Epilogue: Konoha Quality

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His jade eyes trembled with overwhelming rage, his fists clenched in terrible disgust as he glared at the only person in the wind country who was at par with his influence, the daimyo. There had never been an instance where a kage would report personally to the political leader of the nation but given the circumstances, in was necessary.

It was not only the Kazekage and the wind country's daimyo that are present. In this neutral country, the first ever gathering of the kage and daimyo from all the great five shinobi countries was taking place. The averted apocalypse six weeks ago is an event that will surely go down in history. People began to call it "The Bloodless War"- the greatest amassing of clashing forces that was won without a drop of blood spilled.

"We want them publicly executed…" the five daimyos' firm order resounded throughout the large dome that sheltered the grand meeting.

The Kazekage wasn't naïve to the pristine intention of the punishment. After displaying such inhuman prowess in the battlefield, there was no way that a true alliance will be formed if the hidden sand and leaf have the Gods of War at their beck and call. Even if he were to testify that the legendary war heroes went rogue, it wouldn't do a thing.

Although the Gods of War did stop a great war, they also did immense damage to the forces of the hidden cloud and mist even before the historic conflict. Such wounds would never heal as long as the ones who made them are still breathing. People who were saved, worshipped them and people who were hurt, directly or indirectly, cursed them. Indeed, there is no hero loved by all.

"I see," the lady hokage sitting beside him took the matter rather calmly. Her twin braids rested on her ample breasts as she crossed her arms casually. "That won't be necessary,"

"What are you implying, Hokage-sama?" The newly instated Mizukage slammed his fist on the long table as he glared daggers at her. Clearly, he was in favor with the daimyos' decision.

"Are you planning on keeping them as a trump card?" This time the new Tsuchikage interpolated. Tension filled the room as everyone's eyes were on the Hokage and the Kazekage.

"There is no need for an execution because they are already dead," Gaara's eyes stopped trembling as he stared at each esteemed leader in the room.

"How can we be sure that you're telling the truth?" The old daimyo of the Fire Country asked as he opened his fan.

Four thick folders landed on the middle of the room. "These are all the information about them. We hold their bodies in our morgue if you're so suspicious then by all means, do your inspecting. But I can guarantee you, the Gods of War died after casting the greatest genjutsu the world has ever known," Tsunade leaned back as if completely comfortable with the situation.

"I believe them…" The Raikage's low voice caught everyone's attention. "That kind of feat does require more than solid determination and sound body. Honestly, I think they deserve an honorable death… and I'm glad they had it," No one spoke after that.

"Man, that was unnerving!" The puppet master stretched his arms over his head as soon as they exited the tension-filled meeting hall. His sister also sighed in relief that it was over.

"Kazekage-sama," the copy ninja, Kakashi who also happens to be the Hokage's bodyguard appeared in front of them in a puff of smoke.

"What is it?" The sand master asked with his monotonous tone.

"Hokage-sama has declared a new holiday. As we speak a festival is being prepared in the hidden leaf, I already invited the other kages but no one seems to be available. Tsunade-sama requests for your presence. However if you're unavailable, we won't hold it against you,"

"I'll be there," his reply was almost automatic but it didn't surprise anyone. Right after gaining his approval, Kakashi left the same way he appeared.

"Looks like the meeting was hell, eh, Gaara!" The whiskered shinobi met them at the massive gates of the village. Even up to this date, the blond never got used to calling the sand master the title he was given but it bothered no one.

"You have no idea," Kankuro exhaled rather heavily.

"Drop that curtain. Everyone's waiting for you guys," Naruto pointed at the loose regalia every kage was obligated to wear in every formal occasion.

A few minutes later, the sand siblings didn't stand out much now as before, now that Gaara was in his normal garb. As they walked the busy streets, the festival in-the-making spirit filled the air.

"Yo!" The dog lover with his enormous Akamaru greeted them first as they turned at a corner. In a small takoyaki shop, Team Kakashi, Azuma, Gai and Kurenai were all present except for four people.

"Gaara! Nice of you to join us," with the formality aside, they regarded him as a friend and not a leader of a powerful nation. The sand master wouldn't have it in any other way.

"It's been six weeks, eh?" Azuma's low mumble quieted every babbling the others were making.

"Nice move," Kurenai hit her lover before trying to ameliorate the situation.

