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In the Beginning….

Modern Day Tokyo, Japan April 14, 1997

…. HER birthday. Her 15th birthday. The young boy stood at the bottom of the shrine steps. He appeared as a 16 year old Japanese boy. But what was seen to humans was a simple magic illusion. He really had long, flowing, silvery-white hair with black streaks and the most unusual golden-colored eyes. On top of his head sat a couple of soft, black-tipped puppy dog ears. The boy slowly started to ascend the steps he had climbed so many times before. His family were close friends with the Higurashis - his father said it was important that they be protected at all costs. He looked at his watch. 5:30 am.

He heard his father's voice in his mind, "She leaves promptly at 7 am. Don't fail me, son"

His oldest brother's voice chimed in, "yea dreamer - this is very important - we are all counting on you"

flashback The boy watched the priest Higurashi marry his bride and have 3 children - the oldest, Hideki, was the only boy. Hideki's mother wanted her son to go to University but her husband demanded that Hideki fulfill the family prophecy and become a priest to the shrine. Hideki wanted neither - he wanted a life of fame and fortune. He wanted to be a rock star. Why not? As good looking as Hideki was, modern Japanese girls didn't want to date a shrine priest's son. They wanted all the things Americans had … and the only way to get that was to become as Westernized as possible. And that included rock and roll. Hideki was talented too! He could play many instruments and sang wonderfully. He played all over at universities in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe. But he preferred playing at Tokyo University. Because of her. Satsuki Yamada. A Japanese girl with a sprinkling of Irish Celtic thrown in to make her unique. The prettiest girl in Tokyo - at least in Hideki's eyes. She attended every concert on campus - whether she wanted to or not was debatable. Besides attending University, she worked there to help pay her family's expenses. But their eyes did meet and their destiny was sealed. end flashback

The top of the shrine steps were in view. So was the god tree. And the well house - the all important well house. But where was Buyo? "Where is that fat cat?" the boy thought. His mind drifted again …

flashback Hideki paced nervously in the waiting room. Satsuki was in labor - the birth was imminent. His first child. Finally his dad approached quickly, excitedly. "IT'S A GIRL, MY SON! YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER!" Hideki ran to the hospital room. There in the bed, his bride, Satsuki cooed to the newborn babe with tufts of black Japanese hair and Irish emerald green eyes wrapped up in her arms.

Satsuki cooed, "Your name is Kagome. Ka-Go-Me"

"Kagome" He thought.

A nurse disrupted his thoughts. "Please sign the birth certificate, Mr. Higurashi".

Hideki looked at the form. "Kagome Higurashi" he started to put down and stopped. While not common in Japan, second names were big in America. Satsuki chose the name Kagome and Hideki fell in love with it because it was different. But something was missing. Quietly he jotted down a second name between Kagome and Higurashi.

"That'll do" he thought. A flower from heaven had been given to him and he thought back to his honeymoon in Hawaii where Kagome had been conceived. "That'll do" he said out loud as he walked back to his wife and newborn daughter. The nurse looked at the form. "Kagome Leilani Higurashi" end flashback

The boy came out of his thoughts when he realized he was in front of the well house. And then … "Meow". The boy looked down at the fat cat. "Buyo" he said and looked at his watch. 6:30 am. "Wow" he thought "Is it any wonder I am called a dreamer?" He quickly grabbed Buyo and entered the dark, dank, well house. Hiding in the shadows, he waited for the girl and her brother. His mind wandered again.

flashback Hideki never stopped touring. Even after Souta was born. Satsuki wouldn't hear of it. She knew what made her husband happy. But that fateful day was still hard to think about. Kagome was 9 and Souta barely 2 when word came that their father's tour bus had been in a nasty accident on the highway. And there were no survivors. But Hideki had always told Kagome that something special would happen in her life. How can it not, he would say, when you are descended from Shinto priests and Celtic witches. "Yes," he would tell her, "Your life will be magical" end flashback

"Buyo"a boy's voice called out

"Souta, we're not supposed to be playing in the well house"said a young girl's voice

"I know, but Buyo's down there."

The girl enters the well house to retrieve the wayward cat when suddenly the well explodes open behind her and a demon grabs her and pulls her into the well, while Souta runs off screaming and crying for his mother and grandfather.

The boy in the corner just stared. Did his father know this? Did his father realize how dangerous that could be?

Then he heard his father's voice, "Come. Now, Kiyoshi." He looked up at his father's long, silver hair and golden orbs. "Quickly, Kiyoshi. They're coming." Kiyoshi rises and jumps behind his father as they take off into the morning light, leaping on top of buildings. Before bounding out of hearing range, Kiyoshi hears Souta's frantic cries to his grandfather.

His father's voice breaks the silence, "You did good, my son. I am proud of you. You succeeded. Now you and your brothers and sisters will be born."

A compliment from his father. He rarely gave compliments and with as many children as were in the family, compliments made you stand out.

Kiyoshi looked back toward the shrine. "Yup" he thought, "Just about now she should be coming upon papa pinned to the god tree" He had just succeeded in sending his future mother on her path to her destiny - a destiny set 456 years ago in the feudal age of Japan.

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