brb suicide

By Kitteh and NeoFox

Rating PG

Warnings It's gay ya'know. It's gay.

Disclaimer Smeets will eat our souls if we dare claim Invader Zim. So yeah, Jhonen can keep his smeets of DOOM! We just want to borrow Zim and Dib for a fic, so calm yourselves.

Summary ZADR. AU. A bass ackwards universe in which Dib is just your regular tom-emo in middle skool, his father isn't the renowned Professor and Zim is actually smart and oh so fabulous.

Beta Lint

Chapter 01

Away from the city and away from the noises of annoying everyday life, many miles down, sat the Middle Skool, which most of the teens attended or just generally skipped. It was an okay building that still needed some work, but no one wanted to waste the time and money on it. Everyday inside the brick building was the same. Many a personality walked the halls, to and from classes, never really giving any other one person a glance. Not unless you were in with the popular crowd did you really get noticed.

It was a different day though, and a horribly different routine. There was gossip, but not the same gossip as usual. Rumors spread about a new student being transferred. It was news that shouldn't have mattered, but in such a small place it was a rare event.

One person had already heard enough of it all.

Outside the office sat a lanky boy in a horrendously short, long sleeved shirt and low, hip hugging pants, and for the most part he was pretty much ignoring the rest of the world around him. He knew about the new student, he knew far too well because he had been unlucky enough to be chosen to show the new kid around. The job wasn't something that needed to be on his to do list, but the teacher had gotten fed up with him listening to his headphones in class and felt it was better than having to scream lessons to him.

"I hate this place..." With those words, Dib put his headphones back in place, music blaring, and opened the notebook in his lap.

It was then that lithe arms of a pink and black persuasion took it in their own invitation to slip themselves around the boy's neck, the rest of the person draping over him as if they were an intimate familiar.

"'I cry for you. Tears of sin. Broken hearted. I stand alone'" Their husky, yet pitched voice read from the page that the other wrote upon with mock drama. Soon to follow was a completely uninterested, thoughtful noise. "Wow. That's... -that's pure dookie. I've never read something so bad. Was that supposed to be moving? Because all that it moved was my breakfast straight into my mouth." They promptly made gagging noises, a thin, striped tongue lolling out.

Headphones were yanked down so quickly that it was amazing Dib hadn't taken his own ears off in the action. He had been able to catch nearly all of what the other person said, and it had him closing the notebook with a loud noise. The words weren't the only thing that bothered him though; it was the close embrace of the other body as well. With a quick jerk and an annoyed sound, Dib sat up from the bench and turned to face whoever had touched him. "No one asked you..." His words died slowly as he stared at the other across from him.

Green was the first obscure quality that stood out; green skin on a widely grinning face. But it was the pink that truly over whelmed the senses of looking at the other; pink shirt, pink and black striped mini skirt and sleeves, pink eyes, pink eye makeup, pink buckles on boots that buckled all the way up. But what was truly pointless was the black suspenders that hung uselessly from their hips. And with that rather slinky way of which they held themselves, arms crossed and cocky, they had 'androgyny' written all over them in jerky, cursive writing.

"I asked me." Their sharp grin grew wider still. "And that's all that counts."

All that crossed over Dib's face was a scowl, but it was just as quickly wiped away for a small pout. His eyes roamed over the figure for a few seconds. It definitely wasn't anyone he had ever seen in the skool before, which could only mean this was the transfer student.

Just his luck.

Without a word, Dib walked back to the bench and leaned down to pick up his bag, shoving his notebook back inside before he slung it over his shoulder. He didn't even bother turning his music off, and instead turned it up even higher so he could keep the headphones around his neck. "Come on, I have to show you around." He stood back up only to face the other. "Try not to get lost and stay with me. I didn't want to do this in the first place."

"My, my, you are a charmer." The new student clacked their tongue. "Do you treat all your new comers with such hospitality? Or am I a glorious exception?" They cackled to themselves, moving to follow Dib on his grand tour. "By the way," the new student leaned nearer to Dib and splayed three sharp fingers and a thumb in the taller boy's direction "I get lost easy so, would you hold my hand?" There was that rigid grin again.

