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Chapter One.

Morgan-Ann Rose Annerson and her twin brother Galahad Tristan, stepped through the barrier at Kings Cross Station, and entered Platform 9 ¾ early on September 1st. It was only 6:00 am, and the train didn't leave the station until 11:00, but they were both in need of doing some shopping in Diagon Alley before they left for the new school term.

Picking a secluded corner to place her bags, Morgan sighed in disgust at the turn of events in her life. Pulling out a folded, much creased letter from the inner pocket of her jacket, she reread what her father wrote to the two of them a month ago.

My beautiful Dragon Rose and her Knight Gallant

I am extremely pleased, that you both will be joining me at Hogwarts for this coming school year, even though I wish that it could have happened under better circumstances. Even though your mother and I rarely got along anymore I did care for her, in my own way, and did not wish for her death, however it came about.

This next year will be extremely difficult for the two of you, in a number of different ways, the biggest one of course being starting a whole new life without your mother by your side. This is also made more complex by the fact that we cannot acknowledgment each other due to my spot in this war. No one, outside of those who already do, can know that I am your father.

I will do what I can to make your new life as easy as possible for you, but I know it will not be enough. Especially as Draco Malfoy will be in the same year as yourselves, and is a member of my House. Do try not to do anything that would be irreversible to hurt him please.

If you find someone that you feel you can trust without a doubt, I give you my permission to share your secrets. Just use discretion, and choose your confidant(s) carefully.

I will do my best to join you early on the 1st to bring you to Diagon Alley. In the mean time, I will also do my best to convince the old meddler to allow us to portkey to Hogwarts instead of making you suffer by taking the train. Merlin knows that it will not be safe for Draco if you catch him without a plan to withdraw and hide from you My Rose.

See you soon my Knight and Rose

All my love


Sighing once again, she refolded the letter and hid herself in the partial shadows, cast by the early morning sun, and watched as her brother inspected their surroundings. She really hated the fact that they had to move from their farm in Canada, but was glad that they would be closer to their father. Galahad on the other hand, she knew, was glad to away from the farm. He had hated living in the middle of nowhere, and home schooled.

Hopefully joining the rest of the Wizarding World wouldn't be to stressful. But then again, she would need to deal with Draco Malfoy on a daily basis. And she had promised her Father not to hurt him to badly, damn her luck anyway.


Harry Potter stumbled his way through Kings Cross station hoping he could get to platform 9 ¾ before he was spotted by anyone who might be watching the station. He knew that as soon as he crossed the barrier, he would be able to replace the glamors hiding his condition without being noticed by the Ministry, because of all the other ambient magic used on the platform. Only a low level glamor was needed until he could reach Hogwarts and Poppy. She healed his injuries every September, and helped him place a higher level glamor, to hide everything that she could not heal.

At the end of last term, Poppy had told him that she would be informing the Headmaster if he came back with more then the usual injuries. Wither he liked it or not. The only reason she had not told anyone before then, was because Harry made her promise, on her magic, each year not too.

Relief washed through him as he finally crossed the barrier, he was finally safe. Or as safe as he could be with a snake-faced madman after him.

That relief though, was extremely short lived.

Much to his surprise, Harry found himself face to face with another teen his age. He stood about a foot taller then Harry, with a long lean body, honey brown eyes, and black hair with streaks of deep copper red. Stumbling back slightly, Harry hit a corner of the wall behind him, and he hissed in pain and grabbed his ribs.

Galahad, even in the surprise of coming across someone else this early in the morning, had also taken a few minutes to study the smaller boy in front of him. Emerald green eyes had dulled to jade with the pain, that the boy was trying his best to hide. A to thin body, but visibly muscled all the same, and shaggy black hair topped of the look. The overly large clothing gave off the impression of an almost fully starved orphan. Although the crowning future, was the lightening shaped scar on the boys forehead, telling for all the world to see that Harry Potter was now on the platform. What concerned Galahad the most though, were the bruises, and cuts over Harry's body, along with the pain his ribs were obviously giving him.

