Warning : OOCness, heavy AU, shounen-ai, fantasy-like world, uber-powerful Naruto, fluff, mentions of abuse of guinea pigs/testers in laboratories, mentions and mediocre description of violence, destruction, twisted version of the identity and powers of Kyuubi, etc, etc.

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Notes : Multi-chapter: heavy AU, a bit of the fantasy-like or war-like universe… and yeah. You'll understand if you read on XD

Inspired By: My Seto x Yami fanfic, Walled City… there are also some parallel similarities with the last few episodes of Beyblade G-Revolution (especially if Itachi is viewed as Hitoshi Kinomiya)… I've also gotten fed up with Orochimaru's obvious chase for Sasuke, so I made him chase after Naruto in this fanfic XD

The world is at war.

For twenty long years, the country of Konoha –formerly called The Village of the Hidden Leaf- has battled against other countries composing the Fire Continent. Everybody's on a race for the most powerful creature that would end the suffering and introduce the light to the remaining population.

It all started when an ambitious young man in the name of Orochimaru wasn't able to take the defeat to a certain person, who was awarded the title Fourth Hokage. He started with his plans of taking down the village that didn't recognize him as their leader, and he fled away, only to land in the country of Sound.

A year later, Orochimaru became known as the Otokage, and launched an all-out attack on Konoha during an inter-country convention, taking away the lives of the Fire Continent's most important leaders.

After careful analysis, Konoha's Fifth Hokage declared that they're going to fight back. After all, it became clear that Orochimaru's goal is the legacy the Fourth Hokage left behind. It's rumored to contain powers that ordinary humans –along with extraordinary soldiers and ninjas- could only dream of.

And yet, twenty years has passed in a constant struggle. People are starting to forget why they were fighting in the first place. However, deep inside the heart of Konoha's fortress, a group of skilled ninjas and scientists have found a lead in the search for the one containing the power of the infamous Nine-Tailed Fox (Kyuubi).

The final stages of the war have finally begun.

His footsteps echoed dully across the tiled floors of the research laboratory. It's rather late, but most workers here work late at night. Everything here is in secret, since the Godaime has had it with cunning spies ruining their progress in studying candidates for the one containing the fox demon. Most workers here work in daytime to repair damages done by attacks from different nations; others join the war as elite soldiers.

He, however, is here to devote his entire time in researching and studying their most promising lead. The Fourth Hokage was long dead, so everyone doesn't have the slightest idea if there are marks or anything on the person where the Kyuubi was contained. That translates to the fact that they need to start from square one.

The past twenty years bore nothing but failures, but he is determined to end that with his arrival in this underground laboratory. His older brother devoted his entire life –no matter how short it was- in researching about the Kyuubi and its possible container. He's here to complete his brother's dream, along with a number of other reasons.

He finally reaches his destination, a huge metal door with a bluish-silver button discreetly hidden on the left side. He pushed it firmly, and a box emerges from the wall. He types in the PIN code after swiping his identification card; he leans down so that the machine could perform a retinal and iris scan. The door finally opens after chirping in a computerized voice: "Welcome, Uchiha Sasuke."

He grunts with the obsessive security system, but he couldn't blame the scientists here and the current Hokage, since there'd been too many incidents of spies accessing information about their researches. He was transferred here by Tsunade herself, telling him that his characteristics and strengths will be of more use in the laboratory rather than joining others in the battlefield. He doesn't see it as an insult to his powers; rather, he's grateful that Tsunade has finally noticed where his interest really lie.

The door opens, revealing the person the whole of Fire Continent is going after; the same person that consumed Itachi's interest and time throughout his life. He gasps in surprise. After all, that person's supposed to contain the demonic fox that destroyed the whole continent years ago. Sasuke was expecting someone brash and violent and ugly (or somehow, the person have mutated into developing red furs as well).

This person locked up in a glass cylinder filled with greenish liquid, however, is nothing like that. He's—

He's beautiful.

Wires and cables are connected to the cylinder, and some of the wires are connected directly to the person. Sasuke's one of the selected few who could access this room, the room completely devoted to this person.

Large plasma screens surround the room, and they're brought to life with Sasuke's entrance. Images and statistics of the teenager flashed around him, and the darkened lights made the person in the middle of the room stand out more.

Uzumaki Naruto, one of the screens flashed, along with the birth date, age, and other personal information.

Naruto is in a fetal position, floating inside the cylinder; he's asleep and unmindful of the wires gathering data about him. Sasuke has been told that Naruto has had a rough day, after more than ten tests about his abilities.

Blond hair fanned around the teen, as bubbles erupted from the bottom of the cylinder, making it look like Naruto is a trapped fish inside a huge aquarium. Sasuke's feet take him closer to the observation cylinder and he stops when the glass is within his reach. His hand moves upwards on its own, and it gingerly touches the cold, hard glass. He feels a strange buzz in his fingertips, as though some kind of power is being transferred between him and the other male inside the cylinder.

He continued softly touching the smooth surface, and he felt a particularly strong jolt within him. He lifts his obsidian eyes, and he's greeted with the sight of clear blue eyes, staring straight at him.

He stares at his test subject coolly, his face composed into that emotionless façade. His heartbeat picks up pace with his realization of how much beautiful Naruto is when seen up-close, but he refuses to let the heat color his cheeks. He clears his throat, and he delivers his statement with an oddly calm voice. "I'm Uchiha Sasuke and from now on, I'm the one in charge of you."

To Be Continued

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