"Sorry, I'm not a fan of physical contact. If you get lost, you'll just have to hope someone finds you." Dib didn't even glance back at the other as he spoke. His eyes stayed forward as his feet led him through the hall. "Besides, I'm not helping you because I want to be nice to you; I'm helping you because I got in trouble." He shifted the bag around on his shoulder before pointing a hand out towards a stairwell that they were nearing on the right. "Those are stairs. You go up and down them."

The student looked to the stairs dryly. "Noted." Though it was something else that caught their attention far more than the righteous up and down of stairs. With a curious tilt of head, their right eye was veiled in dark hair, but that didn't stop the devious look that Dib was unfortunate not to see. "So. Then. What's the point of this uniform if you don't like touch?" A claw drew up Dib's front, from the boy's belly button to the extreme high cut of the bottom hem of the other's shirt (that would make any parent cry, and nuns implode on sight).

Dib had stopped in his tracks at the sudden touch and shot his hand out to grab the other's wrist. "Stop it." He looked down at their hands and immediately let go with a disgusted expression on his face. His own hand moved down to rub at his stomach, his fingers just barely catching on his piercing. "Just because I wear something doesn't mean I want people touching me. It's their perverted problem if they get the wrong signal, not mine." He dropped his hand back down and started walking again. "So far I haven't had to deal with it. You're the only one that has never learned of personal space, it seems."

But the new student didn't seem to catch the last part (or any of it for that matter) for they were now face to face with Dib's stomach, their lithe frame bent over, peering at it with much too much interest. "I like this." They poked at the beaded ring on Dib's belly button. "What's it do? Or is it doing it already? It should tell the time. Oh- or maybe some kind of dooms day laser that you fire forth when you're cheesed." They blinked and soon a sly lazy look crossed their face. "I want to lick it." they commented idly.

Dib had to stop again quite quickly, or else he would have toppled head first over the other body. The sudden poke to his piercing had his stomach clenching while the other's words had him throwing both his hands over the small piece of metal, as if to protect it. "What's wrong with you?" Dib realized that was probably one of the stupidest questions he could have asked as soon as it left his mouth. "Where could you possibly be from that you've never seen piercings?" As he spoke the last question, he back stepped as if at any moment the strange green teenager would actually lick him.

The new student raised their head to peer up at Dib, new grinning excitement on their face. "Hey! MORE!" They pointed and stood up. "Oh! Must touch!" They reached up to try and touch the piercings on Dib's ears, going on tip toes to bridge the height. "Gimmie gimmie."

"No!" Dib moved his hands up as quick as he could to swat the other's away from his ears. "Don't touch me. That means any part of me." He stepped back a bit more from the other teen and tried his best to glare, but it didn't look very menacing. "Now I can see why you had to transfer. Everyone you knew probably got sick of you and sent you here." He fidgeted with his ears just a bit before letting his hands fall back down to his sides. "You're really annoying."

Well, that had the new student's eyes snapping wide, pausing in mid grab. They stepped back and lowered their hands with a returning glare. "Yea?" They scowled further. "Yea, well, you're just jealous. Jealous of the amazing that is Zim." They buffed their fingers against their chest before promptly setting their hands on their hips, cocky once more. "At least my organs are warm." They stood straight and proud at the fact their shirt went all the way down to their hips.

Dib just stared at the other with a very unimpressed expression on his face. "Well, Zim, warm organs or whatever, could you kindly stop your fascination with the shiny things on my body and keep following me?" He finally started walking again, not even brushing past Zim. "Who knows what the teacher will do if I don't show the precious new student every nook and cranny of the skool." He moved a hand up to bite at one painted nail, just so he could hide a horrible grin. "Or I could just lock you in a closet and hope no one finds you."

