Ocean Gypsy

1. The Werewolf

The night was cool and windy. Transylvania was quiet. Everyone was asleep and safe in their beds except of one: me. My curse had reached me a few days after I had turned 21. This curse included being one of the most feared creatures in the world. I got bitten by such a monster. As its teeth pierced my skin I could feel something change inside me. It seemed as if an old instinct was rekindled then. An instinct that had rested inside me for centuries and finally broke free. That was the day I became a werewolf.

It had been full moon of course and my parents had sat beside my bed the whole time. Every woman who got ever bitten died during her first transformation.

I can still remember the screaming of my mother as she watched my skin become furry. I had tried everything to convince them to leave me alone but to no avail. No matter what they would stay.

The transformation wasn´t like I had expected. It was far worse. The pain was unbearable. I could feel every muscle cramp and expand to at least double size. On several places my skin was torn open and the sight of light fur came to show. My face turned into the one of a beast. Claws broke through the skin of my fingers and feet. This torment didn´t last long but it seemed like an eternity.

My brother had been the first to know what had happened to me. He had told me that I would have no control of what I was doing while I´m a werewolf. There would be no chance to become human again, he had said.

It didn´t only surprise me that everything of what he had said turned into the opposite. I knew all to well what I was doing after transforming.

So I tried to walk over to the corner where my parents were standing. But their fear was bigger than their faith in me. Never I would be able to hurt them but just as wolves I was mute at that moment. That was when my gazed travelled down my own body. The fur I expected to be black was white! It was almost a pure white and matched with my human form. I had blond hair so I just thought that was the reason for the light fur.

After the full moon when I had been able to turn back into a person I was abandoned. My parents threw me out of their house. Soon the whole village was against me. Everyone who saw me would either start panicking and run for dear life or threw words and stones at me.

That made me escape this village. Again it was a full moon. And I stumbled upon a dark castle, almost hidden in the icy mountains...

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