Disclaimer: If I could turn back the hands of time and come up with an idea about a pink pearl of divine power in the dark ages of Japan, throw in a half demon with cute dog ears who likes a minor in a short green skirt and an undead priestess, a perverted monk with a vacuum, a feisty exterminator chick who's brother is a laborer for an evil villain in a baboon suit, then yes I guess I would own InuYasha. As it is, the manga/anime is the complete creation of Rumiko Takahashi.

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
Chapter 8
Warnings: Contains vulgarity, violence/murder
Ratings: T

He had thought the day would be just like any other day. He hadn't expected a sudden revelation.

And all it took was a smile.


The loudest, shrillest whistle echoed through the gym. Both the girls and boys have been taking classes together to prevent sexist thoughts. For the past month, the Physical Ed. teacher had trained them with hand to hand combats for future reference in case someone did take the candy from the Mr. Stranger Danger. The main female characters in this story had managed to reassure their teacher that they had training from their previous school and did not need to be excluded in the friendly competition.

This lovely competition was simple. The large class was separated into groups A, B, C, and D. Within their groups, they would battle each other to see whoever is the most skillful of them. Winner from group A would battle group B. Winner from group C would battle with D.

Sango landed into group A and Kagome within group C. Skillfully and magnificently, they managed to knock down their classmates using subtle sweep of the leg or a pull from the arm.

Dutifully, Sango and Kagome were representatives of their groups. Stepping onto the blue mats, Sango faced the lean, wiry frame of her opponent. Eyebrows that hovered over violet eyes rose in amusement, "My dearest Sango, it would seem that you're quite the fighter." He sighed in defeat, "I cannot possibly fight this battle! I simply cannot strike the one I hold closest to my heart."

The sigh was equally dramatic as Miroku's, "Then it would seem to have to be me who wins." Very quickly Sango threw the first punch, there was a quiet thump.

The viewers gave a collected gasp at the one who dare throw a punch at the popular, rich boy. But it would seem that Miroku was not hit. Instead, Sango had stopped her fist two centimeters away from his right cheek. The noise was the result of her hand thumping her chest.

"That, Hoshikumi-san is what actors do to mock-punch someone. Next time, I suggest you react as if you were hit. As it is it," She paused to put down her hand and with practiced ease, she lifted Miroku, whom did not struggle, and tossed him out of the ring. She did in fact; throw Miroku to the wall only yesterday afternoon.

"Sango is the winner!" The teacher announced.

Sango moved towards the fallen boy to offer a gentle and apologetic hand. The charming grin plastered on his face was more than accepting.

Kagome silently congratulated Sango as she stepped onto the mat just as her opponent did. Imagine the coincidence, when none other than the Tizuhashi heir had fought his way through group D.

"Go InuYasha! Win one for the boys!"

InuYasha smirked at Kagome, "My, my, what do we have here? The new girl made it."

"InuYasha," She teased, using the silver haired boy's first name, "Don't tease me, you're making me blush."

"I suppose you're blushing at my splendor," He replied in mock florish.

"Tut, are you hinting I might be developing a puppy love?"


"That suggests that you wish for my love. Perhaps you wish for your own love to be requited?"

"Love is such a strong word! I fear that I hold my heart too tightly for you to steal."

She grinned crookedly, "Remember that, InuYasha. This is only the beginning."

Both fighters moved into position, their stance perfectly balanced. They were prepared and mentally shaking with anticipation. Kagome knew she did not need to lessen her blows to the half demon, but merely tuck away her flashy moves.

With the blow of the familiar shrill whistle, InuYasha leaped to the left and snaked an arm around the waist, hoping to throw her balance. Instead this left a spot of weakness for Kagome as she wiggled out of the way and elbowed his side, knocking him over.

While Kagome leaped out of way, giving InuYasha the chance to pull himself out of shock. "Ever heard of the phrase, 'don't judge a book by its cover', InuYasha?" With her middle finger, she mockingly pushed up her glasses.

Annoyed, InuYasha ran towards her with a half plan. He prepared his hands to grab an arm to wrestle her down, thinking that in this department, he would win. His arms grabbed thin air, however when Kagome crumpled to the ground, rolled out of harms way. Instead of getting up, she swept her leg under his, knocking him down to the ground.

Maniacal expression in place, Kagome pinned his arms to the side and log rolled him out of the ring.

"Kagome is the winner!"

The girls in the class screamed wildly, overjoyed that someone had utterly owned the boys in hand to hand combat. Granted, the adored popular boys suffering gained the girls' pity.

Raven hair still tied back, she sat beside the boy who remained on his back. "I can't believe you beat me."

"I got lucky," She poked his side, "Are you getting up any time soon? I don't want some angry adult suing me for knocking the daylights out of you."

"Ha ha," InuYasha laughed dryly looking at the girl in admiration.

All through the competition, none had managed to knock him out of breath. Not even Kagome's battle. Half demons weren't built to run out of breath. But at that very moment, when he looked at her from the floor, with the gym's yellow light haloing Kagome's black tresses, he found that he could not breathe.

Adorn on the new girl's face was a smile. A pure, sweet smile that was open and friendly. It was unlike the smile that he had received before, the ones that were made of duty and politeness. That smile was directed to him and solely him. It made him feel so, so special and wanted. The light no longer shining against her thick glasses, revealed to him the sapphire eyes that were so solid in colour.

He felt his heart pump extra fast to feed the colour on his cheeks.

He fell. Hard.