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Chapter 1

Roronoa Zoro walked down the hallway of East Blue high school and stopped outside the library. He looked up at the sign above the door that said 'Quiet Please' and brushed a hand through his sea foam green hair.

"Man, I really don't want to go in there. It's so quiet, and stupid, and there's no place to sleep, and it's just… stupid." he rubbed the top of his head and then let his hand fall to his side as he glared at the library door. Sanji shoved him from behind, nearly pushing him into said door.

"Will you stop whinging and walk in for Christ's sake. You're giving me a headache." The blonde said placing a hand to his hair as if to emphasize the point.

"Shut up you shitty cook." Zoro replied. Sanji was an apprentice chef at the Baratie restaurant on weekends and so Zoro took it upon himself to make sure the blonde didn't get to much of an inflated ego, although that would be kind of hard to do, seeing as the blonde already did have an over inflated ego anyway.

Zoro sighed and pushed open the door, walking inside and making sure to glare at anything or anyone that dared to be in his way, or even look his way. Sanji followed until he spotted Nami sitting alone at a table by the window.

He fluttered off to talk with her, arms and legs waving as he did his famed noodle dance. Zoro rolled his eyes and walked towards the bookshelves, searching for the book he was supposed to get for his next assignment.

"I really hate this place." He muttered.


Monkey D Luffy was never one for being quiet, and just because there was a sign on the door of a library that said 'Quiet Please', that wasn't going to stop him from being himself. The young boy skipped down the hall, black hair bouncing almost as merrily as the boy was humming.

"It's a new world, it's a new start…" he sang and then shoved open the door to the library, arms spread wide. "HERE I AM!" he shouted, large grin in place. The librarian looked up sharply, her tiny glasses slipping to the end of her nose.

"Shh." she said holding a finger to her lips. Luffy rubbed the back of his head nervously and grinned rather sheepishly.

"Oops." he said and gave a little laugh. A long nosed, curly haired boy who was sitting at a table not far from Nami and Sanji, sighed as he saw his friend and went back to the book he was reading. Luffy, regardless of the librarian's warning, waved happily as he spotted Usopp.

"Usopp!" he called and ran over before the librarian could shush him again. Usopp looked up with a smile.

"Heya Luffy." Usopp said, his voice considerably quieter than Luffy's. Luffy didn't get the hint.

"Whatcha readin'?" Luffy asked, his voice still loud. Usopp smiled and shook his head.

"Boring stuff Luffy, you wouldn't get it." Usopp muttered before looking back down at the large book again. Luffy pouted a moment and then shrugged and dropped his bag on the table.


Sanji watched Nami carefully as she pored over a book, pencil tapping against the notepad as she read.

"Ah, Nami is so beautiful when she is reading… what are you reading Nami?" Sanji asked. Nami looked up.

"I'm studying for a test. Don't you remember the history test we have next Tuesday?" Nami asked. Sanji thought for a moment and then he stiffened.

"Test? What test? Oh, wait, I studied last night." Sanji panicked and then calmed down, settling his head back on his hand, elbow resting on the desktop. Nami sighed irritably and went back to her book.


Zoro read the spines of many books, his mood not improving as the book he was looking for continued to elude him.

"Hello!" a voice suddenly yelled beside him. Zoro jumped and looked around to see a black haired boy grinning widely up at him. Zoro scowled. "Need any help?"

"I should ask you the same thing." Zoro responded sarcastically. The boy tilted his head.

"Why would I need help?" the boy asked in return.

Okay, this kid doesn't get sarcasm. Zoro thought and then walked pointedly away from the boy, hoping he'd catch the hint that he didn't want to talk to him, and would leave. The boy didn't catch the hint. Instead, he followed Zoro eagerly.

"You look kinda lost, are you sure you don't need any help?" the boy asked. Zoro growled. He really wished this kid would bugger off.

"No. I'm fine thanks." Zoro responded.

"Well…" Luffy muttered as he pulled out a tattered old red book and began flipping through it. "if you're sure." Zoro peered at the book in the boy's hand and noticed that it was in fact the one he was looking for. He reached out a hand for it and the boy handed it over.

"I'm sure." and Zoro walked back towards the librarian. Luffy watched him go, unaware that he had just been rebuffed and then saw Nami.

"NAMI!" he yelped and ran over.


Nami got up from her table and closed the book.

"Five minutes until class Sanji. We had better go." she said glancing at her watch. Usopp wandered over, carrying Luffy's bag in his hand.

