Title: Burning Light

Pairing: Major John/Riley(oc), Minor Rogue/Bobby. There might be others.

Summary: During the events of X2 John(Pryo) had a girlfriend. Basically the retelling of X2 with a new character but also some action that obviously never occurred in the movie.

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Chapter Eight: Grief

Numb was the best way to describe how Riley felt at this moment in time as the waves below swallowed their saviour. She watched the grieving group before her, barely aware of her own tears that streamed down her face. Another beautiful person lost for the cause, for freedom. She was just gone, just like John. Except Jean left to save them whilst John left them for total selfish reasons, she knew that now.

He just left her, no explanation, no I'll be back for you, hell not even a see you around and worst of all she let him leave. She thought he'd come back with the others. He didn't. He left her for Magneto, he believed that mutant could show him the man he was meant to be. He'd turn him into a murderer, a man so obsessed with freedom for mutants that he'd start a war, like he cared if John or anyone else got killed for his cause. He didn't care about mutants he cared about superiority.

'I love you, you know that right?'

Was it really only hours ago that he'd said that to her. Maybe it was lies, he was probably just in it for the sex. She repeated that in her head hoping maybe she'd eventually believe it but she couldn't, she knew John despite his tough guy image, his reputation for being a rebel, he wasn't capable of being so cruel.

She laughed humourlessly in her head, 'But cruel enough to break my heart without a second thought'

She felt a silky hand slip over hers, she looked up and caught Rogue's watery eyes, the other girl tried to smile reassuringly at her but it fell flat. Riley forced a weak smile in return despite it and turned her hand gripping Rogue's tightly and tried to stop herself from crying.

Rogue pushed open the door to her and Riley's room and her heart broke at the scene before her. Riley lay curled up on her side in sweatpants and an oversized sweater which Rogue was sure belonged to John. What broke Rogue's heart thought was the violent, gut wrenching sobs coming from her friend who looked like she hadn't stopped crying since they arrived home.

She'd never seen Riley so hurt, so defeated and to be honest it scared her, first losing Jean Grey who Rogue thought was pretty much unstoppable, she was so strong and so was Riley in her own way but Rogue got it now. John was Riley's strength, the thing that made her believe nothing in this world could hurt her and he was gone, he just up and left her.
She made her way silently over to the bed and climbed slowly behind Riley and careful not to make any skin to skin contact she pressed herself against her back and slipped an arm around her waist hugging her tightly to her in silent comfort.

Bobby who had arrived in time to see Rogue climb onto the bed with Riley stared silently at them. Riley and himself had never been particular close, they spoke and were civil to each other but both knew that they only did it because of Rogue and John.

'Bobby, I know you and Ri don't get on but if I'm never around, promise meā€¦promise me you'll take care of my girl, man.'

Pushing back his own grief Bobby moved toward the two girls and sat on the floor at Riley's side of the bed, she looked down at him through puffy, red watery eyes. He reached out for her hand and she desperately latched onto it as she continued to cry, seeking comfort from the two bodies beside her.

So caught up in their thoughts and grief, not one of them noticed the silent figure peering through the glass at them nor did they see tears fall from the figures eyes before they turned and left disappearing into the shadows.

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You guys rock, among others lol. Here's a little taste of Riley in X3 if you guys want me to write it.

Blue eyes bore coldly into brown eyes which brightened upon seeing her. John smirked lazily at her as he let his eyes roam over her body.

"You look good"

Face blank she replied, "I feel good"

His smirk widened, "I remember"

Riley stiffened slightly before relaxing and smirking at him which made him slightly wary as she approached him pressing her hands against his chest as she leaned up, hot breath blowing across his ear.

"Honey, I'm way better now"