AN: I was told by a friend that I ended my story prematurely. And I believe she was correct, I mean what's a happy ending without smut. So, here you go. And now it's really done!


Roy publicly handed the folders to Hawkeye, non to obvious of course, and requested she read them over and meet him in an hour at their usual café down the road. When she arrived an hour later with the file in hand it was all she could do not to drag him to the car and speed back to his apartment. The file had been a code, and what she had deciphered was almost bold enough to make her blush in front of the rest of the office. Almost. RIza wasn't that easy to embarrass when Roy was involved.

They managed to professionally make it through a cup of coffee at the café and make general conversation with the shop owner as usual. The owner had expressed his happiness that Riza had recovered well from her car accident (full details of course being left out) and he attempted to scold Roy for not showing up at the shop in over two weeks. Only to rescind after hearing how vigilantly Roy had been attending to her in the infirmary. After some other light banter about the weather and the other usual topics the two left the shop together as Riza went outside and pulled the car around for Roy. Merely a formality of ranking, they were still in public and as always were careful to avoid giving any reason for anyone to suspect there was so much more under the surface.

Roy patiently waited as she closed the door behind him and walked around to get into the driver's seat.

"Shall I take you home, Sir?" She asked as she looked at him in the rearview. Again a formality, just in case there were bugs in the cars. Had this been a movie there would've been red lights illuminating the car and a sensual gleam in her eye, not to mention a form fitting red dress and- "Sir?"

"Yes, Lieutenant it would be appreciated." Roy had to keep it together for all of another ten minutes. Just ten long minutes.

They reached the curb in front of his apartment and parked the car in the usual place. She got out and opened the door, entirely too slow for Roy at the moment. But she had always been the one to keep him in check, so he bared with it accepting it as a necessary evil. They made it calmly up the stairs and to his door.

Once the door was locked behind them Riza switched demeanors incredibly fast. Roy had barely turned around and she was helping him take his jacket off. Or at least trying. Only having one mobile arm made it hard to gracefully or quickly unbutton it, so he wasted no time in assisting. Only to be followed quickly by his uniform shirt and undershirt leaving him bare chested as he moved in closer to Riza. He reached for her hand that was feverishly working at the buttons of her own shirt and took over for her. She moved her recently unemployed hand to roam over his chiseled body, moving up to his abdomen, over his smooth chest and up over his shoulders to the back of his head where she pulled his face to hers. They kissed hungrily with the passion that arises from a recent near death experience as it filled them with the need to hold one another and make sure they were really real. Neither of them noticed the wall that was getting closer until Riza's back more or less slammed into it.

An "Ow," escaped from her before she could withhold it as the bullet wound in her shoulder reminded her it was indeed still there and still healing. Roy immediately released her from his hold with a look of guilt and shock and stepped away to allow her to move. He apologetically looked at her as if he thought he might've broken her and she could see he was chiding himself for forgetting she was still injured. "Don't worry about it," she overcame the pain in her back to give him a reassuring, sly smile that betrayed none of what she was physically feeling. She still wanted him, no, needed him to make love her and she wasn't about to let a few bullet wounds get in the way of it.

Roy raised his eyebrows when she came back towards him, grabbed him by his pants and led him as she walked backwards out of the breezeway. He couldn't help the devilish grin that spread across his face as his warrior woman jumped right back in the saddle… well so to speak… unwilling to let his guffaw stop her. Never taking his eyes off hers, nor she from his, she brought them into the living room until gently bumping into the back of the couch. At this point Roy felt confident enough to take over again and he set her gently up on the back of the couch.

"I'll be more careful this time," he whispered as he stood in between her legs and turned his attention back to her shirt. Unfastening the one button that was left before they were interrupted her shirt fell open. Roy knelt down and feathered kisses along her stomach, making her giggle as his soft lips tickled her. He smiled when he heard her, happy that she was relaxed enough to laugh with him, and he moved upwards, slowly, tortuously kissing every inch of her. He was even more tender if it was possible when he was near her side injury, pouring his love into healing her.

Giddy that Roy seamlessly picked up where they left off, Riza ran her fingers through his messy hair as he worked his way back up to her lips so painstakingly slow. She was squirming as he sent chills up and down her spine and despite his promise to be careful she felt like she would die if he kept this up. Roy had one hand on her back to keep her stable and as he moved up her torso with his lips, his other hand slid onto her thigh and sensuously massaged its way up. She wanted to pull him over the side of the couch and take him right then and there but she knew she couldn't. When Roy had reached her upper torso finally and buried his face in her bosom.

She couldn't help but laugh at him. He turned his gaze up to her with a drunken smile, "What? I need a rest, and you looked so comfortable."

'God, that man…' she thought as she looked down at him. She wanted to kiss him. As he made himself comfortable on her chest she tried to reach down to pull him up, forgetting about her sling until it stopped her hand halfway. "Damnit," she muttered. Centering herself as best as possible she stopped massaging Roy's scalp and attempted to take the sling off. Of course the lack of ministrations made him look up to see what was going on.

"Riza, you shouldn't. You need to leave it on," he said half dreamily, half in seriousness. He didn't want to have to explain how the Lieutenant would wind up in the infirmary again by aggravating all of her injuries in one night.

"I'll be careful," she assured him. "Help me take it off."

"I've been working on it," he replied with his boyish grin.

She gave him a look for his perversion and prodded him again, "Please. It's in my way."

Sighing dramatically as he pulled himself out of his cozy resting place, he stood up and looked at the sling. Cautiously he removed the strap from around her neck and let it fall, taking with it the sling that was meant to keep her from causing more damage to her injured shoulder. He slid his hands up the sleeves of her shirt up to her neck and underneath it to caress her bare skin.

She was just as nervous as the sling came off, wondering for a brief second if it was worth the risk.

As Roy slid her shirt off, he took advantage of her bared neck and descended upon it like a ravenous beast. He knew just where every weak spot she had was and that was certainly one of them, smiling as a moan escaped her lips to confirm it.

'It was worth it,' she decided instantaneously. She moved her now free hands to his waistline and tugged at his belt as fast as she could manage with Roy's attentions quickly turning her mind to mush and her body into putty in his hands. At this point she couldn't even feel her toes, much less any pain from the injuries. All she felt was her heartbeat pounding and Roy's hot kisses burning along her collar bone as he made his way to the other side of her neck.

Roy looked up with a grin as he felt the cool air hit his bare legs when Riza succeeded in loosening his belt and pants. She worked quickly, and that was just one of many reasons he loved her. He looked her in the eye as she grinned back at him confirming that she knew, he knew, she wanted him sooner than later. He kissed her through his grin and stepped out of his pants. "Fair is fair," he smirked as he slid his hands down her back and effortlessly popped the clasp on her bra, allowing it to slide forward on her arms. He left her to remove it fully herself as he brought his hands down and around to her belt. It was no challenge to remove it just as quickly, and once he loosened her pants he brought both hands around to her backside and slid them down.

Taking the hint from Roy, Riza put her hands around his neck, cautiously relying a little more on her uninjured arm for support as he lifted her up off the couch. Once her pants fell free, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her mouth demanded attention from his once more as he walked them towards his bedroom. She was excited and overwhelmed by the heat between their bodies as he carefully laid her back on his bed and kissed his way down her body to the last article of clothing she had on. He deftly removed it as his mouth followed his hands all the way down until she was bare in front of him.

With a little less finesse he shed his remaining clothing and gently climbed back into bed with her, trying not to jostle her too much. She didn't let him keep the high ground for long as he was pushed onto his back when he leaned over her to continue where he left off.

Riza rolled him over in a swift motion and looked down to find a slightly bewildered Roy who clearly hadn't been expecting it. She smiled at him seductively and leaned down to kiss him. "I can't stand anymore of your torture Roy, I need you now," she whispered in his ear as she shifted herself over him.

They made love that night like they had the first time. Slowly, cautiously, and passionately. Grateful to be able to hold each other again, and not ever wanting to let go. The sunrise brought the cessation of their time together as they got up early to attend to some of the wounds that had opened up again during the night and to collect clothes left lying all over. Roy for once, helped Riza dress and put the sling back in place as she prepared to head out the door. Havoc would be on his way to pick Mustang up any minute and she needed to be gone by then.

"Are you sure you'll be alright to come in today?" Mustang questioned as she slipped into her jacket in the breezeway.

"There's only one other place I could think of staying, and unfortunately we've already made the bed," she remarked as she got her one arm through the sleeve and straightened out the other side as it hung over her incapacitated arm. She turned to him ready to head out, commentary aside she was already back in the role of Lieutenant Hawkeye, primly dressed and miraculously not a wrinkle to be seen. She stiffened up and the warm, lithe woman he knew once again sank under the surface of formality. "I'll see you at the office Sir." And with that she was out the door and on her way to the office to be the early bird as usual.


Havoc waited until Hawkeye's car disappeared around the corner, and slowly pulled up to the curb that her car just left. He sat inside the car for a few minutes pondering if she had stopped over before work or had spent the night with Mustang. His mind thinking back to the note he had seen scribbled on her desk after she left the office yesterday. It had been a strange note, nothing more than a list of names really.

'… Cain, Alex, Nigel and Tom. Wyatt, Alan, Igor, and Tyler. Tina and Opie. Fred, Ingrid, Ned, Ivan, Stan and Henry. West, Harriet, Alex, and Terrence. Winston and Ed. Steve, Timothy, Amanda, Ross, Teresa, Emma and Dave…"

Havoc sighed as he figured it was the making of another group of recruits that she was organizing for Mustang, and got out of the car to fetch the Colonel.


AN: If you don't get what the note was, I reference you to chapter 74 of the manga. Thanks again!