Title: Burning Light

Pairings: Major John/Riley(oc), Minor Rogue/Bobby. There might be others.

Summary: During the events of X2 John(Pryo) had a girlfriend. Basically the retelling of X2 with a new character but also some action that obviously never occurred in the movie.

Disclaimer: I don't own anybody or anything but Riley.

A/N: History about how Riley and John might be put into flashbacks. I was actually going to do like a prequel that's basically them getting together and how Riley came to be at the mansion and everything.

Chapter one: Museums, Not so boring.

Bobby, John, Riley and Rogue stood before a large screen mounted onto the wall half watching some poorly made documentary that appeared to be going into great detail about various forms of animal evolution. Though if an outsider had to observe them for long enough they would realise that none of the foursome were actually paying attention to screen but rather were staring blankly at it in the hopes that their teachers wouldn't notice their total lack of interest at being in the museum. To be honest they were only on the school trip because it meant they got to avoid a full day of studies at the mansion, however they didn't realise they would be quite so bored being away from the school. Still a free day is a free day.

John scoffed and rolled his eyes at the screen and gave up all pretence of watching it and turned his attention to the petite blonde, Riley, by his side instead. His arm was lazily draped around her shoulders, his fingertips intentionally wound into the bottom of her hair, soft curls wrapped around each finger. He tugged gently on them until she looked up at him in slight confusion; in response he pulled her slightly to face their companions. Both of which were sending shy smiles to each other believing no one was watching them, both John and Riley resisted the urge to mock their nauseating display of affection.

John sighed deliberately to call their attention to him, "Can we go somewhere else? I'm bored as hell."

Both of them nodded enthusiastically, to which Riley expressed her relief, "Oh, thank god!"

A few people around they whipped their heads around to look at the teens as they laughed and joked with each other, annoyed at the noise interruption in the otherwise quiet building. An older tutted in annoyance before turning away as they headed in the direction of the food court.

Now seated around a small round table in the food court, Riley and Rogue looked on in amused disgust as both boys practically inhaled their burgers, barely taking the time to breathe in between bites. Taking a gulp of water Riley was slightly startled when someone nudged her foot sharply, looking across the table she noticed Rogue nodding her head to acknowledge something behind Riley. Frowning lightly she turned and promptly rolled her eyes when she saw two older boys heading their way. She'd noticed them when she was standing in line to be served, they'd been standing off to the side not doing much other than stare at the people passing them by, leering when it came to pretty girls going past them. She hadn't given them much notice then and she didn't particularly want to give them much now.

"Hey, man. Can I get a light?"

The question was quite obviously directed at John who was playing with his lighter, whilst while annoying the group to no end, gave off the impression that he was a smoker to outsiders. Both of the girls exchanged a glance, expressing their dread at the impending situation, John was impulsive and easily irritated by his friends, his impatience with strangers was much shorter.


His answer was simple, direct and straight to the point; it was also sort of rude. It was nothing if not pure John.

The one holding the cigarettes furrowed his brow in annoyance, "Why not?"

"Cause I said no." John replied sneer firmly in place.

"Why you being such a dick?"

It didn't take a genius to figure out the guy was getting annoyed, he wasn't asking a major thing however unlike most people who would simply comply to avoid a confrontation, John ignored the question and went back to playing with his lighter. Raising a brow Riley took the opportunity to look up at the guy asking for the light; curious to see how he was reacting to John's ignorance. What she didn't expect however was for him to give her a quick glance over, particularly at her chest and wink at her. Scoffing in disgust she inched closer to John hoping upon all hope he would get the hint, if anything it made him look more interested in her. John oblivious to the exchange going on over his head gave her a questioning glance but didn't object to her closeness.

Smoking guy's friend decided it was time for him to get on the action since no one else seemed to be jumping in anytime soon, "My brother asked you a simple question!"

Smoking guy appeared to gear back up at his brother's statement, "Why you being such a dick?"

The other boy quickly parroted him, "Yeah, why you being such a dick?"

Snickering at their exchange, John simply relied, "Because I can."

Amused at the growing flush on Smoking Guys face, Riley looked up to catch his brother waggling his eyebrows at Rogue while leering at her chest to which she scoffed and looked away blushing. Although proud of her for her reaction, Riley felt she should be used to the male attention, the white streak in her hair did nothing if not attract more men to her. Mystery and all that crap, they weren't aware she couldn't touch; all that mattered to them was that she was hot.

Obviously annoyed the guy spoke through gritted teeth, "Can I have a light?"

John pretended to look thoughtful at his lighter as if considering his request seriously before snapping it shut with a chuckle, "Sorry, can't help you out, pal."

Riley barely caught Bobby make some snide comment about showing off, thus starting another Bobby VS John boring argument over nothing. Zoning out she glanced around the museum in vague interest, briefly wondering who in their right mind would willing come here that wasn't some form of teacher. It wasn't exactly her idea of a good idea, however given she went to a school for mutants she supposed her definition of a good time would be very different from that of a normal persons. She was pulled out of her thoughts when a hand snaked in front of her face and John shot out his seat seconds after. Eyes widening she twisted in her seat to see smoking guy had took John's lighter by force and was currently lighting his cigarette with it as his brother pushed John back, refusing to let him past to reclaim his lighter.

John's features twisted into a dark scowl as he glowered at him, "That's real cute, man."

Hearing the suppressed anger in her boyfriend's voice made Riley quickly stand up and move to his side to touch his arm lightly as she knew one wrong comment could set him off, not something she wanted to happen in a building full of normal people.

"John, don't."

He shrugged off her arm and took a step closer to the two boys, his body tensing as if waiting for them to make the first move. This is exactly what they did, in exactly the wrong way.

"What you gonna do?" Smoking guy scoffed before moving to puff on his cigarette.

John stared at him, the glowing end of the cigarette catching his eye making him smirk slightly before winking at him. However she discovered he wasn't really winking at him but in fact using his own cigarette against him, fire burst forth from the end, quickly snaking its way up the sleeve of his jacket faster than he could blink. Thinking quickly Bobby jumped up from his seat and darted around the table with his arm stretched out, a thin layer of ice shooting out to coat the other boys arm, stopping the flames. Riley slapped John sharply across the chest for laughing at the poor guy's misfortune, aiming another one for his head as he continued his hilarity, however it fell in confusion as everyone around them suddenly stilled, it didn't even look like they were breathing.

Horrified Rogue turned to her boyfriend, "Bobby, what did you do?"

In a similar state of panic and confusion he replied, "I didn't do this!"

"No, I did."

The voice came from behind them and caused each of them to cringe slightly, knowing they were going to be in for hell when they got back to the mansion. Turning they adopted sheepish expressions as they looked down at The Professor who had wheeled himself over to them and looked on at John in disappointment.

"Next time you feel like showing off…Don't."

The silent tension was broken when the TV broadcasted breaking news about a recent mutant attack on the President. The Professor quickly dropped the impending lecture and announced instead that they'd best be on their way home. Following the others out of the museum, Riley turned to John who was walking at a sedated pace beside her, he caught her looking at him and gave her a cheeky grin in response to which she responded by rolling her eyes. Grabbing his hand she dragged him to catch up with the others before they got into trouble for falling behind.

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