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Edward groan as he tried to sit noticing that it was painful to, he gave up on the idea and remain on the soft warm bed.


He shoot up at the sudden realization that he was inside a place where he was not familar with and not only that his current occupation did not fit with the events that came before it. He was praticing his Alchemy when the Gate had suddenly appeared and he was pushed in after he went through it he swore that he saw figures in long black robes,but he set that aside and wondered of his preseant perdicament.

"Where the hell am I..."

There were footsteps walking up the stairs or so it seemed,Ed fell back down onto the bed and pretended to be asleep not wanting to be caugth,and also maybe he could get some info.

"Shhhhh!Be quit we'er not suppose to be here!"said a voice,which appeared to be female.

Ed tensed up as he sensed the door.

"Don't worry about it,'Mione we won't be caught!"

"Ron!Shutup or you'll way him up!"

"Gee!Sorry Harry."

The golden trio stopped talking and stared at the boy whom layed on the bed infront of them.He had golden hair that was pulled into a braid, he wore a red jacket, black open shirt undrerneth tha was a black tank top and leather pants.But his face was rather pale probaly from the lack of sun,but good looking none the less.

"He couldn't be more then 11 or 12 at the most maybe 13."

Ed risistedthe urge to jump up and hit whom ever had said that, but it would blow his cover.

"I wonder why they told everybody to stay away from him?"asked Hermione outloud.S

omething caught her attention, there was a silver glitter on the young teens rigth wrist.She made to touch it , she touched it brifly, at the sudden moment Ed's eye's flew open and jumped away from the girl eyes filled with alert and meliance.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!"he yelled glaring daggers at the tees standing before him. One was a tall redhead with freckles, and brown eyes, the girl who was about to his arm was a girl with bush hair that Ed had to question how she could get a comb through that. And the last one was the shortest of the three ut et he sttod taller the Edwrad, he cursed at this. THe teen had messy black hair and peircing green eyes, Ed glared at all three holding an offencive stance towards them.

"Who are you?Why am I here?Where they hell am I?"

"Um...actually thats...what we wanted to ask you." responded Harry as he watched the short boy before him.Ed narrowed his eyes at them.

"What the hell is THAT suppose to mean!"he roared jumping off the bed ready to slap his hands down on the ground when someone else burst through the door.A woman with gray brown hair pulled into a bun, she had a stren look on her face, she vagly reminded Ed of Hawkeye.

"What are you three doing in here?"she asked in a stren voice,she had not yet noticed Ed.

"Um...we'er sorry Proffeser..we just wanted to..."

"YOU FREAKING WALKING AND TRY TO FREAKING FEEL ME UP!" piped Ed, Mcgoloca glance at the chibi.

"So it seems that your awake as well."she said in a smooth voice eyeing the small alchemist."Although you seem to be more of a hand full then the other young man."

"What..?"was all that escaped his lips, the trio looked nervously between the two as they felt the air change.

"Harry,mate, maybe we should leave..."said Ron gesturing at the door, and Hermione noded her head in agreement.

"No,I...mean... you guys can leave but I'm staying."

"Fine we'll stay too."said Ron,Hermione gave out a sigh as the three stayed in the room and Mcgollegal seemed to have forgotten that they were even there as all her attention was on the Chibi Alchemist that stood before her.His eyes were a blaze and fulled with suspision.

Just who were they talking about? woundered Edward as he watched the woman.

"What's you name,young man?"she asked

Ed didn't respond,he was still trying to figure out whom was she compareing him to.The last thing he remebered before blacking out was being pushed into the Gate and tall black robed figures were around him then he blacked out.He didn't recall seeing anyone else besides himself,Al was safe in Rensembol with Winry and Aunt Pinako,the brothers had returned from a long jouerny.Ed had persued Al to stay back this time around,so surely it wasn't Al.

'But then...who could it be?'he though.

"Young man I asked you a question."

Ed was snapped out od his thoughts,he stared coldly at her again before answering,"Sorry...wasn't listening."

"I asked what is your name."

Ed debated scilently wheter or not he should answer,"Edward Elric...but just call me Ed."

"Well Mr.Elric, it wouls seem that you are quit popular this evening.",she glanced at the golden trio(A/N:I couln't resist!)who were not standing that far away.

"We'er sorry Professer" cried the trio,"Do you not uderstand why we had told everyone was not part of the order to stay away from the room and the lower room downstairs?"

There came no respond from any of the three or Ed.

"You know very well that these are dark times, especially for you Harry, you can-"

"Professer!The older one is wake the meting will start now can you please bring the other boy down.!"came the voice of Molly Weasly.

"Of course."she called back turning to Ed who was confuesd.

Just what the was going on here?Who were these people?What do they what?What's the Order?Who's the other boy their talking about and more improtantly How did he get here and will he ever find a way back?

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