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Chapter 1: The Final Match

"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLL!" The announcer's voice broke through the screams and cheers of the crowds. The Green-clad Hammer brother who scored the goal cheered before sliding himself along the ground on his shell. Crater field echoed with techno music accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of the fans as the play-by-play repeated itself on the numerous screens before switching back to the cameras that zeroed in on the players.

The last match of the cup: Luigi Vs. Waluigi, and the score was tied, 6 to 6. The time read 4:37. The ref blew the whistle as the lanky purple-clad man called for a momentary time out. The team went to their captain and huddled.

"Alright guys, huddle in!" Luigi called. The three hammer brothers gathered around their leader. "Great job out there! We've got about four and a half minutes left and thanks to Marius," he said as he patted the nearest hammer bro on the back, "We got our chance to catch up." The team all congratulated Marius, who shot a beaming grin at each person. Luigi cleared his throat and wiped the sweat off of his brow before continuing. "Now, as you can see by our state," he motioned to the numerous dirt smudges and bruises on his teammates as well as himself, "Waluigi's team doesn't exactly like to play a clean game… so… new plan. If you see a chance to break the defensive line and score, go for it! That's what we're known for! Guys, we've gotten this far… now let's finish this! Remember… Our symbol is a bolt of lightning, so let's give them a real shock!" He put his hand into the center of the circle. Followed by Marius, and the two other team members, Breaker and Hammer.

"1…2…3…GRAAAH!" They all shouted as Waluigi's team broke and headed for midfield. The ref called for the players to take their positions before rolling the ball to Waluigi. Waluigi growled at Luigi, "You're goin' down, Shorty!"

"Bring it, Stringbean…" Luigi retorted. The purple koopas eyed the green Hammer brothers with eagerness as the ref blasted a piercing shriek from the whistle.

Waluigi shot the ball back to the koopa behind him before dodging a slide tackle from one of Luigi's team mates. As the koopa passed to Waluigi, Breaker unleashed a barrage of ice shells that hit right on. Waluigi was transformed into an ice statue momentarily as Luigi stole the ball and headed back down field.

"Me, Me, ME!" Shouted Marius as he waved his arms wildly. Luigi lobbed the ball over the head of an attacking koopa. Marius stopped the ball before dodging and wound up for a kick. The koopa who was aiming for Luigi slammed into him, sending him rolling across the field right into the electric fence. The crowd gasped as the fence activated, sending volts of electricity through the plumber's body. A string of nonsensical babble escaped Luigi's lips before he was thrown off of the fence still sparking, arousing a collective groan from the sympathetic crowd. Marius kicked the ball as hard as he could as Luigi turned over and pushed himself off of the grass.

Up in the stands, Mario, Peach, Daisy and Wario sat watching. "Ooooh, that's gonna hurt in the morning," Wario Laughed.

"Come on 'Weege," Mario called, clenching his fists as Daisy and Peach cheered loudly for him and his team.

Peach looked over to Mario, "With the way the teams are going at it, he's going to need all the support he can get." She said worriedly and slipping her hand into Mario's.

Mario turned his eyes to her, "Don't-a worry, Luigi's tougher than you think." He gave her hand a squeeze and smiled at her.

"GO LUIGI!" Daisy Screamed.

Back on the field, Marius's kick was batted away by the goalie towards Luigi. Luigi stopped the ball and dodged another oncoming koopa before preparing for a super strike. But before he could get the ball into the air, Waluigi's cleated foot connected purposely with Luigi's face. The fans booed and shouted angrily at Waluigi as the Ref blasted his whistle. Waluigi's kick had Luigi sprawled on the ground with a good-sized gash above his right eye.

"Penalty! Penalty!" The ref bellowed as Hammer and Breaker helped Luigi to his feet while sending fiery glares to Waluigi. "Penalty kick!" The ref ordered. Luigi wiped away the blood that was beginning to run down his face before looking up at the clock. "2:10," he mumbled. "I'll take it," He said to the ref. The ref nodded and said before handing him the ball, "You need a medic there, buddy?"

