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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover


Warnings: Contains cussing, violence, death, and mature content.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Angst?

Pairings: InuYashaxKagome for sure. MirokuxSango?

Ratings: T

Dedications: To my wonderful reviewers from the past! Also, THANK YOU BETA READER (who's identity will remain unknown)!

She was taught to be swift.

She was taught to be merciless.

She was taught to kill.

Having made to the destination's rooftop, she quickly scanned to check if this was indeed the right place. Most definitely, for it was the grandest building around. Quietly, without making a sound she landed on the balcony. Knowing there was a tight security system thanks to her friend, the top information tracker, she reached into one of her many pockets and placed a hacking system carefully on the window.

Waiting for the signal, she paused to look around the grounds. It was a beautiful sight. The skies were pure black, the moon the only light. The moonbeams blanketed the gardens below where the flower beds were displayed in a peaceful blue. She smiled through her mask.

Two quiet beeps were heard, breaking the calm silence.

She pushed open the clean windows easily, brushed away the white curtains and leaped in. She prowled the room, the master's room. She made it.

With a hand on her two daggers, she made her way to the bed.

She discovered a female woman sleeping alone.

Her target was not in bed.

Scoffing, she made her way to the door. Advancing through the dark halls, she looked for the kitchen. Her target was probably having a midnight snack. Fortunately, her friend had advised her to memorize the blueprints of the whole house, thus finding the kitchen in seconds.

Wrinkling her nose she saw that the target had his regal rear end stuck up in the air looking for something to eat. How disgusting.

She walked towards him with the stealth of a cat, placing herself closely behind him. And...tapped her gloved hands against her crossed arms, waiting for him to stand.

When he finally did notice her, with a hand on a horrid looking sandwich, he let out a loud bark, "What are you do-?" He never got to finish his sentence when a silent whistle sliced through the air and the made disgusting sound of blade against flesh.

He choked as the blood rushed to his mouth. "Hel-"

Another slash.

He sank to the floor. Dead.

She turned away from the corpse and made her way back to the master's room. Glancing towards the female in the bed, she whispered quietly, "I'm sorry for your loss."

She was taught to kill.

She was taught to be deceiving.

She was, however not taught to show compassion.

She was, regardless, the best hired assassin you could find.

Closing the windows shut and removing the hacking device, she did a crazy stunt and landed in the gardens, 5 stories below the original floor. Making her way out over the walls around the mansion, she spoke in her earring-disguised communicator.

"Raven reporting to headquarters. Mission complete."

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