Title: Another Time
Summary: Lorelai meets Luke a lot sooner, just after her and Rory have moved into 'The Crap Shack'. They become friends but Rory, who is only seven but not stupid, knows that her mom and can tell that she likes Luke more than she is letting on. So she sets out to get them together. Go Rory!
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Chapter One:


The bells jingled above the door of the diner as a young girl of about seven years walked into the establishment for the first time. Her Mom said she had been a few times recently and apparently they made the best coffee around here. She spent a couple of minutes to take in her surroundings. There was noise everywhere; there were people at every table, everyone years older than her. She could only see two spare seats at the counter, so she climbed onto one and waited to be served. She sat in silence glancing around the room looking out of the window every so often to see if her mother had finished in the shop across the road yet. She was only supposed to be picking up a few 'groceries', but she knew that meant she would come back with thousands of bags full of sugary goodness. She remembered the last time that they had one of their special girls night in. She loved them. Her mum and her would stay up all nights watching films and joking about the unrealistic storylines or the terrible acting.

"You have money?" asked a young man wearing a blue and red flannel shirt, a worn baseball cap and jeans, dragging her out of her thoughts.

"Umm… no, but… I think I'll have a burger and coffee please"

"I can't serve you if you have no money!"

"No, but…"

A costumer came up to Luke and asked for some new cutlery, apparently it had 'jumped' off the table. "One minute Kirk. If you don't have any money, little girl, you can't…" He was cut off.

"You will do won't you, sweetie. Tell the mean man how you're going to be the richest person in the whole world." Luke had been so busy arguing with Rory and that he hadn't even heard the bells above the diner this time.

The young girl laughed at her mother's words, who as she had expected was carrying three bags overflowing with unhealthy treats. She placed them at the foot of the still empty stool located next to her daughter and flung her self onto the seat. She rested her head on her hands that were placed on the counter, that was previously clean, before the unfortunate but intended coffee spillage of about five minutes ago.

Rory nodded, smiling sweetly up at the man. "I'm going to be a journalist." She informed him.

"Nice to know. Are you going to eat?"

"Yes, umm… I'll have a burger, with extra cheese."

"Same here please." Rory added not forgetting her manners.

"Ok, make that two. And coffee." Lorelai ordered. Luke rushed off to give in the order.

They chatted for a while, Lorelai's head resting on the counter again, but she would still mumble a thing or two. Rory hesitated before asking her mother a possibly fatal question. "Umm… Are we, uhh, going to the Christmas party next week." She finally managed to mumble.

"What party?" Lorelai lifted her head to speak to Rory properly. Oh, great, now she might have to mention names?

"Ya know, the Christmas party?" Rory really didn't want to mention her grandparent's names, but her mother wasn't taking the hint.

"No idea what you are talking about here." Her mother looked totally baffled by her young daughter's question.

"There is normally a party this time of year…"

"Yes, honey, I know we're not the only ones that have Christmas parties in December." Lorelai joked. "Maybe if you told me who was hosting the party?"

Ok, the direct approach. "Grandma and Grandpa." Rory pushed her index fingers in her ears so as to stop herself hearing her mother call her by her full name, which she was sure she would. Her mum didn't like it when she mentioned 'them'. Aka. Richard and Emily.

Her mother sighed and pulled her daughters hands away from her ears.

"What would you think if I told you we haven't been invited?"

Rory was sure that she must have misheard her mother, but the last time the four of them were together there had been a bit of an argument. Well, that's sure to win understatement of the century award. No, it was a huge brawl that ended in Lorelai and Rory climbing out of her mother's old bedroom window and down the drainpipe. There had been little contact since. Only the odd phone call here or there. But Rory was sure that they would have been invited to the Christmas party. Obviously she was wrong.

"Coffee. You know this stuff could kill you one day!" Lorelai noticed a large cup of steaming coffee in front of her, and turned to argue with the man about his statement, but he'd gone. Vanished into the sea of costumers. Oh well. She took a long sip of her beverage and placed it back on the counter.

"So, we're not going?"

"I guess not. Not that I enjoyed going. The food is the only thing I'll miss." Lorelai continued to babble on about the food and the horrid guests, who criticise everything and anything, but Rory knew her Mum was as shocked as her about not getting an invite.


"Yeah, Ok." Rory saw her smile and then take a long sip of her drink. Rory tried her best to do an imitation of the famous Gilmore pout her mother had been teaching her for years, which she was still trying to perfect. She caught Lorelai's eye as she looked up for the large cup. Lorelai laughed at the sight, but allowed her daughter to finish the last of the coffee.

"You're letting her drink coffee? Unbelievable! Do you…"

"Thank for the food!" Lorelai grabbed the plates and placed them on the counter and then she gave Luke a little shove so he couldn't begin his rant about children and caffeine. "Fine, fine, I'm going!" Luke held his hands in the air.

Lorelai and Rory ate their food still chatting about anything and everything. Rory had finished her burger and was bugging Lorelai to buy her a doughnut, when Lorelai's phone rang. Not bothering to check the caller ID, or noticing the sign the other side of the counter, blatantly forbidding the use of mobiles in the diner, she flipped open the phone and heard that horrid shrill voice that she hated so much.

"Lorelai? It's your mother. Are you ok? Why aren't you talking to me? Are you ignoring me again, because that is such a childish thing to do? Lorelai?"

"Yeah, I'm here Mum."

Rory had opened the book she had started reading yesterday and had begun reading the penultimate chapter, hoping to finish it before her mother came off the phone, so that Rory could continue the fight to win a doughnut. But decided that she would meet her mother back at home. She grabbed a napkin and a pen out of her bag and scribbled Meet you back at home. I feel sorry for you! Rory x and walked out of the door, which made the bells jingle again.

Lorelai watched her daughter leave and pulled the napkin over so it was in front of her. She smiled at her daughter's words, but that shrill voice in her head, well ear, was back. "No… I don't need to know what you were going to ask, the answer is no…well… Mum, I don't know… ok, when?… the 23rd, uh I don't know… Of course… Fine see you then! " She slammed the phone shut and sighed.

I don't want to go shopping with my Mom! Lorelai cried, resting her head in her hands.

She noticed the shadow that was looming over her. "What now?" She looked up at the tall man right next to her. Luke said nothing but pointed to the sign behind the counter. "Yeah and?" she was so not in the mood for this, she had just spoken to her mother, this was really not the time.

"You can't read?"

"Oh, I thought I could. Well if you say so."

"The sign."

"You know I don't think you can actually manage to form a whole sentence, but you know you just have to ask. I don't mind teaching you. I am, after all, the queen of talking."

"I'd never of guessed. Forget it." He wondered back into the crowd. Lorelai tried to follow him with her eyes but lost sight of him. She stared at the spot he had disappeared into, hoping as if by magic he would appear again. But with no such luck, she sighed again and gathered her things, slid on her coat, placed her bag on her shoulder and gathered the Doose's bags. But not before she fished out the money to pay for the food, not forgetting to add a tip of course.

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