The Chase: chapter 1

The Chase: chapter 1

Just Out Of Reach

Dias got up and strolled into the kitchen for the strong cup of tea, that had became something of a survival kit for Kain's nerves, during Scarface's visits of late.

A loud 'thud' from the living quarters had the Black Wing rushing back, just in time to see Scarface mutter a hushed apology as the latter made a quick retreat out the front door.

On the floor was Kain, in a classic dead faint.

Dias looked heavenwards briefly. "Souma help me." In a way, he expected this. Being Vy Low's best friend could, at times, be very punishing on one's nerves. Dias really and truly pitied G.

Luckily, for all concerned, Kain seemed to be able to survive the experiences-so far.

The valle stood, arms crossed, waiting expectedly for G to just get up any moment now and scream Vy Low's fighting name in what Crimson called the 'Scarface is soooooo dead' voice.

A minute, then two passed and Kain still wasn't up. Worried, Dias quickly bent down over G. A few quick slaps to the face produced no reaction.     

"This is not good," Dias mumbled. Placing a palm on G's chest, Dias bent low over Kain's face. Then stopped, pulling up short as he looked at G's face up close, examining him for breathing.

To his relief, Kain appeared to be doing fine and Dias could feel a pulse, for a moment there, Black Wing thought that Scarface has finally gave G a heart attack. Dias reached out with a hand to tilt Kain's head slightly, observing for any abrasions resulting from the fall, a habit that arose from his years of being Elle's caretaker. Colour was already returning to G's face.

Dias noted, chuckling to himself, that when G woke up, he would be positively red in the face with rage. The Black Wing remained bent silently over G as a hand unconsciously trailed a slow trail down the outline of Kain's face as Dias admired his friend's fine features, the length of his lashes, the fairness of his skin, the softness of his lips…..

With a shock, Dias clutched the offending hand as if it burned, even as the thought, 'how will they taste' flitted across his mind, making the Black Wing blush furiously as he closed his eyes and mentally berated himself.

Ragu, what's wrong with you? NOT ONLY do you have a weird desire to kiss one of your best friends, you are actually contemplating taking advantage of him while he's unconscious. And so on and so forth the litany went.

After a few minutes of reprimanding himself, Dias claimed down somewhat. Cautiously, he dared a peek at Kain sleeping form-and immediately regretted doing so when it brought to mind the velvet of Kain's lips when his fingers had brushed upon them.

Dias immediately shut his eyes again and repeated his mental chant. So, um, preoccupied was the Black Wing that he didn't notice Kain groggily regain consciousness, and attempt to sit up such that Dias, who was still bent down, was right in front of him.

The inevitable happened. Black Wing, the enormously talented prodigy, and G, the young but still gifted Sevalle, became entangled with each other as Kain's leg tripped Dias up. What ensued was a rather incredulous scene as the two locked lips.

This isn't half bad, Dias thought fleetingly, before morality complex number three, "thou shalt abstain", kicked in. He shot all the way to the other side of the room, while the young blond blinked blankly at him.

"Nothing happened. Please tell me nothing happened." Hand over his eyes, Dias stumbled to his feet and went looking for the cup of tea, dumping half the sugar pot into the strong brown brew before his brain connected back to his logic systems again.

But nothing could have prepared him for the next, if tentative, comment that came from the other room.

"Well, that wasn't too bad."

The unfortunate teacup had the rest of the sugar pot, pot included, jammed into its overflowing mouth.


     Kain was in a depressed mood. While his tastes in partners ran most definitely towards the feminine, there were some rare exceptions. Such as the Black Wing, Mister 'I'm such an innocent' Dias Ragu.

     Whoa. Scratch that. Dias didn't deserve such a compliment. Double whoa. Kain Phalanx, what are you thinking? Shame on you, shame on you.

     That problem, dammit, was that the ever-so-moral Dias was AVOIDING him. And his best friend was, as usual, nowhere to be found conveniently; HE only appeared when: 1, he was looking for a drinking partner, 2, he had a problem, 3, he wanted to.

     The sevalle shoved his golden hair out of his eyes with an exasperated snarl. Best friend or no best friend, he had two of the most infuriating acquaintances on the face of Kuruda- no, Ashlianna. And after he had helped so much in Vy Low's courtship of the Holy Knight!

     It was enough to drive an already stressed sevalle mad. (1)

     No doubt Dias was avoiding him because of that little peck they had shared in the Black Wing's home, but how was anybody supposed to get rid of that troublesome thing called innocence when they couldn't even take a lip-touch?

     With a frustrated and creative expletive, G launched himself out of bed, grabbed his cloak and headed out for the city, hoping that a chilly night walk on the citadel's highest water-tower would inspire him on what to do next.


(1) Which was eventually a very accurate prediction. Kain did eventually go crazy- but it wasn't all that permanent.


Will Kain ever get Dias in bed? Stay tuned!

Mata ne,