heart at first sight?


Naruto sighed as he got out of bed. His brushed his teeth,took a shower,and combed his hair. On his way out,he intered the kitchen to see Iruka. "Hey,just getting some ramen," He said to his father. "Don't forget to put on your other clothes," Iruka replied.

Naruto dashed out the kitchen and into his room. Moments later,he was wearing his black leather trench coat and his black leather hat. "I wish I didn't have to wear this though," he muttered. Iruka sighed and walked over,hugging naruto. "You're not my son naruto,but I still consider you to be my son none the less. It's ok,you'll find someone who'll love you for you."

Naruto nodded and stayed in his "father's" embrace for alittle while longer. He then smiled up at him,placing a kiss on the other's cheek and dashed out the door. Iruka sighed and smiled,thinking of how happy naruto would be if he had that special person right about now. Naruto walked into the class room,ignoring the stares,something Iruka had trained him to do. Miscellaneous things were thrown at him,but he ignored it.

On the inside he was fuming. He couldn't do anything about it though unless he wanted to get found out. He and his father were not ready for that yet. His was still only seventeen,a minor. He wondered when the people here would just except him,him as himself.

He sat in his seat as the day went bye terribly slow. He walked around the school building in a daze,not intune with the things around him. Suddenly,he bumped into a jock. He sighed as he was picked up by the collar,hoisted into the air. "Great,just great," he thought.

Meanwhile,Gaara of the sand,(he can still control sand,its an elemental power:water,leaf,etc.) sat on his bed. He was the social outcast of his school,he liked it that way. He looked around him room,pretty bored. There was no one here he was interested in and his siblings were with friends,in reolationships. He sighed,relationships,he shuddered. He'd never be in one,so why did the tiny voice in his head say he neaded someone?

Naruto sighed as the other tried to remove his hat. He did a flip in midair and landed on his feet,holding tightly onto his hat. Suddenly,he felt the others grab onto him and try to rip his clothes apart. "Freak! Idiot! Bastard! What'cha hiding under there? Let's see,let's see?" That was all he heard as he saw his father running over into the small mass of people.

Iruka graabed naruto and carried the other away,running into the house. Naruto looked a bloody mess. "Damn those kids," he thought as tears flowed out of his eyes,down his cheeks. He cleaned the other the best he could and layed him in the bed. "Tommorrow,we leave naruto," he said quietly before kissing the smaller on the forehead.

Gaara sighed as his siblings came in. He gave them a glare. "What is it that you want," he asked,still glaring at them. "You-you're lonely," Koharu said. "Says who?" They flinched under his cold tone.

"Well,you are always coped up in here,you need some excitement in your life," Temari squeaked. Gaara glared at her and said nothing. Neji entered and hugged Koharu around the middle. "Come," he purred into his ear. Koharu stared intently at gaara would unconsiously let some emotion flicker in his eyes.

"See! I saw that emotion,you are lonely!" Koharu kissed Neji on the cheek and left with him. Temari bowed and left alittle bit after. Gaara sat on his bed,he shouldn't be lonely,but deep down inside,he was. There was no one esle like him,no one.

Naruto awoke to see his black leather bag was packed. He got out of bed feeling better. "Iruka," he yelled. Suddenly,the other came in carrying more bags. "We're leaving Naruto," he said. Naruto hugged onto the other. "I-I'm sorry,I just bumped into one of them by mistake!" Iruka dropped the bags and held the other close.

"It's ok. We're still leaving,you were almost found out by them." Naruto nodded and grabbed his bags,still in his school clothes. "How will we get to where we are going? Where are we going?" "To Nejika,it's pretty far from here. We'll get there sooner than you think." Naruto nodded,straightening out his black tank and his forest green jeans.

Once the house was locked up,they left quickly,heading for the forest. They ran half of the way,adrenlein pumping. The sun was starting to set as they entered Nejika. There was a house already arranged. Naruto was handed the keys by Iruka,who left to get naruto enrolled n the school here. Naruto entered the house and smiled. It smelled really good.

Iruka entered the school's office and talked to the assistant. She handed him a form and he sat in a chair to fill it out. Once that was finished he handed to the assitant,but she told him that he had to bring it to the principal. He nodded and headed upstairs,slightly nervous. He knocked on the door and entered when a young voice told him to come in.

Iruka stared at Gaara who was currently talking to his father. He waved gaara to sit down,he took a seat by Iruka,who looked even more nervous. He handed the form to the prinicipal,who looked it over,smiling. "Naruto Ukuzami eh? He can share a room with my son gaara here," gesturing to gaara who was seething. "I don't think that will be necessary," Iruka said. "Nonsense,he will stay with gaara!" Gaara stood and stalked off,wondering waht this Naruto looked like. "He will start classes in a week."

Iruka nodded and left the office,catching up with gaara. "He really is a nice person,though realy loud," Iruka told gaara. Gaara nodded and raised an eyebrow at Iruka as he was handed a picture. "That's him." Gaara took the picture and entered his room. Iruka sighed and left the school. Things were looking up.

Gaara sat on his bed and studied the picture,stopping at the naruto's impossible azure eyes. This naruto also had sunny yellow hair and sun kissed skin. He blushed for the first time when he stared at naruto's pink lips,they looked so kissable. Temari entered with her boyfriend who he called 'troublesome'. Shikumaru left the room after one look at gaara.

Koharu entered with a dazed look on his on his face. He snatched the picture out of gaara's hand. "Who's this," he asked. "He's quite the looker. If I didn't have neji,i'd surely get him to share my bed." Temari took the picture from here older brother,getting a good look at it. "Yeah,if I didn't have my boyfriend..."

Gaara glared at them both,feeling angered that they wanted what was his. He took picture from his sister. "Don't touch this at all,he is mine." They shrunk back in fear and nodded. "Look who's got a boyfriend," Koharu yelled and dashed out of the room,temari soon followed. Gaara sighed and fell into a comfortable position on his bed.

Iruka entered his home to see Naruto sitting on the couch,smiling up at him. "You'll start school in a week,you're rooming with the pricipal's kid." Naruto arhced an eyebrow. "His name is gaara.He's not very talkitive." Naruto gave a small smile,maybe he's the one i'e been waiting for." Iruka nodded and hugged his son. "I hope so."