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There will be minimum spoilers in this fic, as I plan on going through most, if not all of the plot in the game. Anywho, here's the full summary, because the whole thing won't fit on the site.

Full Summary: When the Chosen's group rescues Lloyd from the Desian base, they also find a thief by the name of Leon, who wears an eyepatch over his right eye. Colette believes she's seen him somewhere before, but suprizingly, he dosen't know a thing about his past. Unwillingly, he tags along with them on the Journey of Regeneration, to find the answers to his questions.

Chapter 01 : My name is Leon, and your loot is mine!
He was running. Running like his life depended on it.

Because most likely, it did.

He stopped for a moment to shortly catch his breath, panting as he quickly glanced down the hallway, making sure there were no enemies to attack him. Spotting none, he continued to breathe heavily.

He heard footsteps down the hallway behind him. They were fast, and were gaining on him.

He steeled himself and started to run again, feet stamping so wildly he was afraid he would stumble and fall down.

He didn't get very far, as his back suddenly exploded with pain and a force sent him flying into the ground.

Stuggling to get up, the boy turned around and looked at the man, eye-to-eye. The man, standing up, pulled out a sword out of thin air. "Well, it looks like you found out our secret." he stated, lowering the sword to the spralled boy on the floor. The boy looked on in sheer horror, but the man disregarded it. He simply raised his sword, pointing the end at the boy's head.

"You have discovered too much. It is time that you fall silent. You will never see me again. Goodbye."

The sword came down.


"If I had half the Gald that I'd stole, I'd still get around."

So said Leon, a rogue teen who was an excellent thief. He never bothered to comb his hair, so his blonde hair was always messy, albeit clean and held up with a bandana, but always messy. He wore a brown leather vest over a black T-shirt and a red scarf over his neck. He wore loose brown sweatpants and leather hiking boots. He had a strap next to his belt that carried a dagger, and he had a black eyepatch over his right eye and wore black leather, fingerless gloves. His only visible eye was cerulean blue.

But Leon wasn't any ordinary boy. He was a thief. And not just any thief from the Triet Desert. He was the best. He could steal from someone he was striking up a conversation with. He could steal something that wasn't even there. No one knows how he is, or became, the best. In fact, the only thing they know about him is that, if he's near, your valuables are in danger.

What they don't know, however, is that Leon had these abilites thanks to an exsphere he had hidden on his body. It had increased his stamina, reflexes, and various other aspects of his body.

This very same boy was walking around the city of Triet, looking around the city for something to do.

"You know, the desert can become a real drag once you've come and gone here for your whole life." he commented out loud. Sure, the outpost that eventually became a town was entertaining at first, but there are only so many people you could steal from until you get bored. This was exactly Leon's perdicament.

It was at this moment that he saw a few short figures entering the town. The first one was fairly tall, possibly a teen like him. His hair looked like it was gelled upwards and was brown. The teen was wearing a red sweatshirt that had too many buttons for Leon to count, and gray overalls with red boots. Seriously, he thought, it's like the kid's obsessed with red or something. The teen also had two hilts attached to his sides, with their respective swords inside them. The only other notable thing about him was the white straps attached to his collar, and dangled from his back.

The second figure, smaller than the first one, was also oddly dressed. He was small, and had white hair, of all things. He was wearing a blue cloak of sorts that also had white designs imprinted on it. He was wearing black shorts underneath the cloak and matching blue shoes. He had something attached to his back, but Leon couldn't tell what it was.

The last figure was bigger than the other two, but it wasn't human. Leon tried to squint at it, but he still didn't know what it was. Throughout all of my slayings of hostile creatures, I've never seen one like that before. It LOOKS like a wolf, but that hair color is unnatural.

He kept watching them when they feinted back and hid behind a stable near the entrance. Leon raised his eyes and looked to the left and raised his eyebrows.

Several soldiers dressed in red and silver armor were talking in front of the billboard next to the Inn. All of them but one spread out soon after while the lone one put up a poster on the billboard.

"So that's it." The two guys must be in trouble with the Desians. But for what, I wonder? Leon shrugged and walked towards the billboard. Well, none of my business, but I may as well study a fellow criminal. Leon studied the wanted poster.


Criminal #0074 : Lloyd Irving

Charges : attacking officers on duty, breaking a non-aggression treaty, and defying Lord Forcystus.

HIs personality is spotty, but he is believed to wear red clothing with various buttons, have two swords, and when addressed, calls out 'Give me your name, and I'll give you mine!'

Alert the nearest Desian patrol immediatly if spotted.

A reward for the criminal will be granted of 1,000,000 Gald.