"Whatever you say my lovely Nami." Sanji responded as he got up.

"Hey Usopp. Is Luffy here too?" she asked interestedly. Usopp nodded and pointed towards the bookshelves where Luffy was now running at top speed towards them. He skidded to a stop in front of the three and grinned.

"HIIII!" he cried and then took his bag from Usopp. Nami shook her head and smiled.

"Hi Luffy. You and Usopp had better hurry, or you'll be late for class." she said. Usopp sighed. Luffy nodded.


Zoro looked over from where he was checking his book out. His eyes narrowed when he saw the black haired boy talking with Nami as the four walked towards the exit.

Damn kid knows Nami as well. Greeeat. Zoro thought before resignedly walking back over as Sanji yelled something about being late.

"Hiya cool weird haired guy!" the boy called. Zoro lagged behind and so Luffy shrugged, and just ignored him.

"Hurry up Zoro, if I'm late for my next class because of you, I am going to charge you fifty bucks for every minute I have to do a detention." Nami said sourly. Zoro ignored her.

"Ah, my Nami is so sweet when she is roughing people up for money." Sanji cooed.

"You call that sweet?" Usopp asked and then shivered. Luffy stopped for a second and everyone turned to look at him.

"Yes, my Nami is always sweet!" Sanji cried before turning to look at Luffy as well.

"Where's Chopper?" he asked. Usopp looked around. Zoro raised an eyebrow, his curiosity momentarily getting the better of him.

"Who's Chopper?" he inquired. Luffy paused in his searching of the floor to look at Zoro.

"Huh? Oh he's my cat." and Luffy grinned. "He has a blue nose, so he gets a bit beat up around where I live so I take him with me to school." Luffy finished with an even larger smile.

"Hmm, now where did he go?" Nami sighed, her books held close to her chest.

"I've told you before Luffy, you shouldn't bring him in here. The school will find out about it and then you will be in trouble." she explained, actually sounding a little worried. Luffy pouted.

"It's better than Chopper getting beat up." and Luffy gave her a big cheesy grin as he waved a hand at her unconcernedly. "besides, the teachers'll never notice." Zoro, who had been momentarily stunned, suddenly came back to life.

"Wait… he's a cat? And you brought him to school? You're dumber than I thought." Zoro muttered.

"Zoro, be nice you moron. Besides, if he's dumb, then that must make you downright friggin' stupid." Sanji said with a taunting smile. Zoro glared.

"Bastard." and he trailed off into a string of curses.

"Well, it's not like I'm gonna let him get beaten up by a bunch of bullies." Luffy looked down as there was a sudden meow at his feet. A small, mouse brown kitten looked back up at him, tail wrapping itself around his leg and little blue nose twitching underneath warm chocolate eyes.

"Ohh, there's my Chopper!" Luffy cooed and bent down to pick up the cat and pet him, cuddling the little cat close to his chest. Nami glanced at her watch again.

"Anyway, Luffy, off to class!" she said suddenly. Luffy stiffened.

"Oh yeah!" and he gently placed Chopper inside his bag and skipped hurriedly away. Usopp sighed, waved a hand to say goodbye, and then followed Luffy to their class. Zoro sighed.

"Thank god he's gone." he said.

"You know, you're very grumpy today." Sanji commented as they walked.

"And I'll be even grumpier if I get another detention, so hurry up bastard!" Zoro snapped.

"Ooh, touchy today aren't we?" Sanji mocked.

"Just walk you asshole." Zoro muttered. While the two were arguing, Nami placed her books in her locker, and then disappeared, leaving the two older men to continue their argument as they walked to class.


Luffy looked over and nudged Usopp in their classroom.

"Hey, what class have we got now?" he asked. Usopp nodded his head towards Nico Robin standing beside her desk, hoping Luffy would get it, but Luffy being Luffy, just stared straight back, as blank as a brick wall.

"History." Usopp sighed.

"Cool!" Luffy cried and grinned. Usopp twitched and placed a hand to his head.

"Okay class. Today we're going to learn about the immigration in America. Can anyone tell me why so many people travelled to America?" Robin asked.

"Because there… was a big treasure buried there!" Luffy cried without bothering to put up his hand. "And the pirates wanted it!" Robin smiled, but ignored the obviously wrong answer.

"Anyone else?" she asked.

