Sarah stood in the field. She couldn't believe that Shawn wanted to meet her here. At first she thought it was a bit strange, but put that all aside and decided to come. A black car pulled up that she didn't recognise. Out stepped two guys who looked really familiar. It suddenly dawned on her – those were the two that were in her house. This was all Emma's fault. Sarah sat down on the ground and began to chant.

Sam and Dean unloaded the car of everything they would need. Sam looked over but couldn't see Sarah anymore. "Hey Dean", Sam called out, "Where did she go?". Dean turned to see what Sam was meaning. It had seemed Sarah had disappeared.

"Crap", Dean said, and grabbed the stuff he needed and ran towards the spot where she had stood. As they got closer they realised that she was on the ground whispering something to herself. "Quick Sam, do it now", Dean said. They both started to pour salt around her. Sam pulled out the book he had and started to say something in Latin. Sarah's eyes flashed open. She tuned to look at them. Her eyes were as black as two lumps of coal. She started to laugh.

"Its too late. You can't save her now", She said. Sam tuned and looked at Dean confused. Dean made a motion to keep him reading. Sarah let out a piercing scream that echoed around the field. A blue light erupted from her chest. As Sam finished the last word the light stopped. Sarah's shoulders dropped and her breathing slowed down.

"Did it work?", Dean asked. Sam shrugged his shoulders. Dean leaned over and picked up Sarah. The least they could do is make sure she got home safely.

Emma woke up on the bed she was lying on. It took her a minute to recognise where she was. The motel room was dark and Emma started to worry that the guys weren't home yet. She crossed the room and switched on the lights. "Ouch", she said softly and flicked away a bug that bit her on the back of her neck. Just as she was sitting back down on the bed, the door flew open and Sam and Dean walked in. "Hey, are you alright? I was starting to get worried", She said, looking at them both.

"Yeah, were fine. Um, Are you…ok I mean?", Dean asked. What Sarah had said to them kinda freaked him out. Emma nodded and Dean sighed with relief.

"So that's it over?", She asked them. Dean and Sam both looked at each other.

"It should be", Sam finally said. Emma sat down on the bed. She had been thinking about this for a while. She now just had to pluck up the courage to ask them.

"Hey, um, I was wondering", Emma started to ask, "I mean, it's pretty big and understand if you don't want to…but, well now I'm alone, I was gonna go live with my dad's parents in California. Um, I was just wondering if you guys could take me there?", There, she had said it. There was two reasons behind her asking them this. One was she just didn't feel safe now that she knew it was a something that had killed her parents. The second was…well Emma didn't feel ready to say goodbye to Dean, just yet.

"Sure", Dean said. Emma looked up at him gratefully. "I mean, if that's what you want, it shouldn't be too much of a problem or anything…". Sam smirked at Dean. He doubted that he was just doing this out of a kind act.

Emma stood outside the big house. She had lived here the last 7 years of her life. Now it was time to close the door on that chapter of her life. Sam and Dean finished putting the last of her stuff in the car and shouted for her to come down. Emma turned her back on the house and walked down the steps to the car. She opened the door, and slid into the back seat. Dean turned on the stereo and AC/DC filled the car. Emma sat back on the seat on closed her eyes. "Dude", She said to Dean, "You really need to update your music collection". Sam laughed out loud and Dean just smiled. Maybe this would work out after all.


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