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Roy stopped at the window of the infirmary and gazed in. It was late so there were no other visitors and luckily most of the beds were empty, making it easy to find Riza. For a moment he just stared at her lying in the cot without going in. Once again he felt the guilt take hold of him like a hand around his throat. She was injured on his behalf, probably not for the first time, luckily not the last either. Roy knew he didn't deserve to have her around, but he realized he'd never be where he was without her, but he also knew it would take more sacrifice to get where they were going. He shook his head to clear the thoughts and put his guilt trip at bay for now.

Once he made it across the room to her cot he took a chair and sat next to her. The moonlight coming in through the window showed her to be sound asleep in her hospital gown. He could see now that her covers were pulled up to her underarms, but it didn't hide from him the ample amount of bandages. Until then he hadn't known the extent of her injuries. She never did want him to know when she was hurt, even something as trivial as a paper cut. He supposed that she didn't want him to worry, but he always would.

Roy could see that she'd been wounded on her shoulder and arm from where the bandages were. What he couldn't tell was what kind of weapon had done it. More importantly he didn't know who had done it. When Havoc and he had happened upon the accident he hadn't taken any time to look at the other driver. He looked down at the floor to keep from getting angry but he wasn't sure whom he was angry with. Riza because she got hurt on some mission he hadn't even wanted her to know about, the person who'd hurt her or himself for not protecting her. He began to get lost in his own little world of self-deprication and didn't notice her wake.

Riza was a light sleeper. Roy had caused her to stir when he first opened the door to the infirmary, noting that door had always had a squeaky hinge. She wondered why he was here and how he got in at this time of night. It was long past visiting hours, but then again Roy had a certain charm with women and he probably had no trouble getting the nurse to let him in. But that still left the why unanswered. She heard him take a seat next to her, and after a few moments he started murmuring to himself. Riza wasn't an idiot, she knew that he was blaming himself for her condition just like he always did in times like this.

"Sir, you shouldn't be here." She said, startling him out of his guilt trip.

Roy nearly fell off of the chair but recovered and slid his chair closer to her. "Well, I would've come earlier but…" he attempted. "I mean, why wouldn't I…" he tried again. "Of course I should be," he finally settled on.

"It's late, you'll make people suspicious, Sir." She whispered looking towards the door as if to give him the hint it was time to leave.

"Well, Hawkeye. I figured you could tell me what you were up to in private or I could come back when everyone is awake and ask you then if that's what you want." Roy challenged her, letting her know he wasn't going away without an explanation.

Riza turned and looked him in the eye, "I was keeping a promise…Sir."

Roy cringed and looked anywhere other than those deep amber eyes. He had already known that she wouldn't do anything reckless unless it was to protect him and it killed him to hear her confirm it. After a few moments he slammed his fist against his knee "I'm going to fry the person who did this…" he muttered more to himself than to her.

"Sir," she started.

He looked at her, "You know I can't let them get away with this. I don't care who they are, if it was those thugs that were sending the letters I'm going to-"

She cut him off with a harsh whisper, "Sir!"

"What Hawkeye! You can't expect me not to do anything about this!" Roy raised his voice, letting emotions seep into the conversation.

"Just shut up you stupid man," she replied with a hint of annoyance. Roy froze with his mouth open and ready to continue though the words had somehow escaped him. "You don't have anyone else to worry about now." She stated simply as if to say that was that.

"Don't tell me not to worry about it Riza, someone tried to kill you!" Roy exclaimed incredulously, not caring he addressed her by her first name. After all no one else was awake to hear the slip up.

Riza sat up in the cot gritting her teeth at the pain but doing her best to ensure Roy didn't see it. After a moment when she knew she could speak without her voice giving her away she turned to meet Roy's stare, "Sir, you really can be a simpleton at times."

Roy couldn't believe she was acting like this. He wanted to say something, anything to make her believe it wasn't ok for her to get hurt on his behalf. And that he was going to personally hunt down her assailants and burn them to a crisp. But the astonishment of being called an idiot for these feelings left him unable to do anything but gape at her.

"Close your mouth, sir." She remarked on his sudden lack of jaw function with just a slip of a smirk playing across her mouth. With him being in such a state of confusion all he did was slowly close his gaping mouth and continue to stare at her. Riza cast her gaze down and stopped smirking. "Roy… you should know the people who did this to me are already dead."

A light bulb went on in Roy's head as her attitude finally made sense. There was no one to hunt down because they never got away from her. He really could be an idiot sometimes; Hawkeye was more than capable of covering her own ass… and his. His pride as her superior would've been overwhelming as he heard that she had been so thorough in eliminating all of the threats on his life, but his first concern wasn't pride. He smiled an understanding sort of smile and put his hand on top of hers where it rested on the cot.

Riza looked at his hand on hers but her eyes refused to meet his. Although she would never hesitate to pull the trigger with deadly accuracy when her life or Mustang's was in jeopardy, she still hated taking lives. Roy knew that it weighed on her mind as heavily as his own sins of the past did, but he never held them against her. He wanted to hold her and protect her from those demons as she had done so many times for him. Finally he helped himself to the free space on the bed and sitting beside her, put one arm aside her waist while continuing to hold her hand in the other. She winced when his arm touched her side, just barely, but she did.

"Riza," he boldly decided to continue using her first name. "Where else are you injured?"

She slipped her hand away from his and moved his arm away from her waist. "I'm fine Sir," she said avoiding his question and insisting upon the use of formalities just in case someone else in the room had woken up. "And you should leave if you're finished with your inquiry."

Roy stood up and put his hands in his pockets while he mulled over what else he had to ask her tonight. In fact, he recounted, she had left most of his questions unanswered so he didn't feel that he ought to leave. However, injured or not Hawkeye wasn't the kind of woman he wanted to piss off by pushing his luck with her patience. He let out a frustrated sigh and looked down at her. She met his gaze with a look of resolve that she did not intend to answer his questions, at least not tonight. He could also see that she was getting tired again and would be drifting off to sleep sooner rather than later. He glanced over the room as if in thought before he turned his attention back to Riza and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I think it is time to call it a night Lieutenant," he concluded. She nodded in agreement and waited for him to leave, however he continued sitting. After a moment he put a hand on her uninjured shoulder, "let's get you tucked in alright?"

Riza hadn't wanted to lie down while Roy was still in the room because she knew how much it was going to hurt. If she could help it she would keep the charade of painlessness around him because he couldn't afford to waste time being worried about her. "No…no…it's ok…Sir," she stammered hoping he would leave.

"Nonsense," was all that he said with a smile before he gently began easing her onto her back again.

Riza clenched her jaw and squeezed her eyes shut to cope with the searing pain that shot through her body. Roy had her laid back in no time, but the waves of pain were slow to fade and she hadn't noticed the quickness of his action for a few minutes. She opened her eyes when she felt a warm sensation on her lips that made the pain recede almost instantly. Thankful for the abandon she let his lips linger, and tenderly returned the kiss. He broke the kiss, and brushed her bangs to the side of her face before he stood up to go.

"I'll be back tomorrow Riza," he whispered in her ear as he promptly turned and left as if nothing had happened. Nothing ever did.