Zim snorted, despite having no visible nose on his face. "I'd get out. I'm quite proficient in coming out of the closet." He crossed his thin arms and firmly nodded, his dark hair bouncing slightly in the action. "Call it a skill."

Without stopping, Dib turned his head back to look at Zim with a raised brow. "You...?" He stopped short of asking the question and instead let it hang in the air. He turned his attention back to the floor in front of his feet. "Whatever, I don't care. Stupid question anyway." It wasn't long before he stopped walking just to stand in front of a door that had only a small view of what was inside. For a few seconds, he moved his eyes around the room before letting out a small sigh. "Good, no one is in." He turned his eyes back to Zim, the annoyance back in his expression. "This is the computer lab. Rarely there are classes in here or the usual nerd or two, and today seems to be one of the times they took a break." He moved his eyes around the hall. "You can't use it unless you have a pass, but sometimes I'll be able to come in here if there's no one in sight. This or the library."

Zim took one glance inside and immediately he looked unimpressed with what he saw. "Pathetic. Your technology is about as exciting as a cardboard box filled with useless." He waved a dismissive hand in the computer room's direction. He perked some towards Dib, catching the other's gaze. "Library, you say?" That grin was returning. "Something of interest in the library?"

Dib turned his eyes back to Zim at the other teen's words. He was about to ask what he meant, but the question had him stopping and answering instead. "Oh, well nothing really. It's just quiet." He gave a small shrug of his shoulders while moving away from the door. "I go there to write. Although, I guess if you like to read you could be amazed by the millions of books they have. Some of them aren't all that bad." He stopped in his tracks again just so he could look back at the other with somewhat of a smirk. "You do know what a library looks like right?"

Zim let his thin tongue hang from his lips as he gave the other a bland look. "Books. An information center. Yes, yes, I am familiar with libraries. Rows upon rows of thin, dried tree slices with useless drivel on everyone. Abandoned, dim, secluded areas where you can do anything and not be found." He blinked and his grin became just that much more crooked. "Yes, I can see why you would like it. And it's writing you do there? So that's what the monkeys of this planet call it." He laughed sharply.

Dib glared at the other as a horrible blush replaced the smirk that had been on his face. "So, you have a dirty mind on top of being incredibly annoying? I'm glad I won't be hanging around you all the time." He tilted his head and tried to take his mind off of what Zim said, while instead focusing on other things. "You have a really weird way of talking about things, you know that? Where are you from?" He tried his best not to sound interested, but the curiosity was obviously there.

"Oh, it definitely isn't walking distance." The new student laughed loudly.

Dib only rolled his eyes at that while turning around to continue walking. He didn't even wait to see if Zim would follow, although he did speak up. "So, what, you're like from another country?" One of his hands moved down to press a button on the CD player at his side. The music that had been background noise finally stopped, leaving silence as he went on. "If so, then does that mean you can speak another language?"

Zim stuck out his tongue and raspberried. "This language is bad enough as it is, why would I want to know another?" He followed beside Dib, closing one eye (not that it could be seen under hair) and eyed him with the other. Suddenly pleased with what he saw, Zim was once again grinning to himself. "So. Are you pierced everywhere?" he asked slyly, narrowing his eyes.

Dib immediately turned his attention to Zim. As fast as he had snapped his head to the other teen, it would have been amazing that he didn't snap his neck. "T-That's n-none of your business." He quickly turned his eyes back to the floor, no longer having the courage to look at Zim. Suddenly he wished for the noise of his music again.

The new student's brows rose, then he was cackling into hand at the other's embarrassment. "Hilarious." He looked back at Dib from the corner of his eyes. "How does one acquire these piercings? Where do I need to go? Wait." He pointed. "Zim could probably do a better job himself. Yes. Less chance of infection. With your grubby, rusted tools." Zim shuddered, clacking his teeth. "Who knows how barbaric a ritual it is when you stab your loops through your flesh." There was that disgusted gagging noise again.