"Because they were being chased by the evil blue tortoise!" Usopp called, also not bothering to put up his hand. Robin twitched and shook her head, finally giving in and telling the class the correct answer. Luffy began writing it down and then jumped as Chopper meowed loudly from the bag on the floor beside his desk. Luffy quickly ducked down, sticking his head in the bag.

"Oi Chopper. Shh, it's okay." Luffy whispered and then popped back up again. Robin watched him for a moment and then smiled, turning away and choosing to ignore the incident. Usopp shivered and leaned over to Luffy.

"Luffy, you shouldn't bring that thing to school." he whispered, rather scared.

"It's okay. Robin never notices!" Luffy replied brightly. Usopp sighed and shook his head.


Sanji shoved Zoro into a seat and then sat down beside him, placing his bag on the floor.

"Bastard." Sanji muttered. The teacher twitched but she ignored it.

"Asshole." Zoro replied as he dug a book from his bag.

"Marimo head." Sanji responded as he pulled out a pen.

"Shitty cook." Zoro snapped, testing a pen on the paper by scribbling at the top of the page. That was it for the teacher. She spun around and glared at the two boys.

"Quiet down you two! Now class, open your books at chapter 4." she said sweetly and then scowled.

"Bastard." the two said together and then glared at each other. The teacher sighed in defeat before turning back to the board.


Luffy and Usopp gathered their books, shoved them in their bags, Luffy a little less violently to avoid hurting Chopper and then walked out of the classroom as the bell rang. Luffy chuckled.

"That was fun." he said. Usopp shivers.

"Damn, you could have kept Chopper still. He meowed all the time and the only one that didn't notice was you!" Usopp cried still so scared after the class that he was shaking. Luffy crossed his arms behind his head as he walked and grinned.

"Robin didn't notice." he said smugly. Usopp shook his head, obviously still thinking the older woman had.

"Whatever." he replied, not really willing to start another argument.


Nami walked up to her locker and kneeled down on the floor, and began placing her things inside, packing up for the day. She sighed and looked around as two figures worked their way through the crowd towards her.

"Bastard." Zoro snapped.

"Asshole." Sanji replied.

"Magic eyebrow."

"Marimo." Sanji returned and Zoro was about to come back with a particularly good name he had just thought up when a loud meow made them look around.

"Damnit. Is that kid back again?" Zoro asked grumpily and began to mutter incoherent curses which everyone promptly ignored.

Luffy jumped as Chopper meowed and pulled the bag off his shoulder.

"Sorry. There ya go bud." he said as he pulled the cat from the bag and placed him on the floor at his feet. Luffy giggled and then looked up as Nami strolled over to lean down and stroke the cat.

"All done for the day?" she asked after giving Chopper a scratch under the chin. Usopp shrugged.

"It's a miracle how the teacher doesn't notice the cat with him." he said. Nami furrowed her eyebrows delicately.

"Wanna bet Usopp?" she asked. Usopp looked up as he pushed his hair back into the bandana that was tied around his head.


"I bet that in a week the teachers will have noticed." Nami said smiling cheekily.

"If you saw how Robin acts then you wouldn't say that." Usopp returned, ignoring the cheeky smile the woman was wearing.

"Okay! Twenty bucks says I'm right." Nami bet. Usopp sighed.

"…Oh god, what have I gotten myself messed up in?" he muttered. Luffy, who had been grinning down at the cat winding it's way around his legs, looked up at the sound of scuffing feet. His grin brightened as he saw the man from the library.

"Oh! HIA COOL WEIRD GUY!" Luffy cried at the top of his lungs, waving his long arm like a windmill. Zoro tensed and then turned away, muttering something to Sanji about going to his locker before walking away. Sanji sneered.

"Wimp!" he yelled after the retreating back of his friend, or more likely, fellow senior. Luffy scratched his head and then pouted.

"Awwww, he left." Luffy whined. Usopp looked at him.

"That guy is scary Luffy. You're better off not knowing him." Usopp muttered before shivering.

"What? Did you say something?" Luffy said before grinning and running off to stalk the elusive weird cool guy. Usopp shook his head and turned to the locker.

"Hi locker, how are you today?" he asked sarcastically. Nami smirked as she watched Luffy run after Zoro, keeping low like some kind of ninja, but actually looking like anything but.

"Nami, might I ask what you are smirking about?" Sanji asked.

"The fact that Luffy has chosen Zoro of all people to stalk…and that I'm gonna be twenty bucks richer." Nami replied as she pulled her bag onto her back. Usopp's head snapped around.

