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Envy stood over the blonde running his fingers through his hair; it didn't sit well with him seeing Edward in pain, especially pain that he didn't bring upon the boy. He sighed and turned to leave the room, Dumbledor had said that he now knew what was going on more clearly then before. And that he knew what was wrong with the blonde chibified alchemist, which now suddenly concerned Envy more then he would have liked it to. He padded his was way down the wooden steps, with his bare feet, causing the dust to lift slightly from the ground and settle back down once again.

He reentered the livingroom, the air was grim and heavy, and it caused the Homunculus to roll his shoulders so he could loosen his muscles that had become tense. Harry looked up at Envy as he entered

"How's Ed?" he asked in a low voice.

The Homunculus shrugged his shoulders as he sat himself in the chair where he had been before Edward became filled with sudden pain.

"Like hell I know…" he said slumping down in the chair. He looked at Dumbledor and glared lightly, he wanted answers and he wanted them now more then before.

Dumbledor received the glare that he fully knew was coming from the taller green haired teen, but he didn't expect the concern from Harry since he had barely met the boy but then again Harry Potter tended to worry about others rather then himself.
Finally someone spoke breaking the silence that was a thick as a cake's frosting; but the one who spoke wasn't Envy.

"Professor…what is this all about…why did you call me and my Father into hiding here? Why did you enclose all of us here? And what those You-Know-Who has to do with Envy and Ed?" asked Draco.

The one who was labeled as the Prince of Slytherin, spoke all these questions breaking his silence which he had held since the murder of his mother. Lord Voldemort himself had killed his mother in front of him, though the dark hearted wizard wasn't aware at the time that he had a witness which was very lucky for if he had noticed Draco would have most likely been killed as well.

Dumbledor looked at the other blonde that now since August occupied this house as well as Harry, "Draco…" muttered the Blonde's father.

He hadn't heard his son speak in weeks to hear his only offspring's voice was so overwhelming that he felt like holding his child. Draco paid little attention to his father other then a nod of the head; he walked forward and stood beside Harry though not intentionally.

Dumbledor sigh but it was a satisfied sort of sigh, "Draco, there have been many things happening and I will answer them for all of you now, I'm sure Envy would inform Edward of the information he gathers in this small meeting." He said pausing to look at the palm-tree of a teen before he continued to speak.

" One of the questions I'm sure is on many of your minds is 'why were the remaining Malfoy's brought here?' The reason is because…Mrs.Malfoy was killed a few weeks after school had come to a close; her body was used for a deadly crime. To try and bring back the dead."

A few gasped, Envy merely shook his head in disapproval it seemed that even in another world the foolishness of humans never seemed to evaporate when it came to raising the dead. Lucious looked down at the floor face cold as stone and hate could be plainly seen in his gray eyes. Draco visibly shook from head to toe as Dumbledor spoke, no one knew of this till now and it would only get worse as Dumbledor continued to speak.

" What does this have to do with Ed?" asked Envy

"I am getting to that it's best that you all know from the beginning…

"Voldemort then contacted both Draco and his father at his side at once, he had not spotted Draco when he killed the boy's mother so he knew not that the remaining Malfoy's knew of what had happened." He paused again, " He instructed Draco…to try and bring his mother back from the dead, offering one of his own men and this act to open the Gate and-" he was cut off by the blonde who stood beside the brunette and continued the story.

" I can't…remember what he told me…to do…exactly but…it worked…a Gate way opened…but…as soon as it did…black…hand came out and garbed one of the Death Eaters…h-he screamed. I couldn't take it and I blacked out…when I woke up…t…t-the Dark Lord w-was…laugh." Draco paused gasping. The pain in his face was plain as day anyone could tell that this speaking what had happened was tarring him up inside. Harry looked at him in a worried fashion and reached out to give the blonde's hand a gentle squeeze, Draco calmed slightly at this and took another deep breath before continuing.

"He…said 'L-look Draco…l-l-look at what you've created…'" He gave a dry cry, " I saw…mom…there b-b-but she…was…was all mangled up…I could se-e-e her insides! I could hear her breath, I could she the lugs pumping! He LAUGHED!"

