I killed him. But you only hurt the ones you love...


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I cared for the boy. In my own twisted, cruel way, I did care. It wasn't much, but a small sliver of my cold and dark heart had melted in his light, basked in his quiet strength. And in its own fashion, my mortality had come back bit by bit. I held onto it, held onto him. As long as he was mine, I felt I could repent for my past.

Perhaps in the end I had used him, but I can assure you that I did indeed care about my landlord. I cared, I tell you. I cared. I went through hell for him, I learned to be human again to please him. I had become a demon before my host, but for him I willingly slipped back into the role of mortality, of humanity.

All of what I did, I did for my host. To hurt him was sacrilege in my eyes, those who did were punished severely. I gave him my soul in the end, because I cared.

That was what killed him, of course. My dark and empty soul. Because I cared for him, I cared.

And, as with all before him, my care was his curse. My care killed him.

Justas it shall kill the next, and the next, and the next. For all eternity.

After all, you only hurt the ones you love...

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