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Chapter One.

Harry Potter sat in his room at #4 Privet Drive, a week after the end of his 6th year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, doing his potion essay. For the first time, since he started at Hogwarts, his school trunk had not been locked in the cupboard under the stairs, so he was taking full advantage of the opportunity to do a decent job on all of his summer assignments, which he had already completed two of.

The ringing of the doorbell barely broke his concentration, since no one he knew would dare show up at the Dursleys looking for him. They all knew to do so, would cause nothing but problems for Harry, and out of respect for Harry and fear of what would happen to him, all of his friends kept their distance.

Needless to say that when his Aunt demanded that he come down the stairs, he was surprised, but was quick to obey. He learned at an early age that not doing what he was told in a timely fashion ended with him being punished in one form or another. Usually by being locked in his cupboard and denied food for a few days.

Moving quickly down the stairs he was once more surprised to see his Aunt waiting for him on the landing. Grabbing him by the arm, she pulled him to the side and hissed in his ear, "You are lucky that Vernon and Dudley are gone. I don't care how you do it, but get rid of them before they get back. Or you will regret it." There was no warning in her voice, just a very clear threat.

Harry knew, beyond any doubt this was no idle threat, but none the less he was wondering just what the hell was going on. Turning the corner into the living room, Harry stopped dead in his tracks at what he saw, and a cold sweat starting breaking out all over his body. Sitting on the Dursleys sofa was the one person Harry never wanted to see again, and much to his dismay, her parents. Planting his back against the closest wall he glared at the red head and tried to control his panic, along with his anger, before the combination could turn deadly.

"What the hell are you doing here Janelle? Didn't you and Dudley do enough damage last summer." he snarled.

Her father stood from his spot and stepped forward. "Harry, my name is Neil Anderson, and this is my wife Betty. I take it that you do know my daughter and that you are not pleased to see her, though I would like you to keep a decent tone of voice while talking to her, no matter what the excuse is." He said with a calm that was almost menacing.

"No sir I'm not happy to see her." Harry said, ignoring the threat in that voice. "What her and my cousin did last summer was unforgivable. As for being decent, as you put it, I can say that that won't happen anytime soon. " Harry told him directing his full anger at Mr. Anderson.

"I can understand your reaction Harry. Janelle explained to us what happened and to say the least, we were shocked when you didn't press charges. May I ask why?" Mr. Anderson said, surprised at the amount of anger being directed at him.

"To be honest sir, I did not need the hassle. I discussed this with my Headmaster and one of my Professors and we decided to leave it alone." Harry said, taking a deep breath to control his wild magic that was starting to leak through, before he continued, "Why are you here? I just wanted to put this behind me." he almost pleaded.

Mr Anderson gave Harry a calculated look, trying to figure out exactly what Harry wanted in return for his silence. "I'm trying to understand, it is well within in your rights to press charges. At the very least you should have talked with your Aunt and Uncle about this instead of your Headmaster and Professor."

Harry felt his control on both his magic and his anger start to slip beyound his ability to control it. He was doing his best to stay calm but was finding it extremely difficult. Closing his eyes he started to take deep breaths in a vain attempt to control both.

For the first time since Harry walked into the living room Mrs Anderson spoke up. "Mr. Potter I think this will help you remain in control." she said softly, holding forth one of her hands.

Opening his eyes he found a familiar looking vial in her hand. He was staring at it for a moment trying to decide if it was safe when her husband stalked over to her and took it away from her. "Betty, would you stop with this nonsense. There is no need to force your ways onto others." he said with a look that promised that she would regret overstepping her bounds.

Without thinking, Harry summoned the vial silently to himself and drank it down, closing his eyes once more as he waited for the calming drought to take effect. When it finally did, he cracked one eye open and glared at Mr. Anderson. "Just because you do not believe, doesn't mean that others don't." he said before dismissing him from further discussions. Harry definately did not like how the man glared at his wife.