"I told you they're together!" The shadow master's lazy half lidded eyes snapped open upon hearing a voice that made his heart almost stop.

Four figures stood on the roof of a building right in front of the shop.

"They look good together too," Akamaru was wagging his tail while his master almost fell out of his chair upon seeing the quartet.

They were wearing their usual shinobi attire. No more hoods, no more cloaks.

"The only romance Kakashi-sensei would engage in, would be him and his book," An arrogant smirk appeared on his handsome face as he heard her sharp sarcasm.

Their long hair flowed with the gentle passing wind.

"Hmm, don't worry Gai-sensei seems to be on the same footing, between him and his sandbag," he crossed arms and slightly nodded his head in agreement while his translucent eyes never left her face.

The setting sun behind them gave a blinding light that hid their faces for a short while.

"Looks like Tsunade-sama's intervention was right on time," Azuma gently pulled his goatee.

"Are you okay now?" Kurenai's scarlet eyes shook with worry.

"If you're energetic enough to mock me, then I'd have to say you're more than fine," Kakashi looked up from his open book.

"Expect nothing less from my student," Gai was already crying buckets of manly tears.

The bright smiles on their faces made their beauty almost ethereal together with the way the last rays of light was hitting their skin. Was it because they were gone for so long that they look so stunning? They weren't wearing anything special, nor were they doing anything striking… but no one can take their eyes off them… they were frighteningly breathtaking.

For that long minute, their eyes locked and conversed for the first time in the 1008 hours they were apart. It was cut short when she broke the contact and grabbed her kunai.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Foreign anbus were crossing blades with the four kunoichis.

Even before anyone below can react, Shizune, the hokage's trusted assistant materialized in between them and the on-going battle. "This is their exam… outside interference will make them fail," she informed them before going after the moving battlefield.

"What are the rules of this battle, Shizune?" The illusion specialist's red eyes were glued on her student as the whole gang followed the fight.

"Aside from the one I mentioned, destroying of public property is prohibited. They only need to get the anbu's mask while their opponent will be aiming for their forehead protector," the medic nin shared as they approached the colossal stadium.

"Hmm, using the stadium as a location for battle is very wise. That way, they don't have to worry about damaging the village," The frog hermit walked casually down the spectator's area and sat beside his student.

Not one blow was delivered, each one was either blocked or dodged. Sparks erupted from the sudden collision between their kunais accompanied by skillful taijutsu moves.

"From what country are these anbus anyway?" The Uchiha protégé caught an unfamiliar symbol in the opponent's forehead protector.

"We are from the country of Sky," a middle aged man was already sitting a few pews behind the gang when they noticed him.

"Although they lack human resources to be proclaimed a shinobi nation, their techniques are at said to be at par with ours so when their leader requested a match. I agreed," Tsunade added as she sat beside the foreign leader.

They're slow… even slower than when they were chunins. Also their chakra signatures are still low. What is shishou thinking when she chose Sakura's team? Shizune swallowed with difficulty. Aside from the visiting shinobis, she was the only one who didn't know about the four's other identity.

"Your skills in the battlefield are nearly as beautiful as you are," the fox masked anbu mocked as he felt his sleeve rip while his blond opponent remained untouched.

"As to be expected from the princess of the Hyuuga clan," after landing from a sommersault, the one with the cat mask commended.

"Why don't we make things more interesting?" Not having the option to dodge, this dog masked one parried all the incoming blades.

"The victor will be the loser's master for one day," The raccoon masked on offered as they jumped away from each other. This is our chance to prove ourselves. We'll make a fool of these sniveling little girls in the middle of this fiesta.

"Omoshiroi (interesting)," Sakura arched her brow.

"We do need help," Ino tilted her head.

"Four anbus against the four of us?" Tenten twirled her kunai in her forefinger.

"This hardly seems fair," Hinata smiled innocently.

Behind their masks, their opponents had identical smug on their faces. "What can four girls do…" before their leader can even finish his conceited statement. The female ninjas moved in a speed that even the sharingan didn't catch. In a flash, an explosion of technique and skills were delivered.

"Otto… you shouldn't have said that… they're a bit touchy about that topic," Tsunade turned to the person beside her while the visiting shinobis' battered body sailed to the air. "Remember, you're not allowed to kill them," she winked at her girls.

The tip of the blade at the dog's throat.

Her bulked fist millimeters from the tip of the raccoon's nose.

