Summary: Six years after Breakdown ended, Twelve year-old Patty wants answers. Not just about Dan, but about herself ...


Patty, 12: Molecular Immobolization and Moleculor Combustion.

Wyatt, 10: Orb, Teleorb

Chris, 8: Orb, Telikinesis

Cassie, 7: Orb, Ice-over


Matthew, 7: TK, Astro-Project

Carson, 4: Ivisability, Deflection


Laci, 5: Levitation, Premonitions


Holly, 5: Orb, Conjour

Patty's POV

I watched as mum threw her hands up in a familiar guester. But she wasn't fighting a demon here. It was him. The bad man. My father. A huge patch of blood spread acroos his chest. I wasn't upset or anything - he meant nothing to me, never really had. Leo is my daddy now. But still, mummy has this look in her eyes ...

I woke up, bolt upright in my bed, panting and sweating. With a sigh I flopped back onto my bed. Not again.

The same recurring nightmare; my mum killing Dan. Except it's not really a nightmare, it really happened, and I really saw it. I saw the whole thing, although she still doesn't know that. I saw her get possesed, I saw her blow him up, I saw her cry when he died. Then I saw her get over it. I may only have been five at the time, but I know what a weight his death had lifted. Dan, the person that made her life hell for years, the one who shot her, who organized for me to be kidnapped. But they're different stories altogether.

Dan is my biological father. Technically. But as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't have the right to be called my dad - only Leo does. The good guy, who saved my mum from Dan, who took care of her, who fell in love with her. And me. Who took me on as his daughter. Who treats me exactly the same as his "real" kids. Who doesn't refer to my brothers and sister as his "real" kids. Who as far as I know, doesn't think of my as not his.

As far as I know.

I really think he loves me the same, though. He's always been there for me. He's seen ever school play I've been in, even when mum and my aunts couldn't make it. He convinced my mum to let me have ballet lessons, and didn't complain when I gave up after a month, and didn't let mum get mad at me. He healed every cut and that made me cry, so I wouldn't cry any more, even though it's against the rules. (Not just the elders', my mother's too).

No question, he's my dad.

But lately, I've been having "dreams" about Dan. Not nice dreams, not the kind that make me want to meet him, or wish I knew him. The kind that scare me, that make me wonder what kind of monster I'm apart off.

And the kind of so-called dreams that make me wonder ...

How the hell my mother could love me.

So it's really short, but it is just the prologue. Let me know what you think. And I'm thinking of alternating the chapters between Patty's POV and Piper's. Should I do that, or just do third person?