Galahad made a split second decision, knowing in his heart, that it was the right choice. "Hey Morgan-Rose. Get your lazy arse over here. Your healing expertise are needed." He called out to where he knew his sister was hiding in the shadows. Grabbing hold of Harry's arm, he gently maneuvered the smaller boy onto one of the benches, before he could get away, and waited impatiently for Morgan to join them. Extending his hand in greeting he was extremely glad when Harry responded. "Hi, I'm Galahad Tristan Annerson, and that's my sister Morgan-Ann Rose. What year are you in?" He asked in a friendly tone, although he already knew that answer.

Giving a small pain filled smile Harry answered. "Harry James Potter. Nice to meet you Galahad. I'm starting my 6th year. I take it you and your sister are new, what year are you going to be in and do you know what House you will be sorted into?" Grateful that he wasn't been shown the awe and fear he normally saw in those around him, Harry allowed himself to relax slightly, it seemed this other boy was willing to treat him like just another normal kid.

"Don't really care what House I go into." Galahad told him, much to Harry's surprise. "Although father would be most pleased if we where both sorted into Slytherin. Personally I really don't see that happening. We'll both be starting our 6th year also." Galahad continued.

Before Harry could ask him more, a hand settled on his shoulder, causing him to panic and fall off of the bench. A young woman who must be Morgan, since she looked a lot like Galahad, reached down and helped him up. "Merlin, I'm sorry Harry. I didn't mean to startle you. As my brother already told you I'm Morgan, and yes, before you ask we are twins." she said with a smile, and hiding any concern she knew would be in her eyes.

Holding his ribs and breathing through the pain, Harry studied the second figure. You could tell they were related as they both looked almost identical, the only real difference being their hair. Morgans hair was red with streaks of black, the exact opposite of her brothers. Accepting the hand that she held out to help him carefully stand once more he attempted to answer he, "Nice to meet you Morgan." He finally managed to gasp out.

Morgan, like her brother watched Harry with concern that she finally let show. "Are you okay? Those injuries look awful." She said softly

Harry snorted and instantly regretted it. "I'll survive." was all he said in response, 'after all, I've had worse,' he continued silently.

Morgan narrowed her eyes, not really liking the answer she had been given. "Alright then, I guess you have a two choices. Take off your shirt so I can heal you, or I have Galahad remove your shirt so I can heal you. Either way that shirt is coming off." She said, immediately taking charge.

Harry blinked at her in confused surprise, before he finally found his voice, and a little of his anger. "Is there an option that does not require me to remove my shirt? I would honestly prefer to leave it on." He said with a little of a bite to his words.

Morgan crossed her arms against her chest. "Nope. Sorry. Those are your only options." She said with a mild glare, ignoring Harry's tone of voice, after all, her father's bite was much worse.

Harry looked at her for a minute, and felt his anger melt away, no matter how much he didn't want it to. The pose she took, along with the glare that went with it, reminded him of someone but he could not place his finger on who. Finally he answered, "Look, I'm not trying to be rude." He told her, "but the only way you will have me remove my shirt, is by giving me your oath that nothing you see, or nothing I do or say, will go any further." A slight note of defeat had crept into his voice and was reflected also in his posture.

Galahad stepped in before his sister could say or do anything that she would regret later, and tried to reassure Harry. "We do understand what you are saying. I have read enough in the papers about you to understand that you don't want anything getting back to them. But I will tell you now that we can be trusted."

"I'm sorry." Harry said, shaking his head. "I can't take anyone or anything for granted any more. It's cost me to much over the years."

Morgan grabbed hold of her brother's arm, as an idea came to her. "Excuse us for a few minutes. We need to discuss what to do next." She told Harry and without waiting for a reply, she dragged her brother off onto the other side of the platform.

Harry watched for a moment as the two of them argue on the other side of the platform, but he was in too much pain to really care what was going on. It only took them about five minutes to come to some sort of decision, and from the way they looked he could not tell who actually won the argument.

Galahad gave his sister a dirty look before turning to Harry. "Like I said before, we do understand where you are coming from. What we would like to do, is give you knowledge of us in exchange. What we were arguing over is if we should take your word not to tell anyone, or use a spell that allows the three of us to share each other's secrets without fear of anyone, but those who already know, to talk about them. I have decided that the choice should be yours."

"And Morgan wanted to make the decision herself." Harry said with conviction.

"Yes. I don't think that would be fair to you though."