"Nah, I'm fine," Luigi sent him a reassuring nod before getting into place. The defenders took their positions as Luigi braced himself. The tweet from the whistle sent him booting the ball at the Kremlin guarding the goal. The crowd screamed wildly as it slipped past him and into the net. Luigi grinned and raced back towards midfield with his arms spread like an airplane's. Marius copied him all the while laughing. "Yesss," Luigi hissed tiredly, wiping away the blood again. Once again, the players took positions as the ref blew the whistle. Waluigi sent the ball to the koopa on his left who took it and raced downfield. Luigi took off after Waluigi, wincing as he wiped his eye again. That's definitely gonna be a shiner, he thought as he tried to cover his purple opponent. The koopa passed to another teammate and doubled back towards his end of the field.

Marius and Breaker panted as they fought to get the koopas into a position to where they couldn't shoot. Breaker shouldered one into the fence as the other dodged Marius's attack and passed to Waluigi, who had somehow managed to give Luigi the slip. Waluigi wound up for a super strike as the clock ticked away. He lobbed a large Bob-omb at Luigi, completely unaware, however, as Hammer came barreling towards him. Luigi saw it approaching with a loud whistle. "Oh, Bugger…" he muttered before it hit the ground a few feet away, sending him, Breaker and two of Waluigi's koopas flying. Luigi and the others hit the ground covered in soot. "Breaker… Are you alright?" He called to his fallen comrade.

"Yeah… man… This ain't soccer…it's war!" Breaker said as he and Luigi got to their feet. The clock was now down to the final few seconds. Hammer's attack missed, but luckily, the goalie managed to smack the ball back into Waluigi, thus knocking him into the fence. Three blasting shrieks from the ref's whistle signaled the end of the game. Sparks and confetti flew from the shooters as the announcer proclaimed, "And that is the end of it, ladies and Gentleman, Luigi defeated Waluigi 7 to 6 in today's match." Luigi laughed before doing his victory dance which included moon walking and a wave. "Choo, choo, choo, choo, oh, oh, Luigi!" The grand stands erupted with cheers. The officials approached him and handed him a shining silver trophy, which he held above his head.

"Luigi wins the star cup!" The announcer screamed.

As Marius, Breaker, and Hammer were running to congratulate him, Luigi observed the damage to the field with a low whistle. Pieces of shell, chunks of melting ice, banana peels, craters, clumps of grass and dirt and still-smoking pieces of bob-omb littered the field.

"Hey 'Weege! Missin' somethin'?" Hammer called out as he held Luigi's hat up.

"Eh?" Luigi questioned, bringing his hand up and feeling hair beneath his fingers instead of the familiar covering. I need a haircut… He randomly thought as he accepted his hat with a sheepish grin. He must have lost it in that last blast. And to think he didn't even notice it…

Up in the stands, amidst the ecstatic crowd, mixed emotions were coming from the group of friends.

"Damn It!" Wario cursed as Waluigi and his team trudged off of the field. He left with a huff to reprimand his brother while Mario, Peach and Daisy jumped up and down with the rest of Luigi's fans. "He did it! He did it!" Peach and Daisy screamed excitedly as they hugged each other. Mario watched them for a moment before calling out over the cheering, "Come on guys, let's go on down." The girls nodded in agreement and followed Mario down through the rows of Yoshis, Pintas, and Nokis down to the field.

"Luigi!" They called out to him as he was congratulating his team. Luigi put his hat back on and fondly waved to them. "Hey!" Daisy ran up to him and threw her arms around him. "You did it!" She squealed. Luigi let out a chuckle, "I couldn't have done it without them," he said motioning to his team as the Kremlin joined the group. Luigi handed the trophy to Breaker and Hammer, who took it and began running a victory lap. "Guys I don't think you've had the opportunity to meet the team, personally. This is Marius, Kreacher, and the two hyper ones are Breaker and Hammer… they're twins."