It was too much and the blonde caved in crying, the great Draco Malfoy crying in front of the famous Harry potter, his father the Wesley's, his potion mast the head of the school and a teenager that looks like a plant!

Envy needed no explanation to know what the other boy had done or seen, he had fail in bringing his mother back from the dead. Resulting in a Homunculus and opening the Gate though he doubted they knew what a Homunculus was but it seemed as if this Voldemort guy sure did or so it seemed.

Envy sighed; " Ok so this Voldy guy is a sick twisted bastard that toyed with you and your family, I still don't see how this has to do with me or chibi-san…" he added placing his arms behind his head resting them there.

The other in the room gave him a disapproving look at the lack of care for the other blonde though the green haired teen didn't care he wasn't one known for his loving side. Harry gave him a glare as he wrapped his arms around Draco pulling him up into a chair as he calmed down, taking in deep breath getting his emotions in check.

As he did so Dumbledor continued, " Draco and his father now work on our side for the Order, and they are here for protection particularly Draco. He wants to make this world to his wanting, to the way he sees fit killing number of innocents and so our war had begun. But he heard a legend one that is most likely older then the magic world itself. A Gate that opens to a world where a secret amazing power lays and immortality could be seeked and found. And so he found a way to open the Gate, which resulted in brining froth Edward and Envy, who passed through the Gate way without harm." He paused, "Not just anyone can do that and so…I fear that he has found what he had looked for though I doubt that he figured that these powers might be hidden within human bodies. But there's more…"

Envy stood up, " What the hell, so I'm fucking pulled to this side just so some idiot can use me for his stupid taking over the world campaign!"

"In short…yes."

Envy sighed and smacked his forehead in frustration, " I'm screwed…" he paused, "wait…what's wrong with O'chibi-san then?"

That was when Envy felt the air around the old man become tense and heavy with dread and…wait…. He was upset. Envy could see it plain on his face; the look in those blue eyes was that of an upset human which could only mean one thing…bad news for the chibi alchemist and his palm-tree like accomplice.

WwWwWwWwWwWwWwwWw WITH Ed wWwWwWwWwWWwwWwWwW

Ed's POV

I felt like my body was on fire, the darkness was all around me I saw no dreams and no one was beside me, I could tell because when Envy left it felt colder and lonelier then before.

I sat on the ground, the dark surroundings never changed, "…What happened to me…" I muttered it seemed to echo around me. I pulled my knees to my chin and warped my arms around them, I felt groggy and dizzy even as I sat, and I could feel that my heart race wasn't normal.

"Damn…it…what's wrong with me…."

"Nothing…" uttered a voice.

It came out of the darkness so suddenly and it surprised me and so I stood up as quickly as I could even if the pain jolted through my body. "Who's there!" I cried yelling at the nothingness around me.

I could hear footsteps coming closer to me, but there was no body to follow, I felt something brush my cheek. Like a hand but there wasn't one only empty space and air that circled around me, "Who's there! Show yourself!" I cried clapping my hands together feeling the alchemy run through turning my automail arm into a bald.

Laughter…someone was laughing at me…it echoed and hurt my ears like nails on a chalkboard resulting in me covering my ears going on one knee. It didn't stop but it became softer and the footsteps were louder and the stopped…right in front of me.

I looked up and saw a cloaked figure appear from the darkness, his face was disgusting almost like a snake…I felt like puking at the sight of him. I cringed as he got closer and moved back there was something about this man that was unsettling, dangerous…hateful. I continued to back away and he continued to come forward, but then…I hit something solid with my back…like a wall.

I looked behind me and saw that there was a wall that kept me there, I didn't remember there ever being anything other then the darkness. I gulped and looked at the figure again but this time I stood up holding my blade up defensively.

"Who the hell are you!" I asked again.

The figure mused at me and paused a few feet away, "So…that must be Alchemy…" he said glancing at my blade, " Amazing…and such a tiny vessel able to harness such power with my mere clapping of his hands…"

I didn't rant at his height comment but merely glared, " Who are you? Are you another wizard? I though you people didn't thing Alchemy existed…"

The man laughed, "Oh no, only that old fool believes that and those idiots that follow him…"

"What do you want with me?!"