"It's not safe to do it yourself, ya know." Dib still refused to look at the other teen, even as he spoke. His embarrassment over earlier was still quite high. "You just have to go to some place you know is safe. I went to a small shop in the city. A few people in skool went there, so I checked it out one day." He gave a sigh as he finally tried to calm himself down. "It hurts at first, but you get used to it after the second or third one. Plus, it all depends where you get yourself pierced." Dib blinked his eyes and shot a glare at Zim. "Why am I talking to you about this like I care?" He scoffed and looked ahead again. "Do what you want."

Zim blinked and was soon all teeth in his grin and he followed Dib again. "Well I have FAR more superior instruments at home for piercing flesh than any store here could offer." He made a thoughtful sound as he looked Dib over, top to bottom. Lagging a step or two behind, he thoroughly drew his eyes along Dib's back and marched a few quick steps to look over Dib's front next. "Hey stabby-face, say 'ahhh'." Zim opened his mouth in gesture and stuck out his tongue.

Dib slowed to a stop in front of Zim and blinked his eyes at the shorter teen. He averted his eyes left and right for a few moments hesitant to do what the other told him to do. It took him awhile, but he finally did as Zim wanted and stuck out his tongue with a loud 'aaah' noise. The small silver barbell in his tongue clacked against his teeth for just a split second as he stuck it out. He let his eyes fall back down on the other and tried to speak, but they were muffled words that came out, too incoherent to mean anything.

Zim's eyes grew perfectly round. And with no thought to personal space or touch, he reached up and plucked the tip of Dib's tongue with the tips of his pointed fingers and pulled it down, raising on tip toes once more to get a closer look. He made awed noises. Up Zim's eyes flicked to Dib, definitely impressed in catty way. "So you are pierced everywhere." He licked his tongue over the peculiar ridge of his own teeth, thoughtful again. "What's it feel like?" Without a second thought, Zim flicked his striped tongue against the piercing. "Ow!" Zim sharply jerked back, clapping a hand over his mouth.

When Zim jerked back, so did Dib, but for a completely different reason. He stared wide eyed at the other for several moments, oblivious to Zim's pain. He didn't even realize he still had his tongue sticking out, until he finally spoke out as he shouted at the other teen. "What's wrong with you!" His eyes narrowed behind his thick glasses. "I told you I hate being touched how many times now? And then you go and pull a stunt like that? If I didn't have to show you around, I'd leave you in the boiler room to rot!"

Zim narrowed his eyes and glared hard back at Dib. He relented his hands from his mouth and furiously wiped at his own tongue, making spittle noises. "You stung me." he spoke pointedly. Zim then eyed Dib, and really stared scrutinizingly at the boy, accusingly at the same time.

"Stung you?" The glare Dib was sending Zim's way left and was replaced by a confused expression. "I did no such thing. All you did was lick my piercing. That in no way can involve stinging." A frustrated sound came from him at the way Zim was looking at him. "Whatever, you probably got your tongue caught under it or something. You do seem stupid enough to do something like that." He started walking again. "Maybe next time you'll listen to me."

There was a low growl behind Dib and soon the quick stomping march of boots as Zim caught up with him. A furious slap struck itself across Dib's cheek. "You're a poor excuse for an ambassador!" Zim then marched on ahead. "I shall note your higher ups just how poor a job you did! Sting Zim with your tongue will you! HA!"

"Ohhh." An idle student in the hall commented. "Pwned. Right in the face by that girl."

"Lovers spat." Another student laughed and pointed.

Dib stopped just so he could raise a hand to his cheek. The sudden slap had surprised him. He didn't expect such a hard hit to come from such a short, skinny person. The shouts got his attention and he looked around at the people that had spoken in the hall. A scowl came to his face. So much for nearly being invisible. Without even a word spoken to the other people, he chased after Zim, catching with the stomping teen up rather quickly. He didn't give the other a warning before he grabbed a striped elbow in his grasp and pulled Zim down the hall. He didn't let up until they were near another door, which he didn't seem to mind kicking open. Thankfully, no one was inside at the moment, and he quickly let go of Zim's arm and used his free hand to slam the door closed. "You are not making my time here any easier."