Marius and Kreacher shook hands with all of them before Peach spoke, "So, Marius, are they your brothers too?"

"Oh, no madam. We're not related." He gave a small bow, being very difficult due to his bruises. Peach thought him very charming nonetheless. He wasn't rough and rowdy like most Hammer Bros.

"Well," Luigi sighed as Mario gave him a hearty slap on the back, "Let's go. Otherwise we won't catch the plane back to the mainland." As they began to leave, Marius called out to Hammer and Breaker, who came running with the trophy high over their heads, laughing loudly.

About half an hour later they were on the jet flying home.

"Well, I certainly hope everything went well," Sir Toadsworth said as he settled into an empty seat next to Princess Peach. "The kingdom will be very happy to see you again after being away for a week."

"Everything went just fine Toadsworth," Peach said, giving him a small smile.

"Swimmingly…OUCH!" Luigi yelped as Daisy attempted to clean the cut on his face.

"Oh, do sit still… my gosh, how can you expect me to help you when you're fidgeting around like that," Daisy scolded, "There I'm done." Daisy had gotten the blood to stop flowing, but Luigi would still need to have it looked at by the medical corps to have it properly sutured before it would start healing properly. Luigi stifled a huge yawn and settled back in his seat before taking Daisy's hand in his own and giving it a light kiss before closing his eyes. Daisy gave his hand a little squeeze. He needed to sleep, especially after the beating he took earlier today. On the Other side of Luigi, Marius and Kreacher were just starting to doze off while Breaker and Hammer snored loudly in the row behind them. Daisy heard Peach give a quiet giggle. Looking at what she was laughing at, she smiled too. Mario had fallen asleep, slumped over the side of his chair with his mouth hanging open. It took a minute for the two princesses to realize that they were the only ones still awake in the plane's cabin. Daisy took one last look at Luigi's soot and dirt-covered jersey, before yawning and drifting off herself.

An hour later, Daisy woke up. She checked the time on her yellow and Orange sports watch. The digital face read 11:30 PM. She carefully unbuckled her seatbelt and got up, making her way back towards the bathroom to freshen up. She flicked on the light switch once inside and turned on the faucet, splashing cold water on her face. They would be at The Mushroom Kingdom International Airport any minute now. A Princess does have to look somewhat decent, despite the fact that she was a major tomboy. After cleaning her face she stepped back and took one last look at herself in the mirror. "Thank God I didn't wear a dress today, it was a scorcher!" She was wearing a pair of short Orange shorts accompanied by a bright yellow tank top. All of their teams had been defeated earlier that week. Daisy still thought the hardest match was against Luigi. "He's really good," She said to herself quietly. She stretched one last time before turning off the light and going back into the dimly lit cabin. As she was about to get back to her seat, the "Fasten seatbelt" sign came on.

"Oh boy…" She murmured as she climbed back into her seat and buckled her seatbelt right as the announcer's voice came on. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Royal Flight 408 from Yoshi Island Regional to Mushroom Kingdom International is now reaching its destination. Thank you and have a nice evening." The lights slowly came on as the familiar turbulence associated with the descent gently shook the passengers awake.

"Mmmblemumble…are we there yet?" Luigi asked groggily as he opened his eyes. A sharp bump as the wheels touched the runway answered his question. The group was too tired to say much as they got off their plane, Marius and Kreacher practically having to carry Breaker and Hammer off.

Luigi gently elbowed Mario, "They sleep harder than you do." Mario didn't look amused, showing this by giving Luigi a flat look.

Once they got their luggage, They all went out to the front of the airport where a couple cars were waiting to escort each person to their respectable houses.

"Luigi!" Hollered a familiar voice from a large van sitting a few feet away. Luigi rubbed his eyes to see who his caller was. Professor E. Gadd sat in the passenger seat, no one sat in the driver's seat… While Luigi found this slightly strange, Daisy came up and gave him one last hug. "You did great today, congratulations, Babe."

