The Chase, chapter 3

Good Triumphs over Evil (hey, wait...)

Kain Phalanx was not in a happy mood. Besides losing his voice, he was also stuck with a evilly sharp-tongued Vy Low, and the ever-energetic Elle. Either one of them would have been a fate worse than death, he thought glumly to himself, too resigned to even scowl as Elle attempted to climb up his back. Hell must be something similar to this.

"Say, Phalanx," Scarface said, grinning, "I heard from Ragu-"

He had a REALLY bad feeling about this...

"-you jumped him."

The Ragu table suffered a quick and painful death as the invalid's hands crumpled through the flimsy wood. The sevalle, however, found himself dangling from Kain's outraged grip, and threatened silently with the icy power of two chilly blue eyes. "It was a joke!" he continued placatingly, putting his hands up in the universal gesture of 'I'm harmless, please let me go'. "Just a joke! What Ragu really said," he said a tad breathlessly, pulling the front of his shirt back into place, "was that you fell on him. From the... water towers."

Rolling his eyes disgustedly, Kain shook his head and sat down on his stool- which promptly gave way. Studiously ignoring Elle's howls of laughter and his best friend's wide grin, he picked himself up, looked vaguely down at the splinters that littered the floor, and wandered off to bed. Scarface spent too much time being amused, because several moments later Elle's howls changed to an alarmed squeak and he found the Black Wing tapping his shoulder.

Slowly, a feeling of dread weighing down his stomach, the Sevalle turned his head, his gaze travelling up the bent arc of the Black Wing, and meeting Dias Ragu's implacable aqua eyes. Elle was nowhere in sight, having wisely escaped out of the door. He was on the front line all by his little lonesome.

"Kain did it," he offered uncertainly.

"He is sick," Dias gritted out, pressing the sharp end of his weapon up against Vy Low's collar. "Sick people don't break people's tables! So give me back the cost of my table!"

"H...hey, take it easy... it really wasn't me..."

"And you DARE to DENY IT? My chair, too! RAPIER!"


Hiding under the covers, Kain heard the sounds of Scarface getting thwapped and grinned.


Over some weeks, Scarface lost the opportunity to bully Kain, because Crimson gave him work to do, somewhere on the southern border. This undoubtedly had something to do with Dias' little upset with the Sevalle over his dining table (and the chair), because the valle had Crimson's ear. One could never be too careful with Scarface, but it was in everyone's best interests to humor Dias. Not even Crimson had any wish to face the Black Wing- or, worse, Hachiyoh. So off the sevalle went, with an injured series of mutters that Crimson made out to be 'but it's not MY fault...'

Kain got his voice back, though, just before Scarface left. And G was very, very happy.


"Why don't you SAY something," Vy Low growled, bristling under the younger sevalle's open smirk. "I wouldn't have to go to the godsforsaken back end of nowhere if you just opened your mouth and cleared up that misunderstanding..."

If anything, G's smirk stretched wider. The 58th sevalle had 'aha!' written all over his smug expression. But he said nothing, probably because Dias was walking up to them, Elle in tow. Elle stuck her tongue out at the sevalle as he gave her an irritated look. Elle had not offered to clear up the misunderstanding, either. The law (and the anticipation of Dias' fury) protected her from the wrath of a misunderstood sevalle, or she would have been six feet under by then.

The valle himself directed a reprimanding look at his sister, a nod of acknowledgement to G, who dryly saluted him, and a cold glare at Scarface, who scowled and held his ground. Scarface rarely backed down when someone challenged him openly. Rarely. (When his wife got on his case, though...) "I hope you earn back the cost of my household items," the Black Wing said quietly, sleet dripping from every word.

Scarface's brows shot together in an exasperated scowl. "Why don't you believe me?"

"This from the person who dumped G in my house and ran away?" Dias' look grew even scarier.

Vy Low paled. Kain grinned. Elle chased a butterfly. And, tactfully, Crimson stepped in. "The ship will leave soon," the Raze Reme reminded them all with a thumb towards aforementioned ship. "Scarface, I suggest you go quickly so that you can come back soon. And Kain?" G swiveled round to his senior, still grinning. "Please stop grinning like that. It's disturbing."

"'Cuse me," Kain replied jovially, taking the opportunity to throw one arm over Dias' stiff shoulders. "You shouldn't get so worked up, Ragu. It's not good for your body."

"You should talk!" Scarface snarled, turning on his heel with an outraged swish of his short cloak. His indignant outburst subsided into injured mumbling at Crimson's stern look, and the high sevalle retreated with his skin, if not his pride, intact. Smirking triumphantly at the resounding defeat dealt to his erstwhile opponent, the blond nudged Dias into turning, and started to drag him towards the heart of the city.

Crimson snagged Elle's collar as she skipped past him, seemly intent on following Scarface onto his ship. "Where are you to going off to?" he demanded, lifting her up, kicking and squalling like a kitten. "Dias? Kain?"

Kain waved a hand without turning. "Where else? To my favorite tavern, of course."

Dias' voice was faintly resigned. "Crimson, please take care of Elle for a while." Then the both turned the corner, and Crimson sighed, letting Elle scramble up onto his shoulders. Kain got his way most of the time, and exactly how he did it was a mystery to friend and sevalle alike. The Raze Reme took hold of Elle's little legs before she managed to kick him, and headed off towards his own residence. Hopefully he could keep her occupied for a decent amount of time before she escaped his town house...


If I had a dollar for every time I got a new idea, I'd be rich by now... but not every idea can grow into a story, and that's part of the reason why this chapter took so long to produce. Sorry about the CAPITAL LETTERS. Notepad doesn't do italics.

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Scarface: HEY! What do you mean, Good Triumphs over Evil? Since when is Phalanx on the side of Good?

Aki: Since I decided he was more bishounen than you.

Scarface: What does that have to do with anything?

Aki: Nothing really. But I couldn't think of a better title. Sorry.

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