"Mrs. Anderson, I believe you are aware of who I am, and that your husband does not." Seeing her nod he continued. "If that is the case you are also aware why I did not say anything. If the events of last summer became public knowledge, I would never hear the last of it, nor for that matter would you and your family."

"I understood your position as soon as I realized who you were. And I truly wish that I could say this would stay between us, but I'm afraid that we both may not have any choice in the matter."

"Why is that?" Harry asked in a fearful tone, not liking how this conversation was going.

"I think that you may want to sit down for this Mr. Potter. It would probibly be easier on you that way." She replied hopefully.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I have no intentions on moving any closer to your daughter or husband at the moment. I don't take kindly to being assulted or having muggles speak to one of us in that tone."

"Very well then. On May 28th Janelle gave birth to a set of twins. We have tracked down everyone who has had contact with her at the time of conception and we believe that you are the father of the twins." she told him, waiting fearfully for his reaction, as everyone in the Wizarding World knew that Harry Potter had a temper, and was extremely powerful, even if he didn't want to admit it.

Harry just looked at her like she had grown a second head, which was not the reaction she was waiting for. "Please tell me you are joking and that this is just a publicity stunt." She heard him whisper.

"I'm sorry Harry. Until you came in I didn't even know your last name." Mrs. Anderson said with true regret. Reaching over to a spot in front of the sofa that he could not see she grasped the handle of a child carrier and brought it out for him to see. Seconds later, a second one appeared. And Harry found himself staring at a set of sleeping twin girls.

Harry slid down the wall that he was leaning against and dropped his head down onto his knees. "Are you positive?" He mumbled, barely loud enough for her to hear.

"Not 100 sure, but from everything she has told us, there can be very little doubt."

A look of determination entered his green eyes, as he looked up, totally ignoring the others in the room. "I'm sure you will understand if I don't take you at face value. I'm going to have to contact my Headmaster so that he can prove this."

Harry honestly didn't care if they understood or not. He needed someone that he trusted to help him with this matter. Closing his eyes, he searched within himself for a special connection and when he found it he concentrated hard. :Fawkes, I'm in need of your insistence, please hurry.: He said in his mind, and heard an answering twitter of pheonix song.

Moments later, a burst of flame hearlded the arrival of the Headmaster's familiar. Ignoring the gasps of shock echoed through out the room, Harry reached for the pad of paper and the pen that sat on the hallway table and wrote a quick note.


I am truly sorry to bother you during your summer, but I need your help now. The girl I told you and Professor Snape about at the beginning of the last school year is here with her parents, and they claim that the twins that she gave birth to in May are mine.

I am hoping there is a way for you to prove this one way or the other, either with a spell or potion. At the moment, I truly do not know what to do.

Please, I need one of you to come here quickly.

Harry Potter.

P.S. Her mother is a Witch by the name of Betty Anderson.

Folding the note, Harry brought it over to where Fawkes sat regarding the twins. "Hey Fawkes. Thanks for coming. I need you to take this to the Headmaster or Professor Snape. It's urgent." he whispered while stroking his feathers.

With a trill of understanding, Fawkes disappeared once again, and Harry left the living room to inform his Aunt to expect more company.


Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape where sitting in the Headmaster's living room, having their afternoon tea with Fawkes napping on his perch next to Albus's chair, when Fawkes's head snapped up in startlement and with a cry of alarm he disapperared leaving both men in shock.

Black eyes met blue and unease stirred between the two of them. Severus broke the silence with a question he wasn't sure if he really wanted the answer to, even though he was sure he already knew. "Albus, who else would Fawkes go to when called, that would startle him like that?"

"The only other person besides us that he would listen to or go to if there was trouble would be Harry." Came the grim answer.

"I was truly hoping you wouldn't say that. What should we do?" Severus asked, concern for the young man in his voice.

"We wait for Fawkes to return, either with Harry or without. There is not much else we can do at the moment without knowing the reason for the call."