Luigi hugged her back and gave her a light kiss before stepping into the van followed by Marius and Kreacher, who sort of just threw the other two into the back seat. "Okay, Gadd… Let's go home."

"Sure thing, m'boy, Shivers! Onward!" A transparent, blue, slightly-balding ghost in a tuxedo materialized in the driver's seat. "Good evening Master Luigi." He said regally.

"Ah! Shivers… eh… I didn't expect to see you here," Luigi said, genuinely surprised.

"L-Luigi? Th-There's a g-ghost in the s-seat…" Hammer and Breaker stuttered, apparently having woken up after being thrown into the back seat.

"It's alright…" He said to them as they began pulling out of the parking area. Luigi gave one last goodbye wave to the others as they climbed into the other escort vehicle before being sped off into the night by…a ghost.

"I thought it would be a good idea to teach Shivers to drive, so what better time than now, hm?" Gadd asked cheerfully. "So is the team gonna spend the night too, Luigi?"

"Yes… we're all pretty exhaus- Shivers Watch out!" Luigi called as the ghost swerved to avoid hitting a car that was coming towards them.

"No, no Shivers!" Gadd said, grabbing the steering wheel and bringing the van back onto the right ride of the road. "We're not in England!"

"Oh… yes I see…"

Luigi laughed nervously, "We're uh… going to die aren't we?"

"No we're not," Gadd said. They all sat in silence for a few moments. The hammer brothers and Kreacher promptly fell asleep again while Luigi waited for Gadd to finish. The professor appeared to be waiting for the others to fall asleep before he spoke again. "Luigi, lemme tell you something. The other day I- Shivers!" Gadd said, pulling the van back into the right lane again. "Try to keep going straight, okay? Anyway… The other day I was rummaging around in the library and I found a few books…"

Luigi looked at him skeptically. "Books..." he asked flatly.

"Now I know what you're thinking…books, woohoo that's what a library holds… but these are special, I… I can't really explain it. One of them looks like a, a… well, I won't give too much information now because you need to get some rest before I tell ya the full thing, but these books weren't there before. Trust me I spend a good amount of time in there m'self. These are really old documents that I think you might be interested in. 'Course… I still can't figure out how they got in there to begin with."

Shivers gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"Well," Gadd continued. "I won't tell you too much more… you've had a busy day, but keep in mind. These look pretty cool."

"Alright," Luigi said.

"That's all you're gonna say? Ah, uh, right turn here Shivers, remember? 'Alright?'."

"Gadd, honestly. I'm truly interested. I'm just utterly exhausted right now, okay? I just need some sleep and I promise I'll look at them first thing in the morning." Luigi reassured him as they finally pulled in through the gates and up the driveway to the mansion.

Luigi gently woke Kreacher and Marius. "Hey guys, could you help me get the others into the house?" He asked as he got everyone's duffel bags. Once inside the house, several ghosts came and took them off to get cleaned up while Shivers took the bags to the laundry room.

"I'll just go get these things cleaned up, Master Luigi," Shivers said with a bow, "Why don't you go get cleaned up and off to bed."

Luigi didn't want to argue. A hot shower seemed like the best thing in the world.

After getting cleaned up and changing into his night clothes, Luigi fell back onto his bed. He fought off sleep for just a few moments as he mused to himself. I wonder what Gadd was talking about … hmm. Must be pretty important if Gadd's so Hell-bent on getting me to read it. He usually doesn't care about things like that…eh… Well, I wont give it too much thought… that kind of thing'll keep me up for hours… Luigi pulled back the covers and climbed in, wincing slightly from the aches in his muscles. He finally fell into some much needed and greatly welcomed sleep.

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Chapter 2: Ancient Texts

Luigi, as per Gadd's wish reads the documents he found. What's so strange is they hold records of an ancient order that had been lost for a millennium.