AN: A small explanation, since this is (at least for me) something a tad unusual. As you'll notice, this first installment is rather short. That's because this was never intended to be a story on it's own. I just did a random omake at the end of Chapter 5 of TIM. Then another. Then another. Each omake got progressivly longer and I really that it had become a story of it's own, sort of an AU of TIM. That's why I'm postingthem separetly. Omakes that aren't attached to the Phantom Detective continuity will be posted with the corosponding chapter of TIM. Since they did start as omakes, some don't make sense unless you've read a certain chapter of TIM. When this is the case, I'll post the chapter as a prerequsite.

Prerequisite: TIM chapter 5

Danny sighed and grabbed Conan's hand, placing it on his torso. "What do you feel?"

"A shirt? Your chest? A pulse." Conan was seriously considering the chance that Jazz was the only sane one in the Fenton family.

"Remember the last one" Danny said, concentrating. "I'm going ghost."

Two blue rings appeared around Danny's torso and spread in opposite direction up and down his body. Conan tried to yank his hand away but Danny held it firmly in place. When the rings finished their trip Danny Phantom lay on the bed, lighting up the room with his soft glow. "How about now?" Then he saw Conan. The little child was no longer a child, but a seventeen year old in an orange business suit, with a black shirt beneath the jacket. Green eyes flashed from beneath white bangs. A soft glow surrounded his body.

"What the hell just happened!" demanded ghostly Conan, or rather Shinichi.