Zim glared something fierce in Dib's direction as he rubbed his poor abused elbow. He hugged his arm close a moment as he back stepped away from the other until his back pack clunked against the wall; which was only just a few steps. Still, Zim eyed Dib before he tore his gaze away as if he were bored with the other, and took idle interest in looking to where they ended up. "It's not my fault you're incompetent."

Dib opened his mouth as if he were about to say something in return, but stopped himself and shook his head instead. His own eyes moved around the small classroom he had brought them to. There were only a few desks and the that posters hung on the wall mostly showed cheesy teamwork situations. "Well, this class won't be starting for awhile. Since you decided to once again lay your hands on me, we might as well hang out here until things cool off outside." With those words he walked to one of the desks and sat down while setting his back pack on the floor next to him. He moved his eyes back to Zim and raised a brow. "You always slap people over stupid things?"

Zim scoffed and dropped his arms back down, only to re-cross them, a slinky curve in his posture as he looked at Dib. "I dunno, you always do stupid things?" he shot right back.

Dib stared at the other for a bit, refusing to answer the question. Finally, he shrugged his shoulders and leaned down to mess with his back pack. It took him a few tries, but he was able to tug his notebook loose and opened it to whatever page was free while grabbing the pencil from the binder. "Well, you must want to transfer again pretty quick. If you're seen doing that again, you won't be the most talked about student anymore. You'll just be out of here." He started moving the pencil across the paper. "The teachers here aren't very strict, but they still despise fights."

Zim turned to the window in the door to peer outside. The crowds outside had grown to gossip, hungry for any new piece of adventure to build rumors upon; anything exciting to swallow, regurgitate, and eat again. It had Zim making a sour face and turning back around to leave the sight. Without much say, there was that green face peering over Dib's shoulder once more. "'Kill me softly. Kill me deeply. Pierce the flesh. 'Till you pierce the bone.'" Zim read off once more. He instantly let out a loud laugh, whacking Dib's back an amusement as he stood back up. "I think I'm going to throw up!" He held his stomach as he continued his hilarious laughter, almost falling down.

Dib bowed his head a bit, and his hand was in danger of breaking his pencil at any moment. He allowed Zim to have his fun before he finally turned his head to glare at him. "Can you mind your own business?" The glare left his face, and the tiniest sad expression replaced it as he looked back down at his notebook. He ran his pencil over the words on the page before a scowl came over his face and he scribbled out each word that had been there.

Zim continued to laugh even as he plunked down to sit on the table of a desk beside Dib. He crossed one lithe leg over the other as he leaned back on his hands. "Your pathetic attempts to be deep and profound both sicken and amuse me. Are there more like you, or are you a unique mutt in this inbred gene pool?" He idly kicked his draped foot.

Dib continued to stare down at the scribbled mess he had made for a few more minutes. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" The words came out harsh and bitter. Not once did Dib look Zim's way after they were said. Instead, he tried to turn what was on the paper into some strange doodle.

"Yes." Zim answered simply and cheerfully despite Dib's curt tone. "And I liked it. I liked it a lot." He watched Dib an idle moment before he went on. "I think I shall pierce my tongue. Don't you think Zim would look good with his tongue pierced?" He slipped his pointed tongue out in gesture and curled it, licking around. He slipped it back in his mouth to speak "Though it seems rather pointless. What do you do with that metal thumb tack in your tongue? Does it taste good?"

Dib gave a quick glance to Zim out the corner of his eyes at the questions. Before he spoke though, he looked right back at his notebook and continued to doodle. "It doesn't taste like anything. Some people get them for certain reasons. I just got mine because I wanted it. It was something I wanted to have." He gave a shrug. "It was the third piercing I got." He moved his pencil in one long stroke before going on. "I don't think you would look good with one. Of course, I don't think you look good anyway, so it doesn't matter."