Harry thought about it for a few minutes, mentally arguing with himself to trust these two, who he had just meet, with his secrets. Shifting slightly as his ribs twinged, he came to a decision. "I would like to use the spell. This way I would have a way to talk about the things that are eating away at my sanity. I have been told often enough that if I don't talk about them, then they will end up killing me before Voldemort has a chance to do it." He told the two of them bitterly, before adding in a slight whisper, "besides, my instincts are telling me to trust you with this, and my instincts are rarely wrong."

"Thank you Harry, to tell you the truth, my sister and I feel the same way about you. But I must warn you that the spell we will be using has some side effects, that you should be aware of. It will also connect you to one other person."

Harry didn't know what to think about that, and this information almost made him back out. "What side effects and who else would it be connected to?" He asked Galahad, hoping that he would put his doubts at ease.

Morgan smiled slightly, and answered for her brother. "Depending on the amount you actually are willing to trust the other person, depends on the side effects. The deepest amount of trust will allow us to be able to Mind Speak, if you only allowed yourself to trust a slight bit, the worst effect would be someone who you can yell and vent at without worrying about it getting out to the rest of the world. The only other person who would be connected to you would be our Father, and the reason for this is because the spell is Blood Magic, and will effect those who have a close Blood tie to us, and vise versa."

"No worries about that from my side, there are no close blood ties. Can you explain to me how I would be connected to your Father?"

"Nothing really drastic Harry. You would also be able to tell him the truth, and not have him tell anyone. He would also be able to tell when you are lying. And depending on the relationship you forge with each other, will also dictate the level of the trust bond between the two of you." Galahad explained.

Harry thought about that for awhile weighing the pro's and con's. 'An adult I can trust,and who will believe me, hmm.' he thought to himself, "I think I can handle that." He said out loud.

Both of the twins smiled in pleasure. "Good. Shall we begin then?" They said together.

Harry groaned silently in dismay at the double answer, but nodded his head in agreement anyway, and watched as the siblings went to work. Within a matter of minutes they had everything they needed to complete the spell, especially since they only needed two things. A small crystal bowl, and a silver dagger. At this point Harry started to get nervous and asked in concern. "What about the restrictions for underage magic?"

"They won't be able to detect this Harry, it's one of the benefit for having creature blood." Morgan told him with a smile.

Harry let the matter drop with a slight smile of his own. He knew that the laws around those with creature blood were different then those that where pure human, instead he just made a mental note to make sure that he questioned the two of them about what kind of creature blood they had.

The three of them made themselves as comfortable as possible on the ground while making sure their knees touched, and placed the bowl in the middle. With the dagger, Galahad slashed each of their left hands and they allowed the blood to drip into the bowl, when the level of blood reached a certain mark, Morgan started to chant and Harry almost couldn't contain his surprise. The words were in a different language, he knew, but what caused his surprise was the fact that they were close enough to parseltongue for him to understand.

We three

Together be.

Share our trust,

With minds at ease.

Secrets shared,

With spoken words,


Open hearts.

Bind us now,

Together we trust.

With the last word, the three of them put their palms together to allow their blood to mix. As soon as skin met skin, bright white light surrounded them.

:Wow: Harry said in his mind.

:Indeed: Both twins said at the same time, and the same way, once again reminding him of someone.

"I take it that we all went in with full trust in the others, since we can now talk using Mind Speak?"

"We must have. I didn't know that is was possible to trust someone this much." Morgan said in awe.

"Me either." Galahad informed them.

Morgan quickly shook of her awe and gave Harry 'The Look'. "Shirt off Mr. Potter, and let me see how bad the damage is."

Harry knowing that it would be easier and less painful to obey, finally complied with her request, and carefully slid his shirt over his head. Shocked gasps met his ears as the twins saw the damage.

"Harry what happened? Who did this to you?" Morgan asked with a mixture of anger and disgust in her voice.

Harry sighed in resignation, knowing he would not be able to get out of the questions coming his way. "To answer both question, my Uncle. He hates magic, almost as much as he hates me." Harry told them, and after receiving a pointed look from Galahad, figured he better explain a little bit more.