Both men sat in silence, each hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Harry wouldn't use his connection to Fawkes unless he was in something way over his head. And for Harry to call without being hurt would mean he was panicing about something. Fortunaltly, their wait was short lived as Fawkes returned within ten minutes, carrying a folded piece of paper in his beak. Dropping it between the two men Fawkes shifted from leg to leg in clear impatience.

Albus was the first to pick up the note and he quickly read it. His normally cheerful blue eyes iced over in anger, as he passed the note across to Severus. He watched as his Potions Master's eyes turned into pools of black rage as he too read the plea for help.

"Other then the obvious, what do we do?" Severus asked shortly.

"We preform the test and if it come back postive we make plans to protect the children. In either case, we cannot leave Harry there. He needs to come here."

"Agreed, especially since I believe that he was keeping something from the two of us about last summer. When do we leave, and what is the fastest way to get there?"

"We leave now, and if Fawkes is agreeable we will can use his powers to go to Harry quickly."

Even before the words had finished leaving his mouth, Fawkes had landed on his Masters shoulder and brushed his tail feathers against Severus hand, encouraging him to grab hold. As soon as both men were connected to the pheonix, they all disappered in a burst of flame.


Instead of facing one of his tormentors on his own once again, Harry busied himself in the kitchen making tea. It wasn't until his aunt gave a pleased exclamation and gave him a triumphent look that he realised that his Uncle and cousin where home. Groaning in dismay when he realised that he would have both Janelle and Dudley in the house at the same time, he tried to think of the best way to get both himself and the twins out of the house. Especially since he didn't want his Uncle to get his hands on the girls.

When a hand landed on his shoulder Harry freaked and he almost ran. The arm that snaked around his waist and brought him up against a tall, lean body was familiar, as was the soft purr as words whispered in his ear, brought him back to reality, and he felt his legs give way in relief so that the only thing holding him up was that arm.

"Professor Snape." Harry whispered in relief, reconizing both the sound of the voice and the smell of the body behind him. Finding his feet, he turned and buried his face against Severus's chest and let the tears fall.

"That's right Harry let it all out. You don't have to face her alone." He heard whispered

"Not just her. I didn't want to tell you before." Harry whimpered, unable to hide the rest of the truth any longer.

Shocked silence met this statement, and then Harry heard the other very welcome voice "Harry, did we understand you correctly. She had help?"

Harry whimpered softly once agian and wrapped both his arms around the waist of his professor soaking up all the strength and comfort he could, before telling the rest of the truth he was too ashamed to say before. "Not exactly sir, my... cousin, he ... he ... he raped me also." came the muffled answer.

Severus let his head rest against Harry's head and tightened his hold on the to thin body. He knew that Harry hadn't been telling them everything, and he feared that this was what was missing, but was still unprepaired for the news.

Anything that he would have said in comfort to Harry was destroyed by the front door banging open and a large boy barged into the house, followed by an equally large man. He felt Harry start shaking in fear, and wished that Albus would allow him to curse everyone in the house.

"What the hell are you Freaks doing in my house? Get out. Now!" Vernon Dursley shouted, before catching sight of Harry wrapped in another man's arms, brought a smirk to his face, "I see that what my Dudley told me about the Freak is true. He's nothing but a Play Toy. Tell me, is he as good as I was told?" He gloated, and then dropped his head in mock dismay, "I knew I should have taken him for my own when I had the chance. Perhaps you would be willing to share him?" Vernon sneered, not realizing just how much danger he was in.

Harry felt Snape stiffen in fury and knew he had to do something to calm him down. Racking his mind, he remembered what his Professor did to him to help control the anger. Rubbing small circles on Snapes back he looked up with wide green eyes "Please Sir. He's not worth going to Azkaban over, I need you here." he whispered.

Severus looked down and saw the fear and worry swirling in Harry's eyes. He focused on the hands on his back, and took a deep breath, bringing his temper back in line. Looking over to Albus, he saw an answering anger in the Headmaster's blue eyes, and knew that no matter what, the Dursleys would pay.

