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Act Your Age
by. simplebutspecial

Chapter 1.
I Can if I Wanted To


Everything begins.

"Ne Hotaru-chan, why do you always hit me with the baka-gun huh?" Mikan wailed with tears flowing heavily. The girl did her daily routines when again, she was hit by the her best friend's favorite invention.

"Because you're an idiot." Her so-called best friend replied in her usual monotone voice.

Mikan flatly ignored her, she was annoyed by Hotaru. But being the happy-go-lucky brunette that she was, Mikan once again smiled and said, "Oh Hotaru, I forgive you!"


Yuu chuckled at the scene, Some things never change…

Just then, the top two students- Ruka Nogi ang Natsume Hyuuga- entered the classroom.

"Ohayou Ruka-pyon! Ohayou Natsume-kun!" The brunette greeted cheerfully,

"Ohayou Mikan-chan!" Ruka replied with his gentle smile.

"Hmph." Natsume grunted, as he sat on his desk positioning his legs at the table. Natsume-kun huh?

"O-HA-YOU NATSUME-KUN!" She shouted at his ear.

"Jeez little girl, talk about big-mouthed!" he snapped, irritated.

"I told you I'm not a little girl anymore! I'm already fifteenyears old, same as you! fifteen!" emphasizing the last word.

"Shut up. You never acted like one, Polka-dots."

"I could if I wanted to…" She retorted a little too defensively.

"So you don't like acting your age huh, little girl? Is that what you're saying?"

"Hmph! Its just that…" Jeez I dunno what to say…

She's losing to their argument again. Idiot. Hotaru thought.

"You wanna see me act fifteen huh? Fine Pervert!"

I'll show him. Mikan kept thinking as Mr. Misaki entered and started their lesson.

"Ja ne! Everyone!" Mikan said, "I've got something important to do!"

"Alright Mikan-chan! Bye!" Yuu said waving his hand.

"Idiot." Hotaru said under her breath.

"You think she's really going to start acting her age?" Ruka asked Natsume curiously. He was still reading his comic book.

"Hmph. I doubt it."

The others nodded in agreement. How could Mikan possibly change her childish attitude in one day? Not likely.


Meanwhile in Mikan's one-star room…

"I'll show them! Lets see the look on their faces when they see me tomorrow…" Mikan said with a determined look on her face.

Everything's planned.

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