The Birds of Prey

By: Little Falcon


Sakura X Gaara

Ino X Shikamaru

Tenten X Nenji

Hinata X Kiba

Prologue: The Formation

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"It's been three years since the treaty of peace was signed," Tsunade stared out the window with a view of Konoha. "Ah," Jiraiya walked towards her. "But… I still can't help but doubt. Somehow I feel this peace is only a façade…" she looked at Jiraiya. "Something is not right," he finished for her. She only nodded.

"We need to find out what…" Tsunade sat down on her armchair. "I have a suggestion…" the frog hermit grinned widely.

After a few moments, "For once, you thought of something absolutely brilliant," Tsunade patted his back with all the inhuman strength she could muster as she called for Shizune. "Call for…"

"Tenten," Shizune approached the training grounds in which she usually practice her perfect aims. "The hokage wants to see you,"

"Hinata," she neared the Hyuuga heiress as she meditated under the waterfalls. "Tsunade-sama calls for you,"

"Ino," the medical ninja entered the flower shop and walked to the counter. "Report to the hokage's office,"

"And… Sakura," Shizune entered the medical training room in which the hokage's disciple trained. "Tsunade-sama summons you,"

After a few moments, the four kunoichi stood in front of the hokage. "I have called you here to make a special offer," she opened.

"Special offer?" Sakura was the only one who had the courage to ask.

"As you know, we are in the golden era or so they say…" she started.

"But you know… it's just like a calm sea. Though there is a glassy surface above, there is a different world below,"

"What are you trying to say Tsunade-sama?" Ino got the confidence to speak.

"I'm saying that this era of peace is nothing but a façade…"

"And that's why you're here,"

"We decided that there should be a special unit to help us," Jiraiya spoke from the shadows.

"Special Unit?" Hinata repeated shyly.

Jiraiya nodded along with Tsunade. "This special unit will be composed of the four of you," the four kunoichi shot a look at their hokage immediately.

"B-But why us?" Ino was confused.

"Why can't someone else go?" Tenten blurted out.

"There's somebody else stronger than us?" Hinata took the courage to speak her mind.

"Because…" They all turned to Sakura. "Because we are the only ones who can. Isn't that right? Tsunade-sama…Jiraiya-sama?" Sakura was the one to answer garnering the admission of the hokage and her husband.

"If you accept this offer you'll be promoted in becoming an anbu," Tsunade presented. "In you're position as chunin…it will take more than twenty years before you can achieve this rank but here… now… I'm offering you a chance of a lifetime. Accept this offer," she requested blatantly.

"Before we answer… can you tell us something?" Sakura inquired. "Anything," Jiraiya said as he observed the determination evident in the eyes of the four kunoichi. "Why us?" she questioned. "Yes I would like to know that as well," Ino supported. "Yes, me too," Tenten added. "Me too," Hinata finished.

Jiraiya sighed as he looked at her wife. Tsunade merely nodded. "The missions for this team are unlike any other. Only women can perform the tasks flawlessly. Most of the missions will be requiring you to dress up as merchants, waitresses, doctors, nurses you name it… just to get information. Also, there might be times that the mission will require you to assassinate somebody. Who else would be the best unsuspicious person but a courtesan… in short… this mission requires the art of being a woman," Jiraiya stated as his nose bled imagining the four kunoichi with short skirt and plunging necklines.

"BAAM!" in an instant Jiraiya grew a huge bump in his head. "Perverted old geyser!" Tsunade said as she rubbed her knuckles. The four kunoichi sweat-dropped seeing the exchange of affection between the two.

"But what he says is true… we chose you because the team need the only thing that can put the greatest man to his knees…a woman. Not only Konoha but the other nations require your help as well. I'm not expecting that you'll be answering right away but… I'm asking you to think of this offer a hundred times before you decide." Tsunade turned serious.

The four kunoichi left the hokage's office at sun down. They walked down the street together.

It was already dark when they reached the lake. They sat down the grassy bank. "I'm going to be part of that team," Hinata was the first one to break the silence. The three looked at her with astonishment at her decision. "I want to be stronger but what's more important is that for the very first time I feel that I would be able to do something big for everybody instead of being a burden," she smiled as she stared into the night sky with her blank white eyes.

"Me too. I'll be part of that team as well. After all it's an opportunity of a lifetime. Also… I would like the person I cherish the most to see me," Tenten blushed as she thought of her special someone.

"I'd kill just to be in that team… I'd like to prove to him those women are not as troublesome as he thinks we always are," the three looked at Ino understanding that the person she was referring to was the boy-genius of Konoha.

They all looked at Sakura waiting for her acceptance as well. "I guess that leaves me no choice then after all… it's the first time in my life that I felt I'll be part of something big," she smiled together with the others.

The next day…

"So have you four decided?" Tsunade hoped for the best answer. "Hai," the four said simultaneously. "And?" she was growing impatient. "We accept your offer," they replied together again with smiled on their lips and determination in their eyes.

Tsunade smiled "Glad to hear it. But you're position as anbu will remain pending for a while until you've proven you are worthy of such position," she informed them. "It doesn't matter that much anyway," Sakura started. "What matters is the experience that…" Ino continued. "Would test our strength…" Tenten added. "And would prove our existence," Hinata finished.

"Looks like you've formed quite a team Jiraiya," Tsunade acknowledged her husband. Jiraiya put an arm over her shoulder and said "Be ready you're training begins tomorrow," he said as the four kunoichi rose from their kneeling position.

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