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Dead Silent

Sofia paced the small room, waiting for the results that she

needed to come through – this Green guy was a hard man to get hold off. Sara was right; he lived in San Francisco so there was no address for him around here. So how the hell was Sofia going to find a guy who had no address? The only good thing about the guy was that he did a little time back when … just fresh out of collage he was taken in for GBH and criminal damage – so at least she could get a rap sheet on him.

"Any look on the find?" Brass's deep voice questioned from the doorway.

Sofia looked his way and shook her head, "Nothing…"

"God damn it…this guy has to be somewhere…"

"Yeah" Sofia agreed

"What is it you are waiting for?"

"Credit checks on all the hotels in the local area, if he's booked into one of them I'll find him" She assured. Brass seemed happy with this so nodded his head.

"You need anything you no where to find me."


"Okay, we have another fifteen minuets before the group meeting, lets pull it all together" Warrick called into the lab he and Greg were in. The younger of the two nodded as he waited for the printouts.

"You think Sara will sit in on this?" Greg asked.

Warrick shrugged his shoulders, "From what I can tell – probably not…"

That then brought silence over them both. Greg looked down at the printer and Warrick began once again looking over the photos. What would they do, it's not like they could single handedly no matter ho much they wanted to just walk out here and get who ever did it but this – this process it was painful now that it affected them. Usually this, it was just how it went it was only now that they all understood why the victim's families and friends got so angry waiting for an arrest.

"Okay…what do we have?" Grissom walked into the conference room, looking at the file in hand. Sat before him was Catherine, Warrick, Greg and Sofia. Sofia was the first to speak, "Suspect Green is been brought in for questioning by uniforms." She explained, "We managed to get to him at a hotel on the strip…he'll be here within the hour" Grissom nodded his head.

Then looked to Greg, "What did you get with the tox?"

"Positive for Coke" The younger and newest CSI explained, "though he didn't suffer an overdose as COD he did have high traces in his blood stream"

"So drugs related?" Catherine questioned.

Greg shrugged, "Possible motive" he clarified, "May have got in deep somewhere along the line"

"Yeah…real deep…" Catherine mumbled as she looked down at her own file.

Before anymore could be said the door opened, and Nick walked in.


"I want on the case" He explained, with a defiance.

"I think you should be with Sara Nick, she needs someone"

"She doesn't want me…" He explained with anger, "look, I need on this"

Grissom looked him up and down. Then handed him a case file that was on the table – Nick nodded his thanks before walking to the end of the table and taking a seat next to Catherine. She looked at him, trying to come up with an explanation for his anger – she knew what it was. Sara didn't want his help. He'd just had an argument with her…and he was feeling guilty. She settled back down to the meeting to listen to the rest of the findings she couldn't help feeling, however, someone she'd be looking after Sara.

She made her way through the lab, her hands pushed deep into her pockets with her sun glasses over her eyes to cover them – she'd been crying and that was something Sara didn't do – she didn't cry. Not in front of people – not here in the lab. All she wanted to do was escape everything- escape The team, escape the pain and mostly escape Nick. He'd walked into Catherine's office with that concern the look that Sara knew she would get once he decided to arrive – she couldn't take it, the sorry, the regret, she could deal with him trying to hold her – not now, he was too late. He should have been there for her to cry into not Warrick, she should have been there to hold her hand during all those fucking questions as they tried to make her brother look like a criminal not Catherine. But where was he? Huh? She just wanted out. That's what she did, got away from it all.

She eventually got to where she needed to be, standing at the double doors she noticed that it was quiet, there was no one else around. Happy that she was alone she put her hands on the door and pushed it open. Slowly, summoning all her emotional strength to go through with this. She hated this, she never had a problem with this place before but now…she was having trouble even crossing the threshold. She felt as though her whole body had become heavy – her hand began to shake and to stop the sobs from breaking through she was forced to take deep, steady breaths.

Eventually she made it into the place, it was cold, and sterile – Sara hadn't really given it much thought before but it was too cold, it had the smell that forced your Gag reflexes to act up – a mix between cold iron, rotting flesh and disinfectant. In the middle, the metal table – he'd been lay there when they cut him up – in that very spot. She couldn't help but replay the many autopsies in her own head that she'd been to only replacing the face on the slab with her brothers. It was harder now to stop the tears as one fell down her cheek defiantly – only to be rubbed away angrily with the back of the brunette's hand.

She was unsure how long she'd been standing there but she decided that she couldn't just stand here and wait forever – she either had to do this or leave… making a decision she walked forward. Each footstep echoing around the deserted room – the silence of the dead the only company that she had – maybe she shouldn't do this…maybe seeing him would be to much… but there was no way the last images she was going to have of this guy, her brother, was with his eyes open lay on the floor of the hotel room. No … she needed something to kill that image and if it was him in the morgue so be it. Walking over to the freezers she stood in front of the metal door looking at the name tag – M. Sidle.

She felt her heart beat faster as her body moved automatically, her hand locking with the handle she pulled on the draw letting it slide out….