"This past summer he took things further then he has before, I'm not really sure what exactly set him off, but something happened and he blamed it on me like usual. In retribution he destroyed everything I owned from school, or at least everything he could find anyway. My surrogate Godfather asked me for my invisibility cloak, the map of the school that I have, my broom and my photo album for something he needed to do, and I had just sent them off with my owl Hedwig, when my Uncle came into my room. I really don't remember much after that, and I woke up a few days later, only to find that I was once more locked in the cupboard under the stairs. They let me out a week ago, and pretty much ignored me for the rest of my time there. Or at least they did until early this morning, the damage you see now was a going away gift from my uncle."

"Harry that's horrible. Why didn't you tell anyone?" Morgan asked in concern.

"I've tried to tell the Headmaster, he keeps saying that I'm stretching facts to suit my needs. The only other Professor who I could have trusted with this information hates me."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Go to school, have Madam Pomfrey place a stronger glamor then I can do on my scars, try to get through another year without getting any more people close to me killed, and then go back to the Dursleys next summer. I'll only have to stay there for a few weeks and then I'm free to do what I want. Or at least as free as I can be with a madman on the loose." He gave the twins a small smile. "In other words I'm going to survive to live another day."

"I don't like that idea very much." Morgan told him with a glare, while healing the last of his injuries.

"There is really not much more I can do."

"You can tell our Father, he would know that you are telling the truth." Galahad pointed out. "Besides he's told us about you in his letters. He respects you greatly."

Harry was about to respond when he felt a slight tingle across his spine, and he instinctively knew what that tingle meant. "Do one of you know how to cast a strong glamor? I really need one done now." He asked, desperation coloring his voice.

"We both do Harry, why?" Galahad asked in concern even as he pulled out his wand.

"There's no time to explain, please, I just need you to cast a glamor now." Harry's desperation was turning into panic as the tingle became more pronounced.

Galahad knew that he would get an answer sooner or later and had just raised his wand to cast the glamor when a dark figure crossed the barrier and into his line of vision.

"To late." Harry moaned, and dropped his head in resignation.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Dumbledore's Golden Boy." A voice sneered from behind Harry, causing the twins who where facing the barrier to stiffen in shock.

"What the hell do you want Snape." Harry snarled back, not bother to turn and look at the Potions Master.

"I'm here to escort two of our newest students to Diagon Alley in order for them to do their school shopping. It seems though, that you've already put them under your spell."

"Any spell casting that has been done here this morning has not been done by me, not that you would care anyway. Just one more reason for you to try and expel me." Harry said as he turned and finally faced the man, trying to keep his voice neutral as he did.

"I but do my best to make sure all students are treated the same way." Snape answered smoothly back.

Before Harry could reply to his least favorite Professor, Morgan who had finally shaken off her shock, jumped up from where she was sitting, and ran to Snape throwing her arms around his waste in a hug. "Papa!" she cried. "Be nice to Harry. He needs our help."

Harry looked over to Galahad, it was his turn to be in shock. "Papa!? Professor Snape is your Father?!" He exclaimed in disbelief.

Galahad gave Harry a wide smile before joining his sister. "Father I've missed you."

Snape relaxed enough to give both his children a hug, before stepping back and looking them over sternly. "I thought I told you that no one could know that I was your father." His whole body stiff in anger, even as he tried to keep it out of his voice.

"Actually Father I believe your words were, 'If you find someone that you feel you can trust without a doubt, I give you my permission to share your secrets. Just use discretion, and choose your confidant(s) carefully.'" Galahad pointed out, not bothered in the least by his fathers attitude.

"So you trusted Harry Potter? I told you not to let other's now I was your father so you wouldn't be made into a target. Befriending Potter is worse then having me for your father."

Both twins answered him with a single look, letting him know that they didn't care that they had just made themselves targets.

Snape dropped his head, and rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation. While he stood there, the twins rejoined Harry, standing on either side of him.

"How do you know that Mr. Potter will not say a word to anyone else?" he asked quietly.

Instead of giving him a verbal answer the twins held up their left hands, and Morgan grabbed hold of Harry's hand. Showing him the identical scars.

"I see. Mr. Potter..."

"Harry, Papa. His name is Harry." Morgan pointed out to him, determined that they all be on first name basis.

Harry was wise enough to keep his mouth shut, while Snape glared at his daughter. "Harry then, you do realize how much damage this information could do, I assume?"

"Yes Sir..."

