Peeping Tom

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Chapter 10

Awaited Reunion


Just keep your eyes closed. It's not that hard. You can do it. Just keep those little fuckers closed. Think about it, that way you won't have to look at them. I'd rather not look into the eyes of anther sick sexually active fucker who wants to rape me. Not again.

I can feel his body, I suppose this one decided to hang around.

Oh well, its not the first time this has happened.

A lot of the customers that come by sometimes end up spending a few hours sleeping with me. I beg my body to move away but being drug induced, I can only drink in their unwanted body heat. Eventually they'll be kicked out and others will come. And so begins the this sick cycle of unwanted sex..

I shiver slightly. No matter how badly I didn't want to admit it, I was desperate for some heat. But obtaining heat from whoever this was out of the question.

I wonder how long I'm gonna be trapped here. Eternity can't be that long right?

I don't even remember what happened last night. But my wrists were still sore from the tight ropes that had bound me to the stage. That's right… I was on stage. I must have passed out after the announcement. No… I remember the announcers' voice, It was right before I felt my clothes being taken off of me. Right befo-- ….

My eyes widened in realization as memories of last night came flooding into my mind like rapids.


You came

That's right, I remember. I remember it so clearly. I heard your voice. You told me to hold on and I did. Saw your face, your beautiful face. Oh how I missed it so much. I've never been so happy to see someone in my entire life. Those eyes that haunted me as I spent my life in denial at Suna, those same eyes that I saw in my dreams that night, those same onyx eyes that I locked into a stare with at the Ramen Stall.

Those onyx eyes that I am currently staring at…

I blink away the sleep in my eyes. I can feel my mouth open but, obviously, choked on my words. Oh yeah… that's right… I have nothing to say, what would I say? Thank you for saving me from the strip bar before I was raped... again?

Words couldn't cut it anymore.

And it's not like I'm not content staring into your eyes right now. So I'll just stare, and stare, because that's just about all I'm capable of doing right now.

I suppose I'm still trying to process that fact that I'm no longer condemned to hell. I was given mercy, a second chance. That's why I'm here, with you.

Feeling clean sheets under me has never felt so good. But I felt somewhat out of place.

This bed

This home

These walls


There had a sense of purity and cleanliness to them.

I on the other hand, felt dirty…

The kind of dirt that water couldn't scrub off, even if you scrubbed till you started bleeding. The blood that streamed down your body would be cleaner than you. It was probably all in my head. But the feeling was disgusting. I felt disgusting. I am disgusting.

I felt a sudden pang of horror cave in on me. Why are you even here!? Why did you save me?! I'm disgusting! I'm the worst kind of filth! What's wrong with you! I don't deserve you! Why'd you do it! WHY!

I watched as your image began to fog away and blur up. My vision faltered as wet streaks of tears began racing down my dirty face. I tried to look away, so I looked down and unintentionally tightened the grip I had on your arms. I felt my bangs of hair fall across my face and for once I was grateful for it being there.

A motion that I didn't cause took place as I felt your body begin to spur. I held my breath and wished that you would ignore it and just fall asleep. But let's face it, nothing ever really turns out the way you want it to does it? Your eyes are half lidded, but you quickly take in the scene. I must look pathetic. Just spare the pity and throw me on the street right now.

Just like I said, things never turn out the way you want them to…

You did the last thing that I thought you would do, you pulled me into a death threatening hug, pulling me into a warm embrace. I took a deep breathe, just to inhale you in. After being at that bar, I never thought I'd get the chance to see you again. So, I might as well enjoy the moment.

You know how you're enjoying something good that just happened to you… then suddenly, something happens and ruins the whole fucking moment?


It didn't ruin the whole fucking moment…

But after that amazingly warm hug you gave me, your little friend who lives in the floor below decided to pay be a visit and is currently pressed against me.

I couldn't help but slightly advert my eyes and take a peek down.


Did I say little friend? Because that is far from little.

Snapping my head back to where I was supposed to be focusing, my mind swept back into motion.

Why am I naked in bed with you?

I'm not complaining or anything like that, but I mean… yeeesh… didn't expect to wake up to this.

"Morning Gaara"

You're shitting me right?

You have got to be Fucking Shitting me!!!

You go ahead and pull off a stunt like that yesterday and then sleep with me in the nude (I still have nothing against that) and now that your awake you greet me with a 'Good Morning Gaara'?

Well alright then.

Least that way we can skip all the motivational advice, I don't need any (nor did I want any). I was just the helpless victim. I'll just find my clothes and be off on my merry little way back to Suna. Which reminds me… I go missing for weeks and Temari and Kankurou don't try to come find me!? I am gonna seriously crush them in a pile of sand after poking them with kunai's for long periods of time.

But… I suppose that I do… kinda somewhat miss them…

Yeah… I miss them…

But not enough to save them from my wrath.

I guess I'll skip the crushing of the bones and just poke them with kunai's till I get bored.

Damn, there I go letting my mind wander again.

Realizing that I still hadn't replied to you're greeting, I tried to force something outta my mouth that seemed somewhat related to the English Dictionary. Naturally my words choked before I even had a chance to decide whether I wanted to speak them or not and came out something along the lines of "Nerr…rr..…r..." I don't know what the fuck kinda English Dictionary I was thinking of.

I let my mouth shut, which took a lot more effort than it should have. There was no way I was going to trust my words now. I let my head fall down and gulped before letting out a soft reply. But unless you were paying full attention every little sound that came out of my mouth I doubt you would have a chance of hearing it…

Sasukes POV

I was trying to pay attention to every little sound that came out of his mouth but I doubt I would have a chance of hearing anything. I shouldn't push him to much. I'll try a little at a time. He needs to eat something, he looks starved to death and dehydrated.

"Would you like some breakfast?", something about this conversation seemed too casual. But I didn't know if I had the authority to act like a concerned parent and panicked friend, or just a helping stranger.

Stranger would have to suffice for now, seeing as he doesn't want to talk anyway.

I climbed out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts and a plain white shirt. I didn't mind being barefoot and I was pretty much used to the cold floor. I walked to the kitchen and began to boil some hot water for something warm to drink (what we would drink I had no clue but I'd figure it out, I always do). I popped some toast into the toaster and began to fry some eggs. I hope he'll eat scrambled, it's the only actual good thing I can do with an egg, The toast was done and I expertly tossed one each onto two separate plates. Accompanied with the two hot chocolates that I managed to make (yes, it was decided that we would drink hot chocolate)

I seated myself at the table and realized that you weren't even present in the room. Light worry enveloped me as I waited. It eventually turned into full fledged panic worry. I stood up abruptly from my chair causing it to fall over and I fast walked back to my room, I crossed the hallway and the door came into sight. I had just entered the room and let out a sigh of relief/why-the-fuck-did-worry…

You weren't even out of bed yet. You hadn't even slung your legs over the bedside. No, you had only just recently completed the exhausting Step One: sitting yourself up in bed, and was now currently having difficulty with Step Two: sliding the sheets off. I let a frown take place. It seemed that your physical damage was almost as bad as your mental one. (But you did seem like a psychopath to begin with anyway…)

You were going through so much trouble just trying to peel the sheets off yourself… It was as if all the weight of the world was rested upon all your limbs. You had become frail, almost weak. No, not weak. You were Gaara of the Sand. You were not weak, the state that you're in right now was because you were drugged and exhausted, it was something you couldn't help. But you were far from weak. The fact that you had been to Hell and back and still continue to live itself proves your strength. Heh… as expected of Gaara.

Frustration had now become apparent in your features and you looked like you were about ready to quit. You glared daggers at the sheets as if willing it to spontaneously shred itself into thousands of un-neatly cut up little patches that would then be burned with the utmost individual care. But of course you're plan was all downhill from the beginning.

After my pity for you had reached its limits, I began my pace towards you to assist you with your difficult task.

I hands took grip of the sheets and in one swift movement tore them away from the bed. I picked up the clothes that I had taken from you and the thought of my next task flashed through my head once more. I motioned you to lift you arms, but you stared blankly at me. Apparently we're not on the same page here… I lifted both your arms myself and took an unnoticed intake of breath and your eyes widened. You calmed down, slightly, after seeing that I was only trying to help. I placed your head through your shirt and we continued with your dressing up in silence, no questions asked.

The silence began to suffocate me, and I didn't look like you were handling it too well either. I was about to comment on nothing in particular, anything to start conversation really, when the front doorbell rang. I smiled sweetly asking you to excuse me for a minute. You nodded your head in agreement and began to zip up you pants. Kinda sucks… I was sorta working my way up to that… Ok no more perverted thoughts, time to get the door. After reaching it and casually turning the handle, I let the door swing open and took in the face of the unexpected visitor. I gave a questioning look, as a bobbed haired boy stared at me sadly.

"S-sasuke... ano… I wish to tell you something important…"


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