Heh, a cute little drabble I couldn't resist. I've wondered about this many times. Being wild and untamed is wonderful fun, it gives you so much to think about and do!

DISCLAIMER: nopedy-nope.

SUMMARY: Everyone was wild at one point or another…and then are turned into acceptable beings. Those who aren't completely transformed are a mystery to the world, and as of yet, unexplored territory. DRABBLE

RATED: K+. Gasp.


At one point or another, we are what I call pure…we are truly what we are. Untamed, wild, beautiful, and unchanged. We are what we were born as. And then, we are all transformed. From wonderful individuals, we become 'civilized' beings who follow certain rules no matter what.

I used to be one of those. A teacher's pet. A parent's delight. The favorite of every adult and the envy of every kid. And then I found out what I had become.

Everything they ever wanted. I was the poster kid. They thought I was completely under their control, that they knew my every move based on past experience. That's when I decided that I would become exactly what I was born as: a non-prejudiced kid who gave everyone a chance. Who broke away from the mainstream. The discreet rebel.

Tons of people always interrupt my business—rather, my hobbies—just to ask me a few questions.

"Do you like anyone?"

"What are you doing?"

"How can you stand to live without (blank)?"

I give them their answers. No. Writing. I don't need it. Simple as that. And they leave me alone. I can tell, when they turn their heads away, there is always a longing image of me in their minds, burned into their brains and cooling off quickly.

To them, I'm a mystery. Free. Unknown. Something to be founded. Something to be civilized. Misunderstood. Confusing. To them, I am everything they are not put together. I am everything they subconsciously want to be put together.

To me, however, I am but one simple thing: untamed.


Yup, that's moi! Of course, I don't know if it was done from Sam's POV or Danny's…ah well, let's think on it tomorrow…