"Severus, Harry, he's name is Severus." Galahad pointed out, taking his cue from his sister.

Harry leveled a very Snape like glare at Galahad, before glancing at Snape for permission, when he received a resigned nod in response he continued. "I know better then most people what is at stake here Severus." Harry told his professor, almost stumbling over the man's name, in his mind though he was yelling at the twins.

:Are the two of you trying to get me killed?:

:Why would he kill you Harry?: Galahad asked.

:Do you remember the one Professor I was telling the two of you about? The one that hates me?:

The twins moved away from Harry to stand side by side. "That's not possible Harry." Morgan told him out loud.

"She's right, it's just not possible." Galahad agreed.

"Of course it's possible. What ever gave the two of you the idea that it wasn't?" Harry told them in expiration.

Galahad looked over to his Father. "Tell Harry you don't hate him." He demanded.

"And why would I do a foolish thing like that?" Snape asked with an arched brow.

"Because it's the truth Papa. You have never hated him, you've told us often enough how much you respected him." Morgan said with a glare.

"I have no idea on what the two of you are talking about." Snape sneered back, before getting a thoughtful look on his face and asking, "Would one of you like to tell me just how deep the trust bond goes?"

Harry threw his hands into the air, and turned his back on the three of them arguing. He had just reached down for his shirt, when the tingle on his spine increased and the shirt was snatched out of his hand.

"Tell me Harry, just what did happen for you to get all of those scars?"

"That's what Harry needs your help for Father." Galahad said quietly.

Harry and Snape both ignored Galahad. "That all depends on which ones you want to know about. A few are quidditch scars as you know, one is from the bite of a Basilisk, a couple of them are curse scars. There's one from Wormtail when he took my blood to bring Riddle's body back. The rest of them are from my Uncle." Harry told him, keeping his voice steady throughout the listing of his scars, while making sure to keep his back turned towards Snape.

"Your Uncle?" Snape asked in disbelief.

"Yes Severus, my Uncle. Unlike what most people believe, you included, I do not come from a loving home. My family, if you really wanted to call them that, did everything possible to stomp the magic out of me. This summer he used a knife and the belt. Something pissed him off and he took it out on me and my school things."

"And your wand?"

"Needs to be replaced. The only thing I was able to retrieve after they were done playing with the fire pit, was Fawkes's feather. The only things that survived were the pictures of my parents and my invisibility cloak. Remus asked to borrow them so I sent them out with Hedwig. He also asked me to send him the Marauders Map and my broom."

"What about clothing?"

"You're the spy, Professor, you figure it out. Think about all the times you have seen me without my school robes on over the years."

"Did you tell the Headmaster?"

"According to him, I am only stretching the truth to met my needs."

"You could have told me during our extra lessons last year."

Harry finally turned around and looked Snape in the eye. "Would you have listened? Would you have cared? Or would it just be another bid for attention from Dumbledore's Golden Boy?" Harry saw the truth reflected back at him. "Do you know how much I hate those titles and the so called fame that goes with them?"

"You lived through hell at home, and then came to Hogwarts only to receive the same treatment from me." Snape whispered, comprehension dawning on his face. "And I never believed you about how much you hated your fame either." He continued, knowing it to be truth this time, as the spell cast by his children latched onto his own soul and magic.

"Yes Sir. But to tell you know the truth, when I first entered the Wizarding World, the fame almost did get to me, and the only thing that stopped it from doing so was you. For that I am truly grateful. I knew that no matter what happened, you would always be the same. Thank you." Dropping his voice he continued softly enough so that the twins could not hear. "I'm sorry for last year Severus. I hope you can forgive me."

Harry got all the answer he need when Snape responded. "As long as you can forgive me for the way I have treated you over the years."

Nodding his head, Harry reached for his shirt. And was totally surprised when Snape banished it.

"Galahad, I'm sure you have an extra set of clothing in your trunk that Harry can borrow. There is no way I will be seen in Diagon Alley with him wearing those rags."

Harry watched as Galahad ran to his trunk and started digging through it. Morgan just stared at Harry with worry in her eyes.

:Are you Okay Harry?:

:I will be Morgan-Rose, I will be. But I have to say that getting him to believe me was just to easy!:

:It's the Trust Bond. We've explained that to you.:

:It was still to easy.: