Chapter: Taken in the Night

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Pairing: Nick/Sara also Warrick/Nick friendship.

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The night had started out pretty much like any other night, there was nothing different about it, that would give any clues to depict what horrorible events the next hour would bring.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, as Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle drove to the crime scene, which Grissom had sent them to. Someone had reported finding a dead body in an alley, however, with the rain there wasn't much of a chance that they would be able to find any evidence.

" I don't know why Grissom is sending us to this scene. Why didn't he just send Greg to this scene, and let us work the casino murder? He knows we're not going to find anything here, anyway, " Sara complained as they drove.

Nick didn't respond, and when Sara looked over towards him, he was just staring out the window, as if he were in his own world. Actually, Nick had been acting strange like that ever since he was abducted, and buried in the ground.

" It sure is beautiful outside today, isn't it? " Sara, asked Nick, as the thunder roared through the sky, and the rain fell.

Nick didn't respond, instead he just sat in the passenger seat of the SUV, staring out the window.

" Nick? " Sara said.

" What... oh... yeah, " Nick replied.

Sara smiled. " It is? " she asked.

" What is? " Nick asked, with a confused look on his face, it was clear that he hadn't heard a word that Sara had said.

" I just said that it's beautiful outside, and you said yes, " Sara replied.

" No, it's not nice outside, it's storming... so why did you ask me that question in the first place? " Nick asked.

" I just wanted to see if you were paying any attention to what I was saying, " Sara replied. " Obviously, you weren't, "

" Sorry, I was just... thinking, " Nick replied.

Sara felt bad for Nick, she knew that he was still very bothered by what had happened to him, even though he claimed he was fine. Now, it was spring again, and nearing the time when it would be one year since that terrible day.

" Nick? " Sara said, softly.

" Yeah, "

" Are you alright? " Sara asked him in a soft, caring voice.

Nick didn't answer right away, he looked away from Sara out the window, then down at the floor, before finally replying to the question that his friend had asked.

" Yeah, i'm fine, " Nick said.

Sara knew Nick wasn't fine, she knew he was just saying that, she wanted to tell him that he could talk to her, that he could tell her how he felt, she wanted so badly to tell him that she cared, and that she wanted to help him... but she couldn't. Sara Sidle had always had a very hard time expressing her emotions, and it was almost impossible for her to say the things that she wanted to say, so... she said nothing at all.

Soon Nick and Sara were at the crime scene, they parked the SUV beside the police cars, and walkedtowards where the body was located.

"Let's go find out what happened, " Nick asked.

" Why don't you go talk to the police, i'll start looking for evidence, although I don't think we'll find anything, " Sara replied, as she walked down the alley.

Once Sara found the body, she pulled out her kit, and started looking for any little peice of evidence that the rain may have not washed away. As expected, there didn't appear to be anything of use.

Then, Sara felt someone grab her from behind, she let out one loud scream for help, before the kidnapper pulled her into a parked van, that he appeared to be empty, and sped off.

Nick was talking to the police when he heard a loud scream.

" Help! "

Without saying a word to the police detectives, Nick took off towards the alley, hisheart was pounding a mile a minute.

" Sara! Nick called loudly, as he ran down the alley, but he saw no one.

" Sara! " Nick called again, only louder this time, but still he saw no one.

Nick was becoming frantic, now. He pulled out his cell phone, and quickly dialed Grissom's number.

" Grissom, "

" Grissom, it's Nick, " Nick said, in a very shakey voice.

" Nick, are you alright? "

" I... I am... but Sara... something happened to her, " Nick said.

" What happened to Sara, was she hurt? "

" I... I don't know. When we got to the crime scene, I went to talk to the detectives, and walked down the alley to look for evidence, " Nick explained, he was talking so fast that Grissom could hardly understand what he was saying.

" Calm down, and tell me what happened, Nick, "

" When... when I was talking to the detective... I... I heard Sara scream... she screamed for help... , " Nick said, he was obviously in a panic. " I... I ran down the alley, but Sara... she was gone, "

Grissom swallowed hard. " Do you think she was kidnapped? "

" I... I think so, " Nick replied.

" Alright, i'll send Greg and Warrick to meet you there, "

" Oh God, this is all my falt Gris, " Nick said.


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