Zim's eyes snapped open at that. He scowled. His legs uncrossed and he landed them both on the floor to stand. He snatched Dib's book and whacked him upside the head with it, dropping it after. "You'll be the first to go!" he sneered cryptically, and marched to go; gossipy mob outside or not.

Dib rubbed at the spot on his head which had received the abuse. He shot a glare towards Zim's retreating back while trying to figure out what the shorter boy meant. He let his eyes travel back down to his notebook and the page he had been drawing on. Only sketchy legs stared back at him and he quickly ripped the piece of paper out of the book and tossed it in the trash can that was only a few feet near the desk he sat in. "I should have stayed home today." With those words he got up, taking his book bag and notebook with him, just so he could follow after Zim.

The new kid had stormed out into the hall, pushing past people rather rudely, ignoring those who spat back rude words; though he would have loved to have actually spit back at them. He didn't need the Dib to show him around this stupid building called 'skool'. Its design was crude, inefficient, and worst of all, poorly maintained. One single shot in one well placed spot would have the building crashing down on the smelly herd of children cattle inside. That thought perked Zim some, and he quietly cackled to himself. Of course his joyous moment was quite ruined when he walked right smack into a very tall, very burly jock; his jersey didn't seem to want to hold all of him in. Zim went falling back as if he'd hit a wall, falling ungracefully to his butt with a squeak.

Dib had taken his time, moving down the hall, not paying much mind to the gossip that was still floating about. A few of the other kids actually paid attention to him for once, but just to talk about his sudden problems with his 'girlfriend.' It all had him feeling sick and wanting the day to end even more. His attention was caught by a flash of pink, and just as he was about to call Zim's name, that's when he realized what was about to happen. His eyes narrowed in annoyance and he walked up to the scene, but made sure to stay a safe distance. He didn't really want much to do with it.

Zim found himself face to face with the sneer of several missing teeth and the glare of one thick swollen black eye. But just as the jock was going to let loose a string of grunts and cusses that would make even a trucker blush, he caught proper sight of who just bumped into him. "D'oh, sorry there, girly."

Zim's eyes snapped comically wide, his green complexion went pale; he was far more afraid of this reaction than having the stuffing beat out of him.

The jock made a stupid laugh that would have made any 'normal' girl in the school giggle; Zim only grew more pale. When Zim caught exactly where the other's eyes were falling to, he gave a loud, insulted sound and promptly tugged down the hem of his skirt down to cover such a disgustingly lewd gaze; of course this caused the jock to grin wider.

"You're purdeh."

"… I think I really am going to throw up."

A few kids had stopped their mindless talking to watch the scene with interest. Some of the girls were looking on with obvious jealousy, while some kids were just watching for the sake of watching.

In that moment Dib felt like the best idea would have been to turn around and forget the short green teen. It was his own fault for walking off like that. Of course another part of his brain wouldn't allow it because then that just meant he would be in worse trouble if anything happened to the transfer student. With one last annoyed look at the growing crowd, Dib gave a harsh sigh before he stepped forward to stand next to the fallen Zim, a bland expression on his face as he spoke. "I didn't know you swung that way, Slug."

Of course when Dib addressed the jock by his name, all eyes immediately fell on the rather insane, now suicidal boy. Slug's expression of course turned from leering to that vicious sneer once more when he looked at Dib; no one like Dib ever talked to anyone like Slug.

Zim flailed and immediately squirmed over to latch onto one of Dib's long, thin legs. This, of course, settled even less well with Slug and the jock growled.

"Quick! Stabby-monkey, run! Run into the sunset!" Zim clawed his way up Dib's pants, half standing he used the boy as a human shield. "Use that stinger in your mouth to paralyze your enemy!"

