Incapable of Crying

Author Note: yeah so this is like my FIRST fanfic so please try and work with me here? . yes of course this fic is going to be a SasuGaa fic.


Because I want it to be

Anything you should know?

Yeah Gaara and Sasuke are going to be WAY OOC

Summary: Sasuke takes a walk to clear his head, only to get things more fogged up.

SasuGaa. (Sorry, I can't write a good summary without giving away what's going to happen. Oo

Disclaimer: ok here goes… I don't own Naruto or Any of the characters on Naruto. That means that I don't own Sasuke or Gaara (breaks down crying) man that is so unfair…

Anyway, let's get this story started


Chapter 1

A walk in the Park does Wonders

Sasukes POV

A walk in the Park… Yeah people always said a walk in the Park would help out. Clear you mind. Get away from it all. Free yourself… Well it wasn't working! My heads just getting more clouded up from all the whining going on. I switch my gaze left to see some kid who decided to practice some Jutsu on his friend. Apparently his friend didn't see the consequences and was now complaining about something along the lines of not wanting to die.

I turned my view to get away from the brats only to see some guy who looked like something like a jock from a football movie braking up with his girlfriend. She was screaming madly and gripping on to him like her life depended on it.

Hmph…love… never worked out for anyone, never worked out for me… guess that's just how life's supposed to go. Nothing ever really goes right… kinda sucks really…

He was pushing her away and trying to get to his car. This only resulted in her clinging to his leg like some child and whining.

Wow… didn't see that coming…

I kept walking. Yup… a walk in the park… this was working out greeeeaaatt….. (Note sarcastic tone) I decided the deeper I go the quieter it'll get. Yup, I'll just keep telling myself that… Ha… quieter, who am I kidding.

I walked on into what seemed to be a forest, didn't even notice it was a forest till I looked up and found out I was surrounded by trees. Oh well… maybe if I'm lucky I'll get lost and never have to hear another kid cry again.

I made my way deeper into the forest and in about 5 minutes I heard something that I've been dying to hear all my life…. Nothing (A/N: ha! Bet you expected something else didn't cha? ) that right… I heard nothing… silence never sounded so sweet…. Ok so it wasn't completely silent. I mean there was a bird here and there and maybe a rustle of leaves but I mean if it were completely quiet it would actually be kinda creepy.

The silence was broken by a muffled continuous crashing. It was getting louder and I was getting closer. Hmph… funny, sounds a lot like a… suddenly a gorgeous view presented itself in my eyes. A waterfall let its pure liquid shine out against the suns rays. Its water glimmering, going against the sun. Tying to see which was more beautiful.

My attention was almost instantly shattered as I saw a glint of red shine against the sun. Destroying the beauty of the Sun and Water. It only took me about 5 seconds to realize that someone was taking a bath in the waterfall.

I froze a bit and was unbelievably relived to know my presence remained unnoticed. I darted behind a boulder before getting enough courage to see who it was. I wasn't peeping or anything. I mean right? I just want to see who it is, and the moment I do I'll be on my merry little way (A/N: picture Sasuke trotting along a yellow brick road XD )

I poked my head from behind my boulder (yes, MY boulder). I focused my eyes a bit more and it hit me. Gaara… Gaara of the Sand…

Then it hit me AGAIN, Gaara of the Sand taking a bath NAKED in a waterfall! Yup, that's something you get to see EVERYDAY huh?

I froze on the spot. He was standing under the waterfall, letting the water shower on his blood red hair. His eyes were closed and water ran down across his perfect complexion.

Wow… did I just think that?

Well yeah I mean its not hard to miss that he had a perfect face… Gaara or no Gaara, I had to admit. He was pretty good looking…. Hell what am I saying? Gaara was fucking Hot! And now seeing him naked under the waterfall with the sun radiating off his smooth skin just made him even sexier. AHH! Stop it Sasuke! (Mentally slaps self) don't think such perverted thoughts! He's a Guy! You're a Guy! It's against the laws of Nature! Oh well… he never cooped well with nature anyway. Wait… would that mean I was gay? HOLYshiTwhatTHEFucK! No way! I wasn't gay! I was just admiring another mans body with great interest. Yup, I was sure as hell gay…

So how come I never noticed it until now? Wait… now that I think about it… I never really found myself attracted to girls… oh shit… I thought it was only because I was so busy trying to get Itachi. I guess I was just never really interested in Girls.

Oh man… he looked so good under that waterfall… his skin looked so smooth and creamy white. His eyes were closed like he was at peace, completely different from his usual self. I wonder if he ever showed any Emotion besides his usual 'come near me and I'll kill you' routine. I mean, seeing him now like this was enough to make your believe anything.

God Dammit, the water was just barely reaching his slender waist, but it was just covering his lower parts. His hands went to his hair softly massaging the Red strands. Some fell across his face, which he merely left. Moving his hands to his neck he slowly started to work his hands.

God, I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly his eyes slowly opened. Oh Shit! Panic mode! Panic mode! He seemed to sense being watched and turned his head my direction. AW Crap! I just noticed I wasn't behind the boulder anymore. I must've moved subconsciously! Great! Smooth move Sasuke, REAL smooth!

His eyes grew in shock and I darted for the Forest. I kept running till I was back in the park, from there I kept running till I was back In my apartment (yes I live in an apartment because Uchiha manor is just creepy when your there all alone. I mean hell it was a place where and entire clan was murdered. Like hell I was sleeping there! )

The murder didn't even bother me right now; thoughts of Gaara seeing me collided in my head. I slammed the apartment door shut and leaned my weight against it. I slide down the door and rested on the floor.

This was bad… what'll he say If I see him now?


To be continued in Chapter 2! Bwahahahahah!

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