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Natsume pushed a lock of hair away from her delicate face as he gently kissed her in the lips…

"Baka… I love you too…"

Chapter 13 - Blooming

The couple now sat together in that particular tree. One of the ruby eyed boy's hands was placed at the back of his head. While the other, was holding Mikan's small hand. Both of their eyes were closed, enjoying the simple sweet silence that was only accompanied by the rustling of green leaves that were gently blown by the wind.

:: Flashback ::

"Baka… I love you too…"

Mikan closed her eyes and responded to Natsume's gentle and sweet kiss. The kiss ended after a few seconds but what felt to them like forever.

Mikan still had her eyes closed, her face blushing intensely. Tears streamed down her glowing face. Natsume just looked at her intently, a small smile can be seen in his face. The girl that he had feelings for since they were ten was now in his arms.

The brunette opened her eyes as she looked at Natsume's red orbs. She smiled at him with what looked liked serious and hopeful eyes.

"Is it true? Do you r-really feel the same way as I do?"

"Don't cha believe me?" Natsume said as he leaned his forehead into hers. He looked into her eyes, and Mikan was sure he was talking to her sincerely, she knew that Natsume was talking straight to her heart.

Mikan giggled, still blushing with a shade of pink as she whispered to him, "I believe you."

:: End of Flashback ::

The brunette was the one who broke the sweet silence when she suddenly thought of something.

"When did you start loving me?" Mikan said as she opened her eyes and looked curiously at Natsume.


"Was it when I started acting my age?" Mikan said as she placed her finger on her bottom lip, thinking of what possible reason and event did it occur for him to have feelings for her.


"Come on!! Tell me!! Please?" She said with pleading eyes.

Natsume turned and faced his back at Mikan. He answered her in low tone, "It was when you where not acting your age."

Mikan pouted.

"Is that so? So you want me to turn back into the childish Mikan eh?" Mikan said as she looked at Natsume daringly.

The black cat smirked. Surprisingly, he pushed Mikan to the ground and trapped her between his two arms. His smirk grew wider seeing Mikan surprised as ever.

"I'll love you either way."

Mikan blushed. "I love you too…"


A pink haired girl smiled at Mikan and Natsume as she looked at them behind some bushes with two of her friends.

They're finally together… Tsubasa somewhat helped I guess…

"She's taken… she's taken… she's taken!!!" a blonde that has the Alice of bringing stuff toys into life said in a low, desperate and very sad voice. Black aura surrounded the poor guy.

Today was his last day out of the hospital, and he wanted to use his last few hours out in the academy grounds courting Mikan and making her his. But when she was about to step out from the bushes, Misaki and Tsubasa pulled him back and told him to watch. Soon, Mikan and Natsume, not him, confessed their love for each other. To make the long story short,

She was taken.

Misaki sweatdropped as Tsubasa patted Kaname's shoulder for comfort. "There are many girls who like you out there. Don't get too caught up with Mikan-chan."

"You're just saying that." He said depressingly. "You're such a flirt Tsubasa, you fall in love with Mikan then when she turns you down, Misaki pops up and cheers you up. . Such a sudden change of hearts..." Kaname said while black clouds surrounded him,

Tsubasa and Misaki sweatdropped, then Misaki got lost in thought, did Tsubasa just fell in-love with her because of his sudden emotions when Mikan rejected him?

Tsubasa realized what his girlfriend was thinking and grabbed her by her small waist as he hugged her in a strong and reassuring embrace.

"Does that answer your question?"

Misaki was first shocked, but soon smiled, she kissed Tsubasa in the nose swiftly, which was reacted by a blush.

"Aishiteru…" He whispered softly to her ear.

Misaki giggled.

"I love you too…"

Behind some bushes…

"This will be a bestseller" the blackmailer said nonchalantly, but the boy who was carrying his usagi (rabbit) knew that the girl was a LOT more than happy.

"Can't you at least give them some privacy?" Ruka said as he rolled his eyes.

"Mikan's my best friend, I don't need to give her privacy." Hotaru said as she continued videoing and taking pictures of the two lovers.

Ruka and his rabbit gave a sigh… Why did I end up standing here?

:: Flashback ::

"Imai!!! Give those pictures back!" Ruka said while riding a rhino.

"Idiot. Why should I return these pictures if I can gain merit by selling them to your fan girls?" Hotaru said nonchalantly as she rode her duck-like vehicle.

Ruka was chasing Hotaru once more when they came across Mikan and Natsume, Hotaru stopped her duck-like invention of a car and got her video out.


"I'll give you back these pictures if you stay quiet." She said as she peeked through the video cam's lenses.


Hotaru smirked. She could just reprint themthrough the negatives. The two idiots (referring to Natsume and Mikan) would make a fortune. Giving some of those pictures was worth it.

:: End of Flashback ::

Ruka realized that he, too, was not giving Natsume and Mikan privacy. He was going to leave but when he was about to walk pass the blackmailer, he clumsily stepped on a banana peel (there's a banana tree above them, mind you.) and slipped. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), he fell over Hotaru. Now, they were in a very awkward state. Ruka was on top of Hotaru.

(Remember one episode in Gakuen Alice where Mikan and Natsume got in that position? In the Haunted House? More or less, it's like that.)

Ruka blushed, and so did Hotaru. He noticed the raven haired girl's blush and thought, Could it be that she likes me?

"Nogi, get off me…" Hotaru said, still blushing. Her voice was shaky and sounded more like a whisper.

"Gomenasai, I just tripped on a banana peel." Ruka said still not standing up, thinking deeply with a blush on his cheeks. Maybe she's the one for me? Possibly?


"Hey Natsume, look over there, isn't that Hotaru-chan and Ruka-pyon?" Mikan said, regaining her childish way of talking.

Natsume looked at them, he saw their blushing faces and their awkward position. So they're together huh? Good for you Ruka… or not. Whatever.

Natsume placed an arm on Mikan's shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

"Hn. Leave them be."

"If you say so…" Mikan said, not satisfied with his response.

"Hey, do you think they're to-" The brunette wasn't able to finish her sentence because Natsume suddenly held the back of her head and made her lean to his chest.

"It's possible, seeing Ruka seducing Imai like that. Just go to sleep will ya?"

"Hai… Hai... " Mikan said as she rested comfortably on Natsume as they both fell into a peaceful slumber.


"N-Nogi… will you get off me?" Hotaru was blushing hard, unable to keep her composure.

"G-Gomenasai… Imai…" Ruka said as he finally got off the blushing Hotaru.

"U-usagi! What the heck are you doing?" Ruka shouted as he saw his rabbit filming him and Hotaru,

Oh god, that rabbit filmed the position we were in a while ago… The two thought at the same time…

Ruka's rabbit fled, holding the film it had just recorded. The two blushing fifteen year olds chased after it. Usagi held a placard saying…

I'm gonna be rich!


End of Story.


"Miiiiikaaaannn!!!" Kaname shouted while kneeling and pulling his hair with both of his hands miserably as Tsubasa and Misaki started kissing each other, which he totally ignored.


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