Hey all! This is my first poem uploaded on here, and I truly angsty one at that.

Sa32: she doesn't own Yu-g-oh or any of it's characters, but she did truly write this poem.

Back To Then

Tears of sadness run down my cheek.

Your love has been hid away.

I feel so tired now and I feel so weak.

Why, why couldn't you stay?

Our destinies had brought us together,

but now, we are apart.

You created a hole when you left forever,

you tore a hole in my heart.

Before you left, we had a 'fight',

that's the sole reason you went.

It's my fault, I won because I'm the Light,

and you were gone, heaven-sent.

You went back to your time, and left me alone,

Though friends were by my side.

You were my Darkness, my light was your own,

behind a mask of cheer, I now hide.

Time has gone by and I have totally broken down,

no longer do I truly smile.

I worry my grandfather and friends throughout town,

my soul is no longer worthwhile.

I do not converse with old friends any more,

nor do I play my old games.

Being happy seems to now be such a chore,

I miss you, and your chains.

I want you back, my other half of my soul,

I feel like I'm going crazy.

Pretending to be happy for Grampa is taking it's toll,

without you, everything seems hazy.

Back then, you were always there for me,

you truly cared and it is you I love.

You had to leave though, I could not even see,

that you'd still watch from above.

It doesn't matter now though, for I'll be seeing you soon,

I'll slit my wrists, and I'll meet you again.

My blood spills now, and forms a puddle of maroon,

I'll be with you soon, and we'll go back to then.

By:Yuugi Motou

This was sad, but I didn't feel too happeh anywayz. eh, no prob, I feel lotz bettah now! . Also, if anyone wants me to add a chapter for Ryou and/or Malik, I'd be happeh too, since I was writing one for Ryou anyways, just say whether or not in a review. PRESS THE PURPLE BUTTON, ONEGAI!

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