"Harry, why don't you take me in to see the children so that I can perform the necessary spell on them, and leave Albus to deal with these Muggles." He managed to say calmly. A little more of the tension left his body as he felt Harry nod in agreement.

Making sure to keep one arm wrapped securly around Harry, Severus walked past the obese muggles and through to the living room, and felt the tingle of magic across his body that signified the use of a silencing spell.

The scene they walked into had Harry shaking once more, this time in fury. Mr. Anderson was standing over his wife, holding onto her wand and threatening to break it. Without a thought to the restrictions of Underage Wizardry, Harry held out his hand and with a silent command of Expelliarmus, Harry had the wand flying into his hand.

Mr. Anderson stood in shock for a few seconds before turning to see Harry and Snape, and the wand that was now in Harry's hand. "How the hell did you manage that?" He snarled.

Snape gave him an evil grin, "Magic of course."

Mr. Anderson ignored the dangerous look he recieved from the dark man. "You had no right to use magic on me. Just like my wife gave up the use of magic when she promised me not to use it on our wedding day."

Mrs. Anderson walked calmly over to Harry to retrieve her wand. The only thing that gave away her fear and anger, was the slight tremor in her hand. Turning to face her husband she said, "No Neil, I only promised not to use it on our wedding day. Not for the rest of our time together."

"You worthless bitch. How dare you disobey me." He said, his face turning an alarming shade of red. "You are the one that made this happen to Janelle. Ever since she found out that she was expecting to have a child she has been nothing but silent. Fix her now."

Harry looked at his professor with a raised eyebrow, silently asking him to check for curses on Janelle. Snape stepped away from Harry and pulled out his wand, and making a series of movements over the still silent girl. A few minutes later he stepped back again and gave the Muggle a long look. "There is nothing magically wrong with your daughter. She has sunk into her mind. I do believe that you Muggles call it depression." He said calmly.

Before Mr. Anderson could reply, the Headmaster strolled into the room, instantly taking in what was going on. "Ah, Mrs. Anderson, I see you have a bit of a problem."

Mrs. Anderson just stared at the Headmaster for a moment before nodding her head. "It seems that way. I'll be taking Janelle away from here as soon as you determine if the children belong to Mr. Potter or not. Regardless on who the father is, I would like to request that you find a different home for them. They can not stay with us."

"Very well then. Lets see who the father of these two lovely ladies are. Severus, if you would."

Snape nodded his head and with another flick of his wand, a soft blue glow showed up around Janelle and the twins. The glow spread until it also surounded Harry. Cancelling the spell, he once more wrapped his arms around Harry, giving him the comfort he once more needed after finding himself a father before his 17th birthday.

"Well that's settled then. I have the paperwork here for you to sign, saying that you and your daughter give up all rights to the children. As Janelle is underage, and the children are both magical, it is your decision to make, your husband has no say in the matter."

Mrs. Anderson read over the forms and then produced a quill. Signing her name with a flourish, she handed everything over to Professor Dumbledore, who gave her a smile. "I have a portkey with me that will take you and your daughter to a safe place in America, along with some money to help you get settled. If you are ever in need of sanctuary please let one of us know."

Before she could take the old sock away from the Headmaster, Snape stopped her with a hand on her arm. "Have you named the children?"

"No, we left that up to their Father." she said with a hint of sorrow. When her arm was released she took the sock, and gave her grandchildren a kiss. Gathering Janelle in her arms, she made sure both of them where touching the portkey before tapping it with her wand. Seconds later the two of them where gone.

Mr. Anderson gave the wizards a dirty look. "Don't think that you will get rid of me that easily. You just let my wife escape with my daughter, and I will not forget that." he threatened, while moving towards the front door.

Before either wizard could raise their wands to stop him, he threw open the door and took a step out.

Avada Kedavra! And Mr. Anderson hit the floor.

The backwash of magic from the killing curse woke the twins, and they with their screams, woke the rest of them from their trance like state.

"Shite!" Harry exclaimed, turning to Dumbledore, he pleaded. "Headmaster, I need your permission to perform magic."

"Of course, you have my permission, Harry." Dumbledore told him.

Harry wasted no time, gone was the scared youth, and in his place stood a young man radiating power. He silently summoned his wand from his room, and called for his Aunt. "Aunt Petunia. I need you here now!"

It was his Uncle that responded. "How dare you order us around in our own home. Get out Freak."

Harry brought his wand up to point directly at his Uncle. "I was not talking to you. And unless you want to end up dead, you will keep your fat mouth shut." he hissed.

Vernon nodded his head quickly, his eyes never leaving the wand pointed at him. Petunia gave Harry a scared look as she came around her husband bulk. "What?" she snarled, or tried to anyway.

"I know you don't like me, but in order to protect your family, I need you to declare out loud that this is my home."

"And why would I do that. I never wanted you here." she demanded. Not willing to give Harry the help he needed.

Harry almost screamed in frustration. "As long as I can call the place where my mother's blood dwells my home, the wards that keep Voldemort and his Death Eaters out, will remain standing. I can strenthen them, so we all have a chance to get out with our lives." he explained as calmly as he could.

"Very well. As long as it's necessary, this will always be your home." she said relunctly.

A golden light surrounded the house as the wards renewed themselves. Harry placed his wand against his hand and muttered a few words that brought blood to the surface with out actually cutting himself. As the blood dripped from his hand, it sunk into the floor, and the golden light grew even brighter. When he was done, he also sunk to the floor. "The wards will hold for now. But enough curses cast at it will break them down." he explained softly.

Snape helped Harry to his feet, and guided him to the sofa next to where the twins still sat crying. "Albus, you need to call the Order to help." he started to say before being cut off by Harry.

"No. Voldemort is out there. The Order won't stand a chance, unless we can force him to retreat. We need to get the others out of here first, so we don't have to worry about them."

"Agreed." Dumbledore said.

Vernon spoke up, fury coloring his voice, "Shut those things up, Freak." he demanded pointing at the children.

Harry glared at his uncle, and then called for help. "Dobby, Winky, Kreacher."

Two cracks sounded in the living room, as Winky and Kreachur popped up. Before Kreacher could start his usual hateful words Harry cut him off. "Kreacher, these are my children. You will do everything in your power to protect them, or die trying. Do you understand me?"

Kreacher blinked at him in surprise, before bowing low, keeping his mouth shut. Harry continued, "I'm not stupid enough to leave them in just your care, so Winky will go with you to help with them. You will have no direct contact with them, you are only there for protection." he told the house elf. This time both Winky and Kreacher bowed in responce. "Where would Master wish me to take his filthy children?" Kreacher asked spitfully.

"You will show Winky how to get to Headquarters, and you will all stay there, until I call you." Winky gave Harry another bow, before grasping the handles of the carriers. Giving Kreacher a disgusted look, she turned to Harry, "Winky will make sure Kreacher does as he's told." She said before giving Kreacher a look that promised pain. With twin cracks the two house elves disappeared.

"Well, that works I guess. I never knew you bonded Winky to you." Dumbledore said.

"I didn't. She's like Dobby. Willing to do anything for me, as long as she can serve." Harry explained. The two wizards nodded in understanding, both knowing about the relationship between Harry and Dobby. "What I can't figure out is why Dobby didn't show up also. He's always said that no matter what, he was mine." Harry continued slightly confused. His confusion didn't last long, as Dobby appeared with a letter in his hand.

"Dobby is sorry, Mr. Harry Potter Sir. Dobby was asked to give this to Mr. Harry Potter Sir." he said and handed the letter to Harry.

Opening it up, and totally ignoring the curses being thrown at the wards around the properity, he read.

Lord Black-Potter.

I know that we have never gotten along, but I am in need of your help.

As Head of the Malfoy Family, I humbly request the Protection of the Head of the Black Family. We give our Blood Oath to do whatever you request of us, as long as you will do everything in your power to keep us safe.

Lord Lucius Malfy.

Harry looked up to meet the Headmaster's eyes, and handed the letter over. "Is this true?" he asked.

Dumbledore quickly read over the letter and handed it off to Snape, "It's true, the drops of blood on the bottom are the proof. A Blood Oath declares, that he is formally handing over everything to do with his life and the lives of his family, while still maintaining the title Head of Family. The question is do you accept?"

"How do I accept an offer like this?"

"All you need to do is say that as Head of the Black family, you accept the offer of the Blood Oath, and swear with your own blood to protect the Malfoy Family." Dumbledore told him.

Snape gave Harry a small smile. "And then you remove the Malfoy from their manor, and into a safehouse."

Harry nodded his head in understanding. Making a quick slash across the palm of his hand he watched as the blood welled up and held over the few drops of blood on the letter. "I, Harry James Potter, Head of the Potter and Black Families, offer Lord Lucius Malfoy and his family my protection." he said with a steady voice, and watched as a golden glow mixed the blood together, before healing the cut on his hand.

"Dobby, is Mr. Malfoy outside right now?"

"yes Harry Potter Sir."

"Good. I need you to take a letter to Mrs. Malfoy. Headmaster will you make a portkey to Headquarters for them."

"Of course Harry." Dumbledore said, and then picked up one of the pillows on the sofa, and turned it into a portkey for the Malfoy family. "I've set it to activate in an hour's time. It should give them enough time to do some packing."

Harry nodded his head in a distacted manner, as he was busy writing a letter to Mrs. Malfoy.

Mrs. Malfoy.

I have accepted your husband's Blood Oath, and hope I will not regret it at a later date. There is much history between myself, your husband and your son, and none of it is good. I will do my best to protect you, and ask that you do what you can to keep your husband and son in line.

I have given Dobby a portkey that will take you to the Ancient and Noble House of Black. If you would be so kind as to think of a way to get your Aunt off the wall I would greatly appreciate it. The portkey will activate in an hour's time. Only pack what you really need. Remember that materal things can be replaced at a later date. I only ask that you save as much of your library as you can, along with anything else that you believe will help with the fight against Voldemort. Or as the case maybe, anything that we cannot allow to fall in Snake-face's hands.

At a later date, you may return to pack your other belongings, as long as safety permits.

Just to let you know, the twins that Kreacher and Winky are guarding are mine. Please take care of them for me.

If anyone besides myself is there when you arrive, give them this letter, it will give you safe passage until I arrive.

Lord Harry James Black-Potter.

Harry read over the letter quickly and then handed it over to Dobby along with the portkey. "Dobby take this back to Mrs. Malfoy. Help her pack whatever she or her family needs."

"Yes Harry Potter Sir." and with a crack he was gone.

Harry gave his Professors an evil grin before he turned back to the Dursleys. "You have a choice. Remain here and take your chances with the wizards outside, go to a safe house now, or come with us so I can make other arrangements for you. If you decide to leave, you need to pack up any documents you need to survive."

Petunia didn't even give Vernon a chance to respond, instead she gave her husband a dark look. "We will go with you. On the condition that as soon as it's safe, you find us a new place to live. When we leave your protection, we never want to see you again." she said, and then spun on her heel to start packing. Vernon and Dudley walked off after her.

Harry gave his Professors another grin. "Well, now that that is taken care off, what say we give Snake-face a hard time. The only question I have is wether we let him know that Professor Snape is with us?" he asked.

The two older men looked at each other and then Harry. "I think that it is time for me to stop spying. He already suspects me for a spy, and I'm not sure how much longer it will be for him to call me out on it." Snape said.

Dumbledore nodded his head in agreement, and then gave Harry a concerned look. "How are you holding up." he asked.

Harry just smiled. "I'll breakdown again when it is safe to do so. I don't have time at the moment."

"Very well then. What's next? This is your show, and you know what you want to do."

"Now, I let my Slytherin side take over, and let Mr. Malfoy know that his family is safe and he is free to take refuge with the rest of them." Harry said with an evil grin, before walking over to the front door.