He smiled showing his yellowish slightly sharp teeth at me, " Edward Elric…child prodigy…you've caused so much pain for other's I see…"

My eyes widen, he was reading my thoughts! There was no doubt how else could he know who I was or…anything else. I glared at his inching to strike him and take him down, kill him if I had too, "…"

"You didn't answer my question…what do you want with me!"

He chuckled , " Why…your body of course…"

I stopped moving, it took moments for my brain to process what the man had just said to me, "What…"

His grin widen showing even more of his teeth, " I'm going to take you body, why do you think I brought you through the Gate? You hold such great power…you've barely even scrapped the surface it rivals even that old mans…may be even my own." He pause, " Yes…I want you…"

I couldn't take it anymore either this guy was insane of my mind is playing with me but either way that man had to go. I charged forward fully intending to cut the man in half, but as I swung my blade he disappeared I turned around to see where he had gone when I felt something grab me by the throat.

I gasped for air and he laughed, his hands were could and they felt sort of scaly I tried to fight against him but he began to cut the pathway to my air even more so that I could barely breath. I gasped even more trying to pull his hand away from my fragile neck.

"Now, now…" he mused looking me up and down, " You're perfect…you should feel honored to be my chosen one…"

Before I could do anything, before I could say anything…before my brain sent anymore signals to the nerves in my body. He kissed me!

I felt sick, my head was slitting in half my body was crying in pain and that fiery pain enclosed me again, I wanted lash out hurt him! I wanted to kill him!

But that didn't happen instead, I felt something go through me, something long and cold though a small amount of warmth still laced it. He pulled away and a smirk could be seen on his face, the bewilderment never faded from my face even as he cackled. I heard dripping sounds, sickening sounds as the hit the floor echoing around me. I finally looked down, my eyes widen my breath escaped me and I gave a small whimper.

His pale thin arm was covered in blood, fresh blood…I looked even closer and noticed something that turned me as pale as the whitest snow. His arm had pierced through me! He stabbed me with his arm and my blood was dripping on the ground making a small pool of my blood!

I gasped and felt tear finding their way to my eyes, the man laughed and swung his arm throwing me to the ground leaving me to lay there hopeless with my blood escaping me.

He laughed and turned to glance at me as he slowly disappeared, " Till we met again my chosen one…"

And with that he disappeared just like that, I felt my tears slid down my cheek to the ground to dry and be forgotten. I somehow found my voice I tried to raise up but I could and my vision was escaping me my body was growing colder as the seconds pass I swear I could almost feel my very life slip away from me.

I reach out to nowhere in particular, I cried silently muttering things, words…names.

"…wi..ry…A-alphones…" I paused "E-e-envy…"

And then the darkness captured me.

With others
"Envy…everyone….Edward is in very great danger…" he paused, " Lucious had informed in sometime that the real reason why Voldemort had opened the Gate was to gain the greater power rather then gaining immortality. And…it might be that he has found it…right under our noises"

Envy became impatient and tapped his foot on the ground looking at the old man not really understand what he was trying to say for it wasn't helping the teen understand what was wrong with Edward.

"What the hell do you mean?" he uttered urgency lacing his words wanting to know and have the answer at last.

Dumbledor sighed and adjusted his glasses, " It means that…Voldemort has laid his mark upon Edward…to become his successor …to take him body, mind and soul…"

Envy's eyes widen at this and the little color that he had on his cheeks was gone, "What…doe-"

He didn't get to finish as a blood wrenching murderous scream came from upstairs, Envy's blood ran cold as he recognized that scream and voice.

"EDWARD!" he cried and ran passed the others reaching up to the stairs taking very little time climbing them wanting to reach the door as quickly as he could.

He hissed slightly as he could smell alchemy…with the mixture of blood in it lacing it heavily.

"Ed!" he cried again opening the door so quickly almost breaking it off its rim, what met his eyes surprised him more then anything could ever have.

"Oh my God…Edo!" he cried in a desperate tone trying to reach the chibi, but there came not response.

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