Leon whistled. "This guy certainly is reckless, I'll give him that." Leon mused, still staring at the picture. Leon glanced over his shoulder at the two boys hiding behind the stable and they immediatly ducked out of sight. It was then that Leon noticed something. He took a longer look at the poster, and then looked back at the boys again, who once again ducked. Don't tell me that... Oh, this is gonna be FUN...

Leon, using his thief agility, quickly snuck up to the wall next to the stable and listened closely.

A young voice piped up. "Do you think he saw us?" That voice probably belongs to the little kid. I can't imagine a teen or a dog having that kind of voice.

A deeper voice replied. "I don't know. He's gone now, so I guess he didn't." The person sighed. "Man... wanted posters and search parties. They're really serious."

The kid spoke up again. "We need to hurry and find Colette."

Colette? That name seems oddly familiar... but I guess I know a LOT of names... And why on earth do they need help from a girl?

"Hey, I thought we were looking for Colette to protect her... This is more like we're looking for her for help."

"Does it really matter why we're looking for her? You think too much when you don't have to!"

Ouch. That's a burn if I didn't know one. Leon smirked. Well, like I said in the beginning, this has nothing to do with me, but... Leon looked over at the wanted poster and regarded the last sentence. I may need some incentive to get back to Palmacosta.

After he made sure the two boys had left, Leon walked out from the small crack but bumped into someone on the way out. He quickly apoligized. "Excuse me."

"Hey, watch where you're going, filth!"

Leon glared with his only eye at the passerby, who unfortunately turned out to be a Desian.

Unfortunate for him, anyway.

"What did you just say?" he growled at the soldier, who simply growled back at Leon.

"I called you filth, filth." the Desian shot back, and Leon could swear he saw an arrogant face past the soldiers helmet. "You're acting pretty high and mighty for scum. Maybe I should remind you who you're dealing with!" The Desian lifted the whip he was carrying and unwrapped it above his head in the air, and prepared to swing it down-


-but was stopped immediatly when the Desian felt a sharp pain through his chest, and blacked out, falling to the ground. Leon flicked the dagger in his hand and put it away. He looked down at the body and the whip that was now cut in half.

"It was unlucky that you came across a man that is skilled with a dagger." Leon looked across the city. "Dammit, it looks like I can't stay here long. They'll find him here soon enough, and then there will be trouble."

Leon looked left and right, before heading off towards the shops.

Taking care of supplies for the journey, Leon walked towards the entrance of the town, and spotted the two kids from earlier. He smirked. I might need some extra cash incase something arises. He climbed on top of one of the unused buildings (AN: Remember the one with the blood stains?) hid the bag up there, and jumped off in front of the two.

"Hey!" the young kid yelled out. "What's the big idea?"

"Why, the big idea is that everything of yours of value is about to become mine. Now, hand it over, unless you want to visit a hospital."

Lloyd, or 'Red' as Leon had dubbed him, had one of his blades drawn. "So, you're a thief, huh? Well, we're not your average travelers!"

"And I'm not your average thief, Red. But heck, we could keep spouting words, or," Leon crouched into a stance, "we could back them up."

"Fine by me!" Lloyd dashed forward and the kid stayed back and started waving something around. Leon kept his eye on Lloyd though, as he came forward and slashed with his right blade. Leon however, was to fast and side-stepped from the swipe, and reached for his dagger.

Lloyd took the oppurtunity to unsheath his other sword and used his left arm to swipe again at Leon, who once again dodged.

It was near this point that Leon heard a voice shout out, "Fireball!"

Looking towards the source, he saw three flames charging towards him. Leon widened his eyes and tried to jump back, but was too late and was hit by two of the balls. As if that wasn't enough, Lloyd took the opening and slashed at Leon with vigor, with Leon parrying the blows with his dagger, but still suffering nonetheless.

But before he could jump away, Lloyd swiped his swords from the ground upwards and yelled out, "Demon Fang!" A wave of energy came rushing at Leon and pushed him back, spralling to the ground.

Growling in pain, Leon stuggled to get up, and eventually did that. Both Lloyd and the kid were standing next to each other, looking at him. "We really don't have time for you right now." Lloyd stated, challanging Leon through his eyes. "We need to find someone right now. You're just slowing us down."

Leon chuckled under his breath. "I'll admit you took me by suprize, Red, especially the pipsqueak over there. But do you honestly believe that it's over? 'Cause I can assure you..."

The next moment, he was in front of Lloyd with his dagger armed. "...It ain't over!"

The following moments were held in slow motion.

Leon dragging his dagger across the sand.

Lloyd gasping and moving his swords.

The kid stepping back in horror.

Leon's blade hooking upwards.

Lloyd screwing his eye's shut.


And the ear-wrenching whistle.

