Standing on the sidewalk, she looked at the people around her. The men rushing in and out her house, the reflection of the lights on her window – and her two parents being carried out in bags. And all she could do was stare. Shivering at the cold breeze on her back, she looked towards the moon which was shining bright in the sky. Usually the moon offered her comfort as it had been earlier in the night – but now it seemed cold and distant. With that she fell to the ground.

Sitting in a diner were two brothers, Dean and Sam. Sam was poring over newspaper articles to try and find there next 'job'. Dean, however, was more pre-occupied trying to find his next job – and the girl behind the counter would make for a good 'holiday'.

"Dean, are you even listening to me?". Dean was snapped out of his stupor.

"No, not really", sighing he turned to face Sam, showing he had his full attention, "What were you saying?". Sam turned and looked towards the counter and rolled his eyes at the girl that had controlled Deans attention. Similar looking to Jessica Simpson, with the I.Q. to match. Turning back to dean, he continued,

"As I was saying, I think we might have found our next job. Its in Connecticut. Girl came home on night and found her parents both murdered, like a scene from the shining. Here's where it gets interesting – they alarm never caught anything". Dean looked at Sam wondering if this was a joke. Peoples houses got broken into all the time and he wanted to drive all the way to Connecticut for this. Dean sighed deeply.

"What's so big about this. Maybe they had a faulty alarm or maybe the person who broke in new the code. I mean it doesn't really feel like our sort of thing". The two brothers stared at each other, waiting for one of them to give in. Finally dean relented, knowing more than well to trust his bothers instincts.

Standing outside the house, the two guys drew breath. It was huge, possibly close on 5 bedrooms. They both looked at each other, and started to walk towards the house. Sam reached the door first and rung the bell. A girl no older than 17 appeared at the door, which would only open as wide as the chain would allow. "Can I help you?", She called through the gap. They both hinted an accent, which sounded Scottish. Dean cleared his throat,

"Hey, were here from the alarm company. We just need to re-check some things." The girl eyed them over.

"You got any I.D. with you?". Dean and Sam both flashed her the badges they had – freshly made from that morning. After carefully looking the over, she closed the door and un-hooked the chain. Pulling back the door, the two brothers seen that she was only about 5ft 4, with short brown hair. Her clothes looked as if little thought went into the this morning. A large grey sweatshirt and a baggy pair of jeans was all she wore, with her hair tied up.

Dean and Sam walked into the house. Dean whistled and turned to the girl, "Nice place you got here". The girl just continued to stare at him. Dean decided to ignore the glare he was currently receiving, and moved about the rest of the room. Sam turned to her and took over the public relations side of the job.

"So, it says in the report that you came home and found your parents, um, well they were…", Sam lost his words, but the girl just continued to hold him under her icy stare. "Um, so, you came in and the alarm was still programmed?".

"Yes, I came home and found my parents lying in this hall with their blood surrounding them, and your crappy alarms did fuck all to help them", she said, her voice filled with painful emotion. Sam hung his head. He hated this part of his job.

"I'm so sorry miss…?",

"MacRae…Emma". Emma turned and looked at the floor, to the spot were she found her parents. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take it out on you. Your just doing your job after all".

"No, it's fine", Sam walked over and put an arm around her, "I realise this must be a painful time for you". Awkward silence filled the air. "Um…Did you, Did you notice anything strange when you came in. Emma turned to look at him, confusion etched across her face.

"Yes", she said slowly, "Yes, there were several runes on the wall, painted in-", Sam quickly cut her off,

"Do you remember what they looked like?", he asked excitedly. He through Dean an 'I-told-you-so' look and turned back to face Emma.

"Yes, I drew them down before the clean-up. There in a notebook up stairs".