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Inspired By: The FMA episode's title (The Phantom Thief)… the said FMA episode… Kaito Saint Tail (it's a very cute anime)… The Kaito Kid series in Detective Conan… Kaito Kid himself… and various fanfics like this in many different fandoms (sadly, the only one I can remember at the moment is kawaii-kirei's Steal My Heart)

"Don't let him get away!"

Uchiha Sasuke's deep voice rings clearly across the museum, commanding the dimwits that dared to call themselves policemen (and such speeches about men of justice) to chase after their target. A Fabergé egg dating from 1903 was stolen in the Museum of Royalty in Tokyo, and they're now on their way on chasing after the thief.

Darn it, Sasuke thinks irately. If they're not able to catch the thief tonight, it will be the sixth time the phantom thief managed to escape his hands. The top security system is no match for the thief's careful planning and wits, it seemed.

Darn, darn, darn, Sasuke curses mentally, passing by a shadowy corridor. He flicks the lights open, and he sees nothing out of ordinary. He runs at top-speed again, the air wheezing through his lungs in packets. Where is he!

He reaches the top floor of the museum, and when he opened the door, a strong gust of wind almost threw him down the stairs. There, Sasuke's mind whispers, and he walks stealthily towards the thief.

It never ceased to amaze Sasuke that the thief looks so fragile, even though he's covered with an all-black leather attire. To others, leather hugging skin is more than enough for a turn-on, but to Sasuke, it only accentuates the thief's slimness and frail form. It irritates Sasuke, because at these times (when the only ones left are him and the thief) he feels his earlier determination of putting the bastard behind bars leave him. It makes Sasuke want to protect the shorter teen, which is utterly preposterous inside his rational mind.

"Hi there, officer," The thief greets him, and the full moon seems so huge tonight. He walks towards the phantom, who's already leaning at the waist-high ledges on the edge of the floor. One push and the thief is going to plummet down to the solid ground, fifteen stories away.

"Surrender," Sasuke mumbles, and he is already three small steps away from the thief. They're both wearing black, and the light of the moon makes them stand out. Surprisingly, nobody else seems to have noticed them conversing on top of the museum. And oddly enough, nobody else seems to have detected their locations.

The thief turns around and faced the investigator, and Sasuke could only see the enchanting blue eyes, since everything else is covered up securely with black cloth. "Aren't you tired of chasing after me?" The question is playful, and Sasuke lets out a scathing snort. The handcuffs are already in Sasuke's gloved hands, and he reached out for the other's unresisting hands.

Then, something unexpected happened.

"Uchiha-san!" His minions yelled; hurried footsteps sounded from the set of stairs leading to the rooftop. The thief took his black-gloved hands away from Sasuke's, while the officer's hands hurried to catch them.

"I guess this is goodbye for now, Uchiha-san," The phantom thief says coyly, before placing his sought-after hands around Sasuke's neck. Before Sasuke knew it, the thief's mask over his lips is lowered down, and then, those lips were on his in an instant. He stood there, shocked, and the lips were gone, and those blue eyes winked at him playfully.

"See you next time," The thief said, before he jumped down the ledge, with Sasuke in too much shock to even be surprised at the sudden escape. He knows he should be worried about the thief's death, but he also knows that he won't die from this. He's far too clever to be hurt by jumping down fifteen stories, anyway.

"Sir, where is the phantom thief?" Another one of his mindless minions asked him, and he suppressed the urge to scream his head off. He merely pointed at the ledge, ignoring the gasps from his fellow policemen. He reported to the headquarters, and he left quickly for his apartment.

The entire time, a pleasant tingle runs across his lips. Sasuke can't help but wish that he could see the phantom thief again, soon, if only to smack him over the head for rudely stealing his first kiss.

Somewhere not too far away, a blond teen is carrying a briefcase where his leather outfit is neatly folded. He watches the police investigator, which he encountered yet again tonight, walk briskly towards his apartment complex. The blond hides in the shadows effectively, despite the bright color of his hair.

"Uchiha, huh?" The name feels pleasant in his lips, and he goes back to their base where his friends (or, partners-in-crime) are waiting for him. He walks slowly, enjoying the full moon's light. He couldn't wait to tell Iruka. After all, it's everybody's dream to have their first kiss under a full moon.

To Be Continued

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