"Wait!" a voice shouted. The three boys turned their attention to three Desian soldiers who were walking towards them, pushing any bystanders out of the way. All of them relaxed from their battle and Leon stepped away from Lloyd. The three Desians stopped a few meters from them.

One of them spoke up. "Dosen't he look like the guy on the wanted poster?" He pointed at Lloyd.

"Let's see..." another one said, looking back at the poster on the billboard. He turned his head back towards them. "Yeah, he looks just like it!"

The young kid spoke up yet again. "Good for you, Lloyd. They say you're good looking." His voice had evident sarcasm that was poorly hidden.

"Do I really look that bad?" Lloyd asked the kid, who shrugged.

Leon didn't seem amused by it. "Can we talk about Red's poor fashion sense some other time?" he asked them, but recieved glares from them. "What?"

"Aren't you supposed to be our enemy? And why do you keep calling me 'Red'?" Lloyd questioned Leon, who simply grinned and shrugged.

"Temporary enemy. And as for the 'Red' thing, like I said; poor fashion sense."

"Like yours is any better." Lloyd shot back.

"Hey; I'm a thief. The point is not to draw attention to myself."

"HEY!" one of the Desians shouted. "Take us seriously!"

"Hm?" Leon looked back at the Desian patrol. "Sorry, but it's hard to take you seriously, considering how weak your friend was."

"What are you talking about?" one of them asked, readying their whip for some action.

Leon gestured to the back of the stable. "If you'll look over there, you'll see what I mean."

One of the Desians walked into the alleyway and immediatly shouted out; "He's dead!"

The other two became enraged. "YOU LITTLE PUNK!"

Leon sighed as he got into his fighting stance and was ready for the soldiers to attack. Lloyd also got ready, and Pipsqueak began preparing a spell. The two Desians with whips began advancing as the other one stayed back and also prepared a spell. Both Lloyd and Leon dashed towards them, and Lloyd engaged the nearest one, slashing with his swords. Leon, however, jumped over the two of them and ran towards the mage preparing the spell.

"Your loot is mine!" he announced as he dashed past the Desian and skidded to a stop behind him. The Desian looked back and laughed.

"Hey, you missed!"

"Oh, no I didn't." Leon shot back, and lifted an Apple Gel in his left hand, which he immediatly put away. "Something tells me you won't be needing this where you're going." Leon dashed forward and brought his dagger down on the Desian, slicing him and making him collapse. He looked back to the other two and finds them attacking the kids. Then he noticed that the smaller one was taking a beating from the Desian, which alerted Lloyd immediatly.

"Genis! Get back!" he shouted, trying to deal with the one he was occupied with. Leon noted this. Red can take care of these Desians easily, but that kid, Genis, will have a hard time because he has no means of attack. Leon saw Genis trip and landed on his back, and the Desian towering over him raised his whip.

Leon's eye widened as he recalled a scene that seemed familiar.


A shivering child was cowering under a man with a whip.

The man brought the whip down.

Screams of agony.

And again.

Screams of pain.

And again.

And then...


(End Flashback)

I know I'm going to regret this, but- Leon dashed toward Genis and the Desian, readying his dagger. The Desian proceeded to lash at Genis with his whip. Leon saw his chance and jumped forwards over the Desian, who was already bringing his whip down on the small mage...

But didn't even get halfway, realizing that his whip was now cut in half. And Leon, still in midair, was glaring down at the soldier with his single eye.

The minute he landed, Leon spun around and brought his wrist sideways across the Desian's chest. He fell to the sand in an instant, and Leon finally relaxed as he sheathed his dagger in his belt.

"Th-Thanks..." he heard a mumble behind him and looked back at Genis, who was now standing up.

"Aw, don't mention it, kid." Leon said and kneeled next to the slain Desian. He whistled as he pocketed the corpse. "What do we have here? A Magic Lens. This could come in handy."

Lloyd was finished with the other Desian soon after and rejoined the two. "Heh. All talk."

Genis admonished him. "Lloyd, don't let you guard down, or you'll regret it."

Leon shook his head. "No, I agree with Red. These guys were weak."

Lloyd looked at Leon disapprovingly. "Why do you insist on calling me 'Red'?"

Leon shrugged. "We've discussed this. Poor fashion sense. Now," he stepped back and unsheathed his dagger once again, "where were we?"

Lloyd glared and drew one of his swords. Leon dashed forward and slashed upwards and Lloyd swung down to meet the attack. They locked blades for a few moments.

Before both of them felt intense pain course through their bodies.

"Whoa!" Lloyd shouted in suprize. He fell over and fainted.

"Guh!" Leon also grunted from the pain, and soon blacked out.

He could hear some voices speaking, like Genis shouting Lloyds name, and a few unrecognizable voices before the darkness enveloped him completely.

Chapter end.

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