Her fingertips against cat's heart.

Her hand gripping fox's neck.

A second of delay would've been lethal. Sheer terror paralyzed their opponents as their mask sailed through the air and landed on their captor's unoccupied hand.

Clapping her hands together, the hokage called the attention of the girls. "Alright, that concludes your exam. I'm releasing you from your confinement,"

"Confinement?" It was only then did they see the medical tag on each of the kunoichi's left hand. It detached itself from them and landed without a sound.

"Chotto matte! What do you mean confinement? These women are definitely of anbu level, am I right?" the Sky country's leader watched the victors heal their fallen opponent.

"Hmmm? They're my patients who wanted to get out of bed earlier than advised so I offered them this deal," Tsunade chuckled as she got up.

"Patients? Who mean… they're not anbus?"

"Nope. Actually, their just chuunins,"

The visiting kage sank to his seat as if the ground was swallowing him whole. "So… they're just plain kunoichis?"

"No of course not. Those four are kunoichis with an attitude… I dare say… kunoichi… of Konoha Quality," she grinned widely then nodded at the girls. I guess its better not to mention that the medical tags suppressed almost two-thirds of the girls' chakra.

Just when they thought, it was finally the moment of awaited reunion. The four vanished in a puff of smoke taking the other anbus with them.

"They must be off to their last mission," Jiraiya said as he walked towards the exit. The group was made to unravel the darkness of the alliance. Now that the alliance is solidified and that new kages were filling the positions. There is really no need for them to risk their lives anymore.

A loud explosion overhead made everyone look up. The night sky was illuminated by a small firecracker.

"Ah! The fireworks display is beginning!" Chouji exclaimed.

People emerged from their houses. Everyone had their eyes up the barren night sky waiting for the next fiery explosion.

From a clearing, a gigantic tank rolled noisily. The liquid it contained sloshed audibly inside as the pink haired medic nin pulled it to a stop effortlessly.

"Is this even legal?" One of their defeated foes crossed his arms in defiance.

"Even if it isn't you guys lost so suck it!" The mind walker put her hands on her hips authoritatively.


The four anbus nodded reluctantly before readying their hands. "NOW!"

Two of them made quick hand seals that made the tank leap to the sky.

The Birds of Prey launched from the ground with a wicked smirk on their faces.

"For Honor," Hinata began.

"For Friendship," Ino winked.

"For Strength," Tenten did the nice-guy pose.

"For Love," Sakura's inner self screamed a SHANAROOOOO!

"AND FOR THE GOOD DAYS TO COME!" They jumped passed the tankard before delivering their most powerful kick to the container.

Just like a water balloon, it shattered in midair. The four anbus below controlled the liquid and made it hover right over the entire village before they released it.

Fireworks flowered the dark sky as the first drop landed on someone's lips. "Ame? Wait a minute… this isn't water… it's sake!"

"IT'S RAINING SAKE EVERYONE!" There were no thick clouds that blocked the magnificence of the fireworks while a curtain of the most delicious rice wine continued to descend as if the gods themselves were celebrating with them.

She appeared before him when he was in the middle of his search. "What are you doing? This is the Gods of War's last miracle. I suggest you enjoy it," under the rain of sake and the multicolored illumination of the sky, their lips met in a fiery exchange that put the fireworks in shame.

"So… Jiraiya-sensei…" Naruto tried to avert his eyes from the four couples making out under the rain. "Their mission was to organize this festival in one day?"

"Oh no, they did that voluntarily. The mission they took was an impossible one, actually," Seeing the dumbstruck look on his student's face, the sensei explained further. "It belongs to the classification X which means that it can't be done no matter how much money is involved like… wishing for a new leader or in this case… the mission was… to save a country from bankruptcy…"

"But… they didn't even leave the village," Lee's round eyes stared at his all-knowing sensei for answers.

"They didn't have to. You see… the country that made the request was a known drunkard region that's why no one took them seriously despite the money they offered. It was because of that, that no one noticed the quality of sake the country produced. Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten were the only ones who did. And with this act and with every merchant from different villages around the world at the streets, I wouldn't be surprised if that country would be the richest one in globe overnight," Kakashi said as he looked up.

Really… these girls know no limitations.

The Gods of War also known as the Birds of Prey never made it in history. They became part of a legend that will be told from father to son, mother to daughter. The four strangers who can makes impossible a thing of the past.

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