The real me

Summary:When Sara shows up at a crime scene her world starts to fall apart as she knows the victim – will the CSI team get to the killer before Sara does?
Rating: T (violence and Sexual content)
Starting Date: May 27, 2006

Another Long Day

Waking up that morning Sara groaned lowly, she'd only just rolled in from a double DB on the strip so why the hell was her Cell ringing? This couldn't be happening to her. She'd just got in – okay she was on call but this was ridiculous. Reaching over she picked up the phone, "Sidle" She growled.

"Sara, its Grissom. I just got a call I need you all down at the Lands Hotel" He explained, awake as ever. "I can't get hold of Nick is he with you?"

Sara, who by this time had already pushed her way out of the covers and was getting into a pair of jeans responded, "No…he went out with a friend after shift. Never came back here…tried home?"

"Yeah…I'll keep trying. Just get down to Lands and I'll meet you there" He instructed.

"Yeah" Sara mumbled still sleep filled. Sighing she cancelled the call and stood up heading towards the bathroom. She couldn't help but wonder where Nick was – and why Grissom couldn't get hold of Nick – when the Graveyard shift were on call they all knew to leave their mobiles on – they lived by this rule. Shrugging it off she readied herself for another long day, making a mental note to grab coffee on the way.

Pulling into the car park of the Lands Hotel, around an hour later, Sara noticed that there were the Denali's of the team and Greg's clapped out car all on the left so she pulled her SUV into an empty spot – wondering why this needed the whole team.

The beat of the music was calming and had helped her to get over the fact that she'd had less than two hours sleep – but as she switched of the engine and opened the door she was exposed to the fierce Las Vegas sun – sighing she knew from here this would be a long day. Taking her coffee from the drinks holder she left the truck and went around the back to grab her kit. Pulling it open she slipped her flack vest on over the white tank top she was wearing and clipped the gun and her cell into her belt that hung on the waist of her blue jeans that fell onto the black army style boots. The only thing running through her mind being that she better be getting double pay for this. Pushing her sun glasses onto her face and throwing her kit over her shoulder she started off towards the entrance with coffee in hand.

"Call Sara, Catherine and tell her to head to the lab… I don't want her here" Grissom barked at Catherine who was stood in the entrance to the room. The blond just nodded her head knowing that Gil Grissom was not in the mood to be argued with today.

Warrick walked up to Catherine, "What's going on?" he'd just arrived, and looked like he wasn't long out of bed himself.

"DB in the room, Grissom will tell you the rest" the blond explained as she reached for her cell –she began to dial only to find it was too late. Sara Sidle was walking up the corridor towards the older woman – sighing and wishing she wasn't the one to have to deal with this she clipped her phone to her belt and called. "Hey Sar..."

"Hey, so what's going on? Why have I been called back here when I only left work three hours ago?" The brunette questioned with a smile taking another drink from her coffee – strong and black. Catherine didn't smile, and Sara picked up on just how awkward she was being. "What's happening?"

"Sara, I…err…" Catherine stopped

"Catherine what…" Sara was getting impatient, "What the hell is going on here?" She took her sun glasses off and looked into the blue eyes of the blond CSI – she wanted answers.

Sara lost the breath in her body, she lent against the wall in shock. "What?" She sounded broken, looking to the side she saw Warrick exit the room followed by an officer – they were talking in a low voice, the officer Sara recognized as Detective Curtis – Sofia Curtis locked eyes with her, and Sara instantly felt her world start to fall apart – no way could this be happening. She dropped the coffee that was in her hand to the floor and pulled her arm free from Catherine who had placed it there moments earlier – taking deep breaths the brunette tried to calm herself – however she couldn't. And then, when she saw them, Grissom and Greg exit the room she knew by the look on their faces that this was a reality – that inside that room was a dead body of someone she loved.

Her knees buckled, her heart sank and she fell backwards against the wall before sliding down to the floor. Catherine tried to hold her but she was too late, the younger collapsed to the floor in shock – the blond followed and held Sara close trying to offer comfort.