Dib tried not to topple over as Zim practically climbed all over him. "Zim, would you please stop?" He had shot a look to the shorter teen behind him before turning his attention back to Slug. The cruel look he was getting from the jock almost had Dib stepping back. He had never once stepped up to one of the jocks, and he had never planned on it. Why he had suddenly gone so nuts, even he himself didn't know. "I think it's pretty obvious he's not interested in someone as illiterate and hard headed as you." Dib had to stop himself for a second and back track over what he said. He really seemed to have a death wish, and he prayed his end would be quick.

It was exactly Dib's words and sudden back bone that flicked the catalytic switch that made Slug ready to throw his fist straight into Dib's face. Well, it would have, had something not clicked right at the last minute. "He?"

Zim squeaked from behind Dib, peering past the boy. "Me?"


"Friend?" Zim threw the word out of no where. "Yes! Boy friend! He's my boyfriend! So-- you can't come near me! Stay away! Or, he'll, he'll-- shoot lasers from his belly hole!" Zim clawed threateningly at the air, leaving many a daft expression all around from what he'd said.

Dib's whole body went rigid and his eyes snapped wide open. His worries about Slug slamming his fist in his face were thrown out the window for a completely different worry. "W-What?" His eyes darted around at the crowd that was still there. Some of the kids seemed to be in as much shock as he was, while others were trying to hide laughter behind their hands. All Dib could do was stammer out nonsense as he turned his eyes back to Slug. He didn't even try to pull away from Zim. He was too busy trying to get his mind to work properly to worry about touch.

"Oh for the love of my Tallest." Zim yanked on what little there was of Dib's shirt, resorting to pulling on his belt too. "C'mon." he hissed "While all standing is drooling stupid." He grabbed the boy's wrist and yanked him back into the crowd. He broke into a run, pulling Dib along, not stopping to care where he was going or who they bulled over at the same time. Zim just figured that one hall had to lead another, and that was good enough for him. "Down here." He tugged Dib down a smaller hall and stopped, glancing back; no one was following. "Success!" He shot both his hands up, Dib's as well, in victory.

Dib had gone along as they ran, too out of it to pay attention. As soon as they stopped, he immediately yanked his hand free. He turned a hard glare to Zim and practically shouted at the other teen while rubbing his hand as if it were diseased. "Why did you say that! Why would you say that!" He looked away from Zim just so he could start pacing back and forth in front of the other. "I can't believe this. I can only imagine how screwed up everything is going to be now. I was perfectly fine just being invisible, but no, now everyone is going to think I'm gay!"

Zim narrowed his eyes slightly, watching Dib move back and forth. His lips pulled back into a musing grin. "Going to write bad poetry about it now?"

Dib stopped his walking just to narrow his eyes on Zim. In one quick movement, he backed the shorter teen into the nearby wall with one hand pressed beside his head. His other hand moved up to point inches from Zim's face, and wagged a few times as he tried to come up with the words he wanted to say. It didn't take long for him to get fed up with himself, and move away just so he could turn his back on Zim with crossed arms. "I should have let Slug molest you."

Zim blinked his eyes back from being cross eyed from the pointing, and stared at Dib's back. He pressed his back further against the wall, resting his hands beside him so he could drag his claws against the texture. It didn't matter if Dib was looking or not, Zim knew the other could feel him grinning at his back. "You so are." There was a quiet sort of cackle from the new student. "Something like. Oh! Lemmie try: Dark desire of the dark, darkest, darky, darkness. I wish I was as awesome as Zim." A claw left its place from the wall and ran its pointed finger up the back of Dib's bare spine; it really couldn't be helped.

Dib's hands clenched at his sides and he tried his best to stop the shiver that wanted to run through his body, but it was hard. Just as quick as before, he turned around to land both hands on either side of Zim's head, a hard expression on his face. "Stop touching me!" His eyes moved around the other's face before he finally pulled away just to place his headphones back on his ears. One hand dropped down to turn the volume back up and with one last glance to Zim, he turned and left the deserted hall.

Zim blinked his wide eyes several times. He clacked his claws together watching the boy go. "Wow." He slumped against the wall. "What a touchy pierced-belly."