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Wait a minute, did you just summon three monsters in one turn, that's against the rules.


"WAA! Oww!"


Yami fell out of Seto's large bed as he heard his cell phone ring. He pulled it out of he's pant's pocket which he found on top of a lamp. They threw their clothes every where when they ran into the room to get in the large bed.

"Hello this is Yami Mouto speaking, who's calling please?"

"Yami? Good I found you. Yugi did give me the right number."

"Who is this?"

"You don't know me because you were in a coma when I visited you and Seto Kaiba. My name is Brian Griffin and I am investigating the hit and run scene of you and your friend."

"Oh, he not just a friend."

"He's your boyfriend, am I right?"

"How did you…"

"It was easy. Besides, I accept the Gay society. I have a cousin named Jasper who is gay."

"Okay. Do you know who ran over me and Seto?"

"Yes but I want you and Mr. Kaiba to come down to the station."

"Okay, we will be there by eleven. Bye."

"Good bye."

Yami hang up his cell phone and looked at the sleeping brunet on the bed. A wicked idea formed in Yami's mind. He climbed on the bed and began to jump and yell.

"SETO! IT'S TIME TO GET AND GREET THE DAY! GET OFF YOU HOT ASS AND GET DRESSED!" Yami yelled at his tall koi. Seto shot up and came face to face with a smiling red-eyed Pharaoh. (A/N: Didn't he do something like this in Egypt?)

"Goodie! Your awake pretty boy. Get dressed. We have to eat and then get to the police department. I'll tell you all about it at breakfast." Yami said as he jumped of the bed and gathered his clothes.

"Yami tell me why you are in such a rush." Seto said as he put on his underwear. Yami turned around and saw the Seto was getting his shirt on. "I told you that I'll explain at breakfast."

"Hey Yami, where are my pants?"

"You threw them out the window during our feat of passion. You said you were never going to need them again." Yami said as he wrapped his arms around his thin boyfriend. (A/N: Does anyone out there know where I got that line from?) Seto saw that his pants were half-way out the window. He grabbed them and put them on. "Awww…I like it better when you are pants-less." Yami said to Seto who had just put on his pants. Seto gave him a weird look.


"Am not Seto!"

"Are to. You want me to be naked don't you? You can't deny it, because I have a hot body." Seto say playfully and he turned around. The next thing he knew was that he was on the ground with Yami sitting cross-legged on the CEO's back. "You are right about the hot body thing, but you are the uke and you obey me, the seme. Now! Let me ride your back pretty-boy! Hut-hut!"

Later at the Police Department

Yami and Seto walked into the building. They saw some people in there. They saw Yugi, Joey, Malik, and Bakura. They waved to the four sitting on chairs. They started to walk over but were knocked to the ground. "Master Yami! Master Seto! You made it!" Ria said as she hugged her two friends and masters. Yes, Yami and Seto are her masters because she is there to help them in life.

"Ria get off of us!" Yami and Seto yelled at the dark magenta-eyed girl. She got off the two duelists and skipped over to where the other boys were sitting. Joey, Bakura and Malik were snickering. A man with white and black hair stopped in front of Yami and Seto. "Hello, I'm Brian Griffin and this is the first time we have met with you guys awake."

"That is correct. You wanted to talk to us about something." Seto said the Brian. He nodded and asked for the six duelists and Shadow Realm master to come with him to his office. They entered the room and sat down in the chairs.

"I'm glad that you guys could come. As you know, I'm in charge of investigating about the hit-and-run case. We have found someone who saw who did it. The girl did not give as a name exactly, but she gave us a nick name; shining-tears. She said that she saw a girl in a silver car. She got a closer look at who it was and saw that it was some girl named Tea Gardner. She said that as soon as you two started to cross the street she drove toward you guys." Brian said looking at the seven young adults. "We looked for the car and found it in an impound lot. There was blood on the front and it matched your guy's blood. Tea is going to be put on trial in two weeks."

Back at the Kaiba Mansion (the other five came with the Pharaoh and his priest)

"How could she do that. She is just evil…OMR! She could be more evil than me. I do my best damnit!"

"Calm down Bakura. I want to know why she tried something like that too."

"I should calm down Yugi, but she almost killed the Pharaoh." Bakura told Yugi. They sat in the living room with the others. "I think she did it because she saw Yami with Money bags together. I mean come on! Yami and Seto work, but Yami and Tea…" Joey said to the small group. All fourteen eyes enlarged.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone screamed at the thought and Yami freaked out the most at what Joey had said about Tea. "Any way, you two are going to need a good lawyer." Malik said to Yami and Seto. "I know a great one!" Ria said. They looked at her.

Two weeks later on the day of the court

Tea was extremely nervous. She was freaked out when Yami told her that he and Seto were going to sue her for attempted murder. Bakura, Malik, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Duke, Serenity, Mokuba, Marik, Ryo, and Solomon sat in the benches. Bakura saw Tea and how she was scared. "Ha-ha-ha! Courts kind of fun when it's not my ass on the line. Nachos anyone?" Bakura said as he lifted a plate of nachos up to everyone.

"Yami, where is Ria and that lawyer she got us?" Seto asked his small koi.

"She's coming right about…now." Just as Yami said that Ria, dressed in nice clothing, came in. Behind her was a woman. She was nice looking; she had blue-eyes, blond, spiky hair that was short and wavy. She had on a pearl necklace. "Hello boys, I'm Lisa Simpson." (A/N: She looks and sounds like Lisa from when she was eighteen)

The bailiff stood in front of the judge's podium. "Oyez-oyez-oyez! Please stand for the honorable Judge John Taylor." A man came in through a door in the back. He had ice-blue eyes and brown hair. He looked to be in his late twenties.

Judge Taylor sat down and read over a few papers. "The court is now is session. Case "Yami Mouto and Seto Kaiba vs. Tea Gardner for the crime of attempted murder in the first degree and trying to destroy evidence." (A/N: I do not know what the degrees are for, but I guessed on what it was for a hit-and-run.)

-NOTE! I have never really liked Law & Order, so I do not know how to do court room scenes. I have seen them in Family Guy, Futurama, and on The Simpsons but I do not know how to write them. My sister (Damien's Omen) told me to do something like this, so let us go to the end of the trial. Forgive me!-

Two hours later

The jury had left the court room to decide if Tea was guilty or not. Yami was scared and Seto was worried. He hugged his love as they sat in their chairs. Lisa was hoping the jury would say guilty.

Ria had told her that Mr. Mouto and Mr. Kaiba were good people and were in love with each other. She had told her that Tea was trying to kill Mr. Kaiba so she could have Mr. Mouto all to herself. What a bitch!

The door in the back opened. The twelve people in the jury came through and returned to where they sat. "Has the jury reached a verdict?" Judge Taylor asked. The Foremen (I think) stood up.

She had blue/green eyes; thin-red rimmed glasses, and had brown hair with crimson and goldenrod high lights. (A/N: That's me! I really look like that) "We have your honor. We the jury, find the defendant; Tea Gardner…guilty."

Tea was shocked at this and Yami and Seto were so happy. "I sentence Tea to two years in prison and a 15,000 dollar find. Court dismissed." Judge Taylor said as he slammed is gavel down. Tea was taken away with her hands in hand cuffs, but not before yelling. "This is not over Kaiba! Yami will be mine!" Her response was four middle fingers. Yami and Seto doubled-flipped her off.

Yami looked at his lover. He jumped on him and gave him a deep kiss which involved the tongue. Bakura just had to yell this. "GET A ROOM YOU TWO!" Malik was laughing at him and the two duelists kissing one another. They did not care if anyone saw them, they just enjoyed the moment until they saw two flashes. They turn their heads and see Ria and Mokuba with cameras. They began to run away when they saw the glares pointed at them. The Pharaoh and CEO ran after them. The chase was on!

-I can't believe this but…the end…or is it? No, this is the end of this one but don't worry, we'll be back…with yaoi!-

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"Are you sure it really is blue and not red?" Seto asked Ria as she checked the shadow pregnancy test stick again to make sure. It was blue. Yami wanted to know. He had been feeling weird for the past week since Ria put the Life-Force ball inside of him.

"Yami…you're going to be a dad/mom of two baby boys. And Seto, Yami will be fine as long as I watch him because I know what to do." Yami was so happy. He hugged Ria and kissed Seto on the lips.

"Now that you have been half-pregnant for a week now, that means you are about half a month into a real one. You have eighteen week in a half-pregnancy with twins and now you have seventeen weeks left." Ria said as she throw away the stick and washed her hands. Yami was pleased that it worked so well.


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