"Oi!" he said loudly. Nami turned and winked dangerously at Usopp before walking towards the exit to the school.


Zoro stopped by his locker and opened it.

"Damned Maths test on Monday, so I need that one…" and he muttered about other subjects as he pulled out more text books and shoved them roughly into his bag. "Okay… time to go home." and he smiled as he shut his locker. Luffy, who was watching from the corner frowned. Luffy doesn't like being ignored and with a quick jump he landed beside Zoro.

"HELLO!" he shouted grinning widely. Zoro jumped and swore before turning to the grinning kid and scowling.

"What the hell is your problem kid? Why the hell won't you leave me alone?" Zoro demanded furiously. Chopper, who had finally caught up to his master, gave a loud meow. Luffy shrugged as he gave the green haired man a cheesy grin.

"Just because." he replied.


"Namiiiii, tell me your plan! I know you have one!" Sanji cooed as he walked beside the orange haired woman. Nami smiled mysteriously, giving a Sanji a sly wink before saying,

"Ah, we'll see how this plays out first." Usopp followed her as they walked past where Zoro and Luffy were standing. Luffy picked Chopper up and began to pet him.

"Of course my precious Nami, what would you like for dinner tonight?" Sanji replied as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

"Oi Luffy, are you planning to stay here or what?" Usopp called. Luffy looked over and Zoro looked over as well, causing the long nose to quiver.

"Whaaa? Of course not!" Luffy called back before turning back to Zoro expectantly. He pulled his bag over his shoulder, rather clumsily as he had a cat to hold at the same time. Zoro sighed, rubbing his temples with his fingertips.

"Just because. Can I bash my head against a wall just because? Or maybe I could run over myself with my motorbike." he muttered. Without looking back at the boy, he began to walk towards the exit, his shirt coming untucked as he did so.

"I gotta get some sleep. I'm turning into a loony." he muttered, Luffy not in hearing range. He was watching Chopper as the cat purred happily under the warm hand stroking his back. He looked up and noticed Zoro was gone and ran after him. Luffy caught up and walked side by side with the taller man.

"No. Then you would die… and that'd be a shame." he said happily. Zoro paused a moment to look down at the boy, slightly shocked by the boy's thinking and then he scowled again.

"You're not going to leave me alone are you?" he asked.


Sanji hovered around Nami as she thought of what she would like.

"What ever you feel like making Sanji." she replied finally. Sanji paused and then he jumped a little, doing a little skip beside her.

"Ah, my Nami has faith in my decisions." he cooed. "It will be a surprise!"

"Very well." Nami sighed.


Luffy ran his hand over Chopper again, holding the cat close to his chest and then cuddling him and smiling.

"Nope." he replied. They managed to reach the exit at the exact same time and Sanji's hearts and bubbles display faded as he saw Zoro. He frowned.

"Oi shithead, go to the store and pick up some meat for tonight's dinner." Sanji growled. Zoro turned and glared at the blonde.

"Go and get it yourself!" he snarled. Sanji smiled smugly.

"I have to take Nami home. She can't be late for her favourite show. Besides, it's an honour to have her in my car." and Sanji's visible eye glinted as he imagined certain…things. Nami noticed this and frowned.

"Hey, don't you go 'imagining things' alright?" she snapped. Sanji was shocked.

"Of course my dear Nami." but his eyes continued to glint anyway.

"Fine, whatever." Zoro muttered as he walked down the stairs and onto the path. Chopper purred happily as he was carried down the stairs by Luffy who was humming his song again.

"Whaaa?" he said stupidly before hugging the cat in his arms, "Ok, I'll be off then. See ya guys!" and he waved like crazy, his free arm moving like a windmill. "Say goodbye to the cool weird guy Chopper! He he." and ran off, bag swinging wildly and cat meowing. Usopp started and then yelled, catching Luffy's attention again as he ran after him.

"Oi! Luffy, you forgot to get the tickets for the party on Sunday!" Usopp cried. Luffy chuckled sheepishly as he took them from Usopp.

"Party! Yay!" and he punched his fists in the air before running away again. Zoro sighed in relief.

"Yeah… goodbye." he muttered as he walked towards his motorbike.

"Good." Nami sighed before getting in Sanji's car. "Let's get going."


Luffy stopped running as he reached the street he needed, and ironically it just happened to be where the store was located. He petted the cat in his arms absently as he looked around.

"What should we do today eh Chopper?" Luffy asked before giving a small sigh. "If only Ace were here, then there would at least be something fun to do. Shame he left. Oh well." Little did Luffy know that down the street, his new found friend the 'cool weird guy' was parking his bike beside the same store he was heading towards.


Zoro walked towards the store, also oblivious to Luffy, who was busy staring at all the different signs on the windows. Luffy stopped at the side of the store and placed Chopper on the ground.

"Now, you stay here and be good Chopper and I'll go get you some food." Luffy cooed. Chopper mewed and Luffy smiled before walking into the store.

Zoro stood beside the meat, eyeing the different types of meat he could buy.

"Damned bastard Sanji didn't tell me what kind of food he wanted." he muttered before grabbing up a packet of mince and then turning as a packet of chops caught his attention. "...those might be alright."

Luffy chuckled as he walked through the door and stumbled on the step. He wandered into the aisles and looked around before smiling and grabbing a random box off the shelf.

"This one!" he cried, startling the man that had been standing four aisles down. He skittered over to the checkout and placed the box on the bench in front of a dark haired woman who was reading a magazine and chewing on the side of her finger. Without looking up, she grabbed the box and scanned it before saying.

"That'll be one fifty." she said and held out a hand. Luffy fumbled in his pockets for a bit before pulling out the money and giving it to her. Luffy grabbed the box and as he scooted away, waving and yelling,

"Thanks Shop lady!" before he ran out the door.

Zoro bought the mince, reconsidering about the chops and then walked out the door, thinking about sword fighting and food. He was so immersed in his thoughts, that he didn't see the small person that was standing in front of him and therefore, walked straight into him.


"Sor- Hey, it's you!" Zoro said. Luffy got up and brushed himself off before grinning up at Zoro.

"Hey cool weird guy!" he called before glancing around. "Chopper? …where is he?"

"Yeah, I have a name you know, and I take it you've lost your stupid cat again." Zoro replied.

"What? You have a name? Of course you have a name and Chopper's not stupid." Luffy said pouting as he continued to look around for his cat and began rustling the box.

"He's stupid if he keeps getting lost." Zoro sighed before looking up at the sky. "I think it's going to rain." he muttered, more to himself than Luffy. The younger boy crossed his arms and frowned, still pouting at the same time. He placed the food in his bag and smiled.

"Well, what is it then?" Luffy asked. Zoro paused and then scowled as he placed the mince in his bag as well.

"I don't have to tell you." and then began to walk away.

"Aww, hey come on, tell me!" Luffy whined as he followed. He glanced around, still wondering where his cat went.

"Grr, fine, Roronoa Zoro, now will you leave me alone?" Zoro demanded.

"Hi, I'm Monkey D Luffy!" Luffy cried. "Nice to meet you!" and he gave a large cheesy grin. Zoro grunted as he swung onto his bike, not really listening to the boy. Look up at the sky, annoyed as rain begins to fall. He looked over at Luffy, who had his head tilted back and had his mouth open, letting the rain fall on his tongue.

"Listen kid, you'd better find your damn cat and go home, or you're gonna get really wet." Zoro cautioned. Luffy smiled.

"Nah. I like the rain!" he cried, "As for Chopper… nah, I just gotta find him." Luffy said before turning away. "Bye Zoro!" he cried. Zoro was about to start up his bike when he groaned and then continued to curse every fibre of his being for wanting to help this kid as he swung off of is bike.

"I'll help you find him." He muttered. Luffy paused and craned his neck over his shoulder.

"Really? Yaaaay!" he cried grinning. "Thanks Zoro! He probably went home…" and he began to walk down a darkened alleyway that smelled of rotten garbage and cats. Zoro looked around, following the young boy.

"Where are we going? I'm gonna get wet!" he complained. Luffy didn't even bother to look over his shoulder as he replied.

"Uh… well, I live here. Chopper doesn't usually go off on his own, but sometimes I find him heading home. I don't know why though. He's a weird cat." Luffy finished and then chuckled. Zoro raised an eyebrow.

Weird cat for a weird owner. He thought.

"So, you live down here?" Zoro asked aloud.

"Yeah!" Luffy replied and then grabbed Zoro's arm as the rain began to fall heavily, drenching the two instantly. "Uggh! Not good!" he cried as he dragged Zoro down the alleyway towards a small apartment.

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