This idea has been in my head for about a week. It is an odd idea, but for those of you who hate mpregs (I've only read two myself, and never finished them) this one isn't a yaoi mpreg. So what's the point of doing it? 'Cause sometimes, I like to see my favorite character suffer. Does that make me odd? Maaaaaaaybe. I don't own Shadow, or any other Sega characters (Why must you remind me, you cruel Sega people?) But Ciel, Gemini, Scorge and Eno are mine. And yes, this prolouge is a bit M-rated, but not a lot of the story will be.

Shadow stretched himself a little bit, waiting for his wife to arrive. They had been married earlier that day, and nothing could go wrong. The door opened, as the bride came in, a beautiful white bat. Rouge.

"I see you're ready?" Rouge asked Shadow. He nodded, easing his wife into the bed. He sat down beside her.

"Always am," he answered softly, twirling her hair a bit. She laughed.

"Well, this is the closest to a normal life I'll ever have," Rouge said. "My folks never did think I'd get a husband."

"Why not?" Shadow asked, a little suprised by this. "You're beautiful, you've got charm, you're perfect. I bet your kids will be too."

"Ha!" Rouge let out a laugh. "As if! With a theif as a mother and the Ultimate Lifeform as a father, no kid would be normal. Besides, I can't have kids anyway." Shadow looked at her.

"You can't?" Shadow asked her. She certainly hadn't told him this news. She looked away.

"I'm not sure exactly why," Rouge said. "My body just can't have kids. Quite a few doctors checked. But no, I can't have kids." She looked back at Shadow, who looked a little disappointed. She knew that he wanted a kid eventually, but she hadn't had the guts to tell him before. She was scared he would leave. Noticing her gaze on him, Shadow grasped her, silently wishing there was a way to help.

"At least we know no mistakes will happen," Shadow whispered into her ear, trying to soothe her. "Come on, let's enjoy ourselves." So they ended their wedding night, asleep in each other's grasp. They thought nothing could go wrong. of course, life is quite unpredictable.

Short, but hey, it's the prolouge. Turst me, this is as M-rated as it gets, so don't be afraid! Read, good people, read! (and review while